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International Family Health Insurance Plans

Find and compare plan features to find the best international family health insurance plans for expats and their dependents living or working abroad.


Private International Medical Insurance (IMPI) plans are available for expatriate families, so there’s no need to go without health insurance while living abroad. Some insurance carriers even offer additional coverage for young dependents at no extra cost.

Are you trying to make sure your family will be covered by health insurance once you move abroad? 

You’ve come to the right place. Pacific Prime is partnered with multiple high-quality insurance carriers with international family health insurance plans. Keep exploring this page and out more about family health insurance plans.

Whenever you’re ready for a personalized quote, you can compare plans easily with the free quote generator. Here’s a tutorial for how to make selections and sort the available plans.

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Health Insurance Coverage for Expatriate Families


Health insurance coverage for families can be customized to fit your budget and coverage needs. Many comprehensive plans will help cover well-child checks and routine vaccinations. To keep premiums low, you could also select emergency and in-patient coverage only.

How International Health Insurance Works for Families

International health insurance policies for families work similarly to policies for individuals. Notify your insurance broker or agent that you will need coverage for family members. They will collect ages and other key information to offer pricing and plan details.

You will need to plan ahead in order to verify coverage because private health insurance abroad is subject to underwriting. This means that the insurer will review your health history to determine whether or not you, a family member, or a particular pre-existing condition is eligible for coverage.

Filing a claim is similar to private domestic insurance policies. That means that your insurer has hospitals, clinics, and providers with direct billing capacity. Direct billing means the medical provider will file the insurance claim on your behalf. 

International Medical Insurance Eligibility

Expats are eligible for an international medical insurance policy when they reside outside of their home country for at least three months of the year for more than one year. If you plan to be outside of your home country for a shorter period, you are eligible for a travel insurance policy instead.

Coverage for expats is also subject to underwriting and insurance company age limits. Many insurance companies have a maximum age for issuing new policies. 

Pre-existing conditions may also make someone ineligible for an individual or family policy. In this case, an expat would need to participate in a large group policy, like one through an employer, to be eligible for international medical insurance.

International Health Insurance with maternity coverage requires a waiting period to be eligible for coverage of pregnancy-related expenses.

International Health Insurance Costs for a Family of Four

International health insurance costs for a family of four will depend on the age of the parents, the age of the children, the destination country, the area of coverage, and the plan selections. We will offer some examples below just to give you an idea of what you could expect.

If you would like a personalized quote for your family and destination, compare free quotes here.

For each cost estimate, our example expat family of four includes:

  • 35-year-old male
  • 32-year-old female
  • 8-year-old male
  • 5-year-old female

Basic Coverage Policies Include:

  • Inpatient 
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Emergency Repatriation

Comprehensive Coverage Policies Include:

  • Inpatient 
  • Outpatient
  • Dental
  • Maternity

For your convenience, we have compared the price of premiums and coverage in some of the most popular destinations for expat families. The following table compares foreigners’ health insurance policies for families living abroad.

Family Health Insurance Quotes for Popular Expat Destinations
Country of Residence Basic Health Insurance Coverage for an Expat Family of 4 Starts At Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage for an Expat Family of 4 Starts At
Mexico USD $806 /month USD $1,587 /month
Spain USD $650 /month USD $1,228 /month
Malaysia USD $430 /month USD $996 /month
Taiwan USD $472 /month USD $1,097 /month
Hong Kong USD $918 /month USD $1,724 /month
The Philippines USD $432 /month USD $1,170 /month
Thailand USD $542 /month USD $1,249 /month
UAE (Dubai) *USD $1,530 /month USD $1,953 /month
Singapore USD $928 /month USD $1,626 /month
Portugal USD $416 /month USD $1,077 /month
China USD $1,075 /month USD $1,578 /month
United States of America USD $1,566 /month USD $3,120 /month
Greece USD $579 /month USD $1,158 /month

Please note that prices are for worldwide coverage excluding the United States, with the exception of the entry for the USA.

*All health insurance plans in Dubai must include maternity coverage, so even the basic coverage here includes maternity coverage.

For a more comprehensive comparison of insurance prices and medical expenses worldwide, you can download Pacific Prime’s free Cost of International Health Insurance Report.

Do Ages Make a Difference in the Cost of Health Insurance for a Family?

Age makes a big difference in the cost of international health insurance. The cost of health insurance increases with the ages of the people on the policy. Let’s consider an older family of four with older children in the following example.

For each cost estimate, our young expat example family of four includes:

  • 35-year-old male
  • 32-year-old female
  • 8-year-old male
  • 5-year-old female

For each cost estimate, our older example expat family of four includes

  • 50-year-old-male
  • 45-year-old-female
  • 16-year-old-male
  • 13-year-old-female

Comprehensive Coverage Policies Include:

  • Inpatient 
  • Outpatient
  • Dental
  • Maternity
Expat Family Health Insurance Quotes Compared by Age
Country of Residence Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage for an Older Expat Family of 4 Starts At Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage for a Young Expat Family of 4 Starts At
Mexico USD $1,600 /month USD $263 /month
Spain USD $386 /month USD $277 /month
Malaysia USD $407 /month USD $296 /month
Taiwan USD $711 /month USD $497 /month
Hong Kong USD $853 /month USD $711 /month
The Philippines USD $407 /month USD $296 /month
Thailand USD $258 /month USD $228 /month
UAE (Dubai) USD $855 /month USD $609 /month
Singapore USD $943 /month USD $1,026 /month
Portugal USD $386 /month USD $277 /month
China USD $1,136 /month USD $1,078 /month
United States of America USD $2,681 /month USD $2,120 /month
Greece USD $386 /month USD $277 /month

Please note that prices are for worldwide coverage excluding the United States, with the exception of the entry for the USA.

As you can see in the table above, health insurance policies are generally more expensive for older policyholders.

International Health Insurance Considerations for Families

Families purchasing international health insurance plans should keep in mind that out-of-pocket medical costs for families can add up quickly, even in countries with more affordable healthcare. Many private health insurance companies have direct billing networks to simplify claims.

  • Opting for more comprehensive plans with preventative care coverage will raise premiums but save you on out-of-pocket costs.
  • If you plan to travel a lot outside of your resident country, consider plans that offer travel vaccination coverage.
  • Maternity insurance coverage has a waiting period before maternity benefits can be used.
  • Save money on premiums by excluding coverage in the USA if possible.
  • Make sure the annual benefit limit of your selected plan is high enough to cover significant emergencies abroad.
  • Verify that you will be able to pay the deductible before choosing a plan. You will probably be better offer paying a little more each month for a lower or $0 deductible.

Affordable Family International Medical Insurance Plans

The most affordable international medical insurance plans for families will likely be through your employer or school. Regional or worldwide excluding the USA, policies are more affordable than plans that include the US. The best-priced insurance company varies by world region.

Best International Health Insurance Companies for Families


The best international health insurance companies for expatriate families include Now Health International, VUMI, April International, Allianz Care, GeoBlue, Cigna, AXA, and BUPA Global. However, there are many high-quality insurance providers with coverage for families abroad.

Now Health International: Insurance for Families Abroad

Now Health International offers private international medical insurance for expatriate families. Its WorldCare Plans offer flexible co-pay options to reduce monthly premiums. These comprehensive coverage plans have dental coverage options and chronic condition coverage.


VUMI’s International Health Insurance for Families

VUMI’s international health insurance plans offer great maternity insurance coverage. Declared pre-existing conditions may also be covered on its Global Flex Plans, subject to underwriting approval. Dental coverage is also available with comprehensive plans.


April International: Worldwide Insurance for Expatriate Families

April International is a well-respected insurance provider for families living abroad. It offers five tiers of coverage with comprehensive plans and unlimited annual benefits available. April International has plans with both dental and vision coverage options.


Allianz Care: International Health Insurance for Families

Allianz Care sells international health insurance plans for families. Their maternity insurance plans also offer some coverage for infertility treatments. Allianz plans range from basic to comprehensive for a customized plan experience.


GeoBlue: Worldwide Health Insurance Plans for Families

GeoBlue is one of the best health insurance companies for expatriate families because its comprehensive plans have extensive direct billing networks, low deductibles, and preventative medical care coverage like well exams and routine vaccines. Some plans even have coverage for travel vaccinations.

For American families with health insurance in the USA, GeoBlue also may have pre-existing coverage when you move abroad. (Subject to underwriting and approval.)


Cigna: Worldwide Health Insurance for Families

Cigna Global’s Gold and Platinum plans offer comprehensive coverage, including maternity benefits. As a major insurance provider worldwide, you’ll have plenty of providers to choose from and a large direct billing network.


AXA’s International Health Insurance for Families

AXA offers international health insurance plans for families with $0 deductibles, comprehensive coverage, and affordable premiums. To offer competitive premiums and customized plans, many AXA plans lower the annual benefit limit. This works well for expat residents with some public insurance.


BUPA Global: International Health Insurance for Families

BUPA Global stands out as an expatriate family health insurance company because up to two children under the age of ten may be covered at no additional cost, subject to underwriting. The insurance company is well-known and offers an extensive network of providers.

International Maternity Insurance for Families


International maternity insurance coverage is available for families. Please be aware that maternity coverage typically has a waiting period, so plan ahead if you’re starting or growing your family. You can find more information about maternity insurance coverage here.

Travel Insurance for Families


Travel insurance is available for families traveling abroad. There are single-trip plans and multi-trip annual plans. For more information about travel insurance and to find travel insurance quotes, see more here.

For families living abroad with an international health insurance policy, your health insurance may cover you when you travel. As long as you travel within your coverage area, you will have coverage for medical expenses.

Using a Broker to Purchase International Family Medical Insurance Plans


International health insurance plans for families can be purchased through the insurance company directly, but insurance brokers offer additional services at no extra cost and provide more competitive deals. Insurance brokers work to make you happy!

For example, Pacific Prime offers claims support and has a local presence and expertise in regions all around the world to provide the best advice and services.

International Family Plans: Insurance Brokers vs. Insurance Agents

Insurance agents and insurance brokers both offer free services and are paid based on commissions. The difference is that insurance agents only represent one company, but brokers are partnered with multiple. That means that a broker offers impartial advice and can help you comparison shop.

Group Health Insurance Policies to Cover Families Abroad


Using a large group international health insurance policy, like one offered through an employer or school, for your family is the best way to find coverage for pre-existing conditions. Premiums may also be more affordable through a large group. 

Speak to your employer about the possibility of corporate health insurance for working abroad to maximize coverage benefits.

International Dental Insurance For Families


International dental insurance is available for families as a rider on an international health insurance policy. Coverage for dental treatments typically has a waiting period of at least six months. Compare health insurance plans with dental coverage by selecting “dental” as an option.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does my family need international health insurance?

Expatriate families need health insurance to cover medical expenses living abroad. Domestic health insurance does not cover you or your family when living or traveling abroad. International health insurance policies cover families living abroad for a year or longer.

Does international medical insurance cost the same everywhere in the world?

International medical insurance policy prices vary according to medical costs in the country of residence. For example, policies with coverage in the United States are the most expensive policies for expatriates. Countries with more affordable healthcare have lower premiums for policies.

What is the best international health insurance for families?

The best international health insurance is through an insurance company well-established in your country of residence that provides the coverage you need. Working with a broker will help you identify the best for your family situation by comparing multiple companies and plans.

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