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Best Travel Insurance In Bangkok: Meet The Top Providers

The best travel insurance providers that cover Bangkok and all of Thailand are LUMA, AXA, MSIG, IMG, Geoblue, and MSH International. Each of them offers both travel insurance plans and health insurance plans that can be customized to the needs of any Thailand trip.

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This article will introduce the mission and values of each company, what makes them stand out among the rest of the competition, and a brief introduction to the travel insurance plans each offer.

Afterward, you’ll also value our article on the Best Travel Insurance in Thailand. This is the core article in our Thailand travel insurance series, and it will direct you to all the articles we have on the topic.

When you’re ready to compare quotes from these companies, head to this travel insurance quote page and this travel insurance quote page.

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The Top Travel Insurance Providers: For Bangkok and All of Thailand

Pacific Prime is an insurance broker that partners with each of the following top insurance companies we’ll introduce. As a third party, we are able to help you compare each of their benefits, negotiate your final premium price, and ultimately help you select who works for your needs.

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Since we aren’t employed by any of these companies, we won’t have bias that leads you in a direction that doesn’t benefit you. We are happy to help you in any way as you consider which company will suit your needs.

We can help you with Thailand travel insurance and Thailand health insurance.

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LUMA Health: A Top Thailand Travel Insurance Provider

LUMA is a health and travel insurance provider that offers coverage in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, and Myanmar. They also have an international health insurance plan that covers you wherever you travel in the world.

LUMA’s Mission Is Your Health

LUMA’s mission statement comes down to four parts: serving a diverse group of members, helping travelers and expats with prevention, actively improving their members’ health, and providing their members with an effortless health insurance experience.

Why Travelers And Expats Choose LUMA Health

Travelers and expats choose to purchase a LUMA insurance plan and become a LUMA member because of the comprehensive options available to them, the top-notch, multilingual support they get, and 24/7 worldwide assistance. 

Let’s discuss in more detail why travelers going to Thailand purchase insurance from LUMA:

  1. Comprehensive Health Insurance Solutions: LUMA has a wide range of health insurance options and excellent travel insurance options too. Their policies are simple, clear, and without any deceitful surprises.
  2. Employee Benefits Programs: Corporate insurance plans for employee benefits can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company, whether you’re a small SME or a Fortune 500 company. LUMA can cover employees located in different countries.
  3. Free Consultation and Support: LUMA in-house doctors can be consulted on demand, and second opinions from relevant specialists can also be contacted. LUMA also gives suggestions for the best local inpatient and outpatient medical facilities from their wealth of knowledge about each destination.
  4. No Upfront Payments at Leading Medical Facilities: Members who receive medical care in LUMA’s preferred selection of facilities are offered in-patient direct billing, out-patient direct billing, or both.
  5. Easy Policy and Claims Management: LUMA has an online service portal and mobile application that make it easier than ever to submit claims and store a digital copy of your insurance card.
  6. 24/7 Worldwide Emergency and Multilingual Support: LUMA provides multilingual support from experienced, multicultural teams that can support you at any time in the world.

LUMA is a trusted partner of Pacific Prime, so we can help you look through their plans and decide if they are the right insurer for you. Contact us when you’re ready to get your answers.

LUMA Thailand Pass – A Thailand Travel Insurance Plan

LUMA Thailand Pass is the travel insurance package LUMA offers to travelers and expats going to Bangkok and anywhere else in Thailand. You can choose between the Lite Plan, which offers about USD $10,000 of medical coverage, or Plan 1, which offers up to about USD $50,000 in medical coverage.

To see the particulars and breakdown of these travel insurance plans, read about the LUMA Thailand Pass here and get a free quote for LUMA Thailand Pass here.

AXA: A Top Thailand Travel Insurance Provider

AXA is a global health and travel insurance provider that has served over 93 million clients across 51 countries of the world. This massive company began in 1858 as a small mutual insurer in Normandy and has since expanded around the world.

AXA’s Mission And Values

AXA’s mission as one of the largest global insurers is to “act for human progress by protecting what matters.” AXA’s four core values are courage, integrity, One AXA, and Customer First. AXA’s interest stretches beyond insurance into environmental, social, and economic concerns.

Why Travelers And Expats Choose AXA

Travelers and expats going to Bangkok, Thailand choose to purchase their health and travel insurance through AXA because of their exemplary services and unconventionally diverse plan options. Some of their extra services include second opinion consultations and virtual doctor care.

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This is a list of just seven of the reasons travelers choose to buy their insurance from AXA:

  1. Second Opinion Service: All of the insurance plans include coverage for an independent second opinion from world-leading medical experts
  2. Evacuation and Repatriation: It is standard for AXA to provide medical evacuation and repatriation if you can’t get the care you need locally, such as in Bangkok Thailand.
  3. Virtual Doctor Service: You can contact a virtual physician by video or by phone for a consultation from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night.
  4. Mental Health Support: AXA is dedicated to mental health support, so they assist you in connecting with qualified psychologists from anywhere in the world.
  5. 24/7 Support from Experienced Personnel: As an AXA member, you get 24/7 support from AXA’s multilingual team.
  6. Claims Processed Promptly: AXA pays back 80% of eligible claims within 48 hours as long as they have all the information they need. 
  7. Tailored Coverage: AXA is able to tailor your coverage to your individual needs. You can do this by adding an optional upgrade, adding an excess, choosing how often you want to pay, and choosing whether or not to include coverage in the USA. 

AXA is a trusted partner of Pacific Prime, so we can help you look through their plans and decide if they are the right insurer for you. Contact us when you’re ready to get your answers.

AXA Sawasdee – A Thailand Travel Insurance Plan

AXA Sawasdee is a travel insurance plan that provides coverage for travelers going to Bangkok, Thailand, and throughout the rest of Thailand. You can choose to get medical and travel coverage from USD $50,000 up to USD $100,000, including COVID-19 coverage to meet the Thai requirements.

To see the particulars and breakdown of this travel insurance plan, read about the AXA Sawasdee plan here and get a free quote for AXA Sawasdee here.

MSIG: A Top Thailand Travel Insurance Provider

MSIG is a financially stable powerhouse among health and travel insurance providers. MSIG has over 100 years of experience, has a global presence in over 40 countries and regions, and is recognized as a leader in customer focus and innovation. They include coverage in Bangkok, Thailand.

MSIG has a variety of health insurance plans for travelers and expats to choose from.

MSIG Mission And Values

The MSIG mission is to contribute to the creation of a vibrant society and sound future by offering safety and security in global insurance and financial services for businesses. Their core values are customer-focused, integrity, teamwork, innovation, professionalism, and diversity and inclusion.

Why Travelers and Expats Choose MSIG

Travelers and expats going to Thailand and Bangkok choose to be insured by MSIG because MSIG:

  1. Has over 100 years of experience and market knowledge
  2. Is dedicated to quality local care
  3. Offers tailored coverage for a diverse clientele
  4. Focuses on stellar customer service
  5. Has an established presence in a multitude of countries throughout Asia and beyond
  6. Has an A+ rating from Standard and Poor
  7. Has an A+ rating from A.M. Best Company
  8. Is a trusted insurer and partner of Pacific Prime

Contact us when you’re ready to consult Pacific Prime about whether or not MSIG is the right insurer for you.

MSIG Inbound Basic: A Thailand Travel Insurance Plan

The MSIG Inbound Basic plan is for travelers going to Bangkok, Thailand, or anywhere in Thailand. It offers inpatient coverage for illness caused by COVID-19 up to about USD $57,000 per policy year.

To see the particulars and breakdown of this travel insurance plan, read about the MSIG Inbound Basic plan here and get a free quote for the MSIG Inbound Basic here.

More Top Thailand Travel Insurance Providers

IMG, Geoblue, and MSH International are also phenomenal travel insurance companies that offer coverage in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Bangkok's Wat Arun: Iconic Temple

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to get travel insurance for a specific city?

Generally, you don’t buy travel insurance to cover you in only a single city. More commonly, you select insurance that covers you in an entire country, a region of the world, or around the globe. These specifics depend on the type of plan you select and its unique inclusions.


The top travel insurance providers that offer coverage for Bangkok, Thailand are LUMA, AXA, MSIG, IMG, Geoblue, and MSH International. You’ll also want to learn about the 5 best travel insurance companies worldwide!

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