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Affordable comprehensive travel insurance is available from Bupa IHI and IMG Patriot, through Pacific Prime - Health Insurance Specialists.

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Worldwide Travel Insurance

Before you travel, it’s very important to make sure you have travel insurance to protect yourself and your loved ones. At Worldwide Travel Insurance, we can help you set up a comprehensive travel plan instantly. 

View our Travel Plans:

April International

Since 1988, April International Care has specialized in the provision of international insurance solutions. They are the leading wholesale broker in France, with €1017.3M of consolidated turnover in 2019.

They design, distribute and manage insurance plans and assistance services for individuals (travelers or expats) and businesses with 130,000 insured members in 180 countries and local operations in 12 countries. In 2019 they joined the Cercle Magellan as a labeled provider.


  • 30+ years of specializing in international medical insurance
  • 6 million customers worldwide
  • Key focus on customer service and claims handling
  • Offices in 28 countries
  • 4,000 employees at hand to help

Short-Term International Health Plan

A global medical insurance solution designed for individuals & families traveling, working or living abroad on a temporary basis.

  • Cover available from 1-12 months and can be extended one time by an additional 1-6 months
  • Comprehensive Inpatient, Outpatient, Evacuation, and Repatriation coverage
  • Access to any private medical facilities of your choice
  • Optional extra to include Pre-existing Condition cover (for treatment of acute episodes, for the policy of 3 months or more in duration, for persons aged below 50 years)
  • Three additional services for free – Best Doctors, Worldaware, and Bloodcare Foundation
  • Available in GBP, Euros, or US Dollars


My Travel International Health Plan

Two different types of cover, depending on your needs and budget:

  • Emergency Plan (for smaller budgets looking for good, cost-effective insurance)
  • Comfort Plan (comprehensive cover for all situations)

Plan Options

  • Short term - trips of less than 12 months (from 38 Euros a month)
  • Long term - Comprehensive international health insurance for individuals and families working or living abroad
  • Family Plan – Two adults (+21) with 1 to 3 children.

Medical Benefits

  • Medical assistance due to accident/disease.
  • Medical assistance due to COVID-19
  • Prescribed Medications
  • Doctor visits
  • Medical evacuations and/or repatriation 

Additional Medical Benefits

  • No deductible
  • Easy claims app to send medical claims in just a few clicks
  • Medical referral (partner healthcare providers)
  • Telehealth and second medical opinion
  • Direct billing in the most visited countries 

Non-Medical Benefits

  • Legal assistance
  • Assistance for loss or theft of personal effects
  • Return of mortal remains
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Personal liability 
  • Return home in the case of death or hospitalization of a family member 




Pacific Prime is proud to be able to provide VUMI's Travel VIP plan. This highly customizable medical travel plan has been designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients, and is only available through us. Each VUMI Travel VIP plan comes with two coverage options: 

  • Single Trip - Coverage for one round trip
  • Annual Trip - Coverage for all of your trips (30, 45 or 90 consecutive days) within one year

These plans offer comprehensive medical benefits to see you covered for any eventuality when you are abroad. Stand-out benefits include:

  • Maximum coverage per person, per lifetime up to age of 70: USD 5,000,000
  • Stable pre-existing conditions: USD 500,000
  • Outpatient physician and specialist visits: 100% covered 
  • Hospitalization: 100% covered
  • Prescription medication: 100% covered

Regardless of which coverage option you select, VUMI plans not only offer robust medical cover, among the best in the business, they also offer numeros ways to customize your plan. Two of the most popular being:

Non-Medical Coverage

  • Baggage delay, theft, loss or damage
  • Travel delay or missed flight connection
  • Passport or cash theft
  • Personal liability: bodily injury and property damage
  • Accidental death and dismemberment 
  • Hospital daily benefit 
  • Legal assistance 

Trip cancellation

While vacations are supposed to be nothing but fun, there might be a time where you can't go due to sickness, or worse. VUMI's Travel VIP plan offers cancellation coverage.

Your plans are also supported by VUMI's dependable VIP service

If you're looking to secure a VUMI Travel VIP plan from Pacific Prime, simply click the link below to go to the VUMI's online application. Applications are processed quickly all without the need to fill out paper forms. Get your plan today.



BMI is an American insurer that has been in the market for more than 40 years. They have more than 1 million clients all around the globe. In 2016, the Ward Group ranked BMI one of the top 50 life and health insurance companies in the United States. The American Registry of Business Excellence ranked BMI in the top 1% of America’s most honored business.

Travel Insurance Key Features

Different plans to choose the coverage that fits everyone’s needs:

  • Classic: $10,000 USD Coverage
  • Ultra:  $30,000 USD Coverage
  • Ultra 50: $50,000 USD Coverage
  • Ultra Plus: $60,000 USD Coverage
  • VIP: $100,000 USD Coverage
  • VIP Plus: $250,000 USD Coverage

You can choose from several plan options:

  • Daily Plan: Trips of less than 90 days
  • Annual Multi trip plans: Trips of 30, 45, 60 and 90 days of length
  • Long stay: Trips of more than 60 days
  • Family Plan: Two adults (+21) with 1 to 3 children. Maximum 90 days of coverage
  • Student Plan: Minimum of 4 months of length
  • Corporate plan: Minimum 250 days of coverage

Medical Benefits

  • Medical assistance due to accident / disease
  • Medical assistance due to COVID-19
  • Medication
  • Dental Emergency
  • Transportation and or repatriation
  • Possible coverage for stable preexisting conditions

Non-Medical Benefits

  • Accidental death
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Transportation of family member due to hospitalization
  • Hotel expenses due to convalescence
  • Flight cancellations 
  • Return due to death of family member
  • Return for acute sinister at home
  • Loss or delay of baggage
  • Delayed or cancelled flight
  • Loss of theft of passport


IMG GlobeHopper

IMG is an UK insurer with many years of experience helping travellers around the world. 

Travel Insurance Key Features 

  • Competitive Premiums
  • Flexible plan options so you can design your own plan’s maximum coverage and deductible/excess
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Coverage
  • Option to add basic sports and evacuation coverage 

Basic Medical Cover

  • Hospital Room and Board Up to the Maximum Limit for average semi-private room rate
  • Intensive Care Up to the Maximum Limit 
  • Medical Expenses Up to the Maximum Limit
  • Out-patient Medical Expenses Up to the Maximum Limit
  • Local Ambulance Up to the Maximum Limit
  • Prescription Drugs Up to the Maximum Limit
  • Emergency Room Accident Up to the Maximum Limit
  • Emergency Room Illness with In-patient Admission Up to the Maximum Limit
  • Emergency Room Illness without In-patient Admission
  • Up to the Maximum Limit with additional $250 deductible
  • Dental - Injury Due to Accident Up to the Maximum Limit
  • Dental - Sudden Dental Pain Up to $100
  • Hospital Daily Indemnity (for U.S. citizens only)
  • Up to $100 per night up to a maximum of 10 days 

Additional Benefits

  • Terrorism 
  • Sports & Activities Coverage Up to the Maximum Limit for basic sports
  • Sudden and Unexpected Recurrence of a Pre-existingCondition - Medical (for U.S. citizens only)
  • Sudden and Unexpected Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition - Emergency Medical Evacuation (for U.S. citizens only)
  • Incidental Home Country Coverage Up to a cumulative two weeks
  • End of Trip Home Country Coverage
  • Trip Interruption Up to $5,000
  • Common Carrier Accidental Death
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment 
  • Lost Luggage 

Optional Add-ons

  • Adventure Sports Rider
  • Enhanced AD&D Rider
  • Citizenship Return Rider
  • Evacuation Plus Rider 

Full IMG GlobeHopper Policy Guide Download



Geoblue is an American insurer that offers solutions for US residents traveling abroad. They provide comprehensive options and an excellent service. Moreover, they also have the biggest direct billing network globally. Geoblue is part of the Group 4 Ever Life, subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Travel Insurance Key Features

Single trip travel Insurance offers coverage for one trip over a set period of time.

  • Essential plan.
  • Choice plan.

Annual Multitrip Insurance offers coverage for unlimited trips of up to 70 days of length. They also have an Essential and Choice version.

These company allows you to choose the level of coverage and deductible so you can select the plan that best fits your needs/budget.

Medical Benefits

  • Medical assistance due to accident / disease
  • Medical assistance due to COVID-19
  • Prescribed Medications
  • Doctor visits
  • Medical evacuation and or repatriation



MSH is a French insurer that offers global solutions of insurance for mobile individuals. They have been in the market since 1974 and they keep on growing decade by decade. 

Travel Insurance Key Features

  • 250,000 euros medical coverage
  • In and Outpatient treatment
  • Prescribed medications up to 3,000 euros
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation
  • No deductible
  • Worldwide or Worldwide excluding USA coverage
  • Coverage of costs incurred in the event of an extended stay of the insured or of accompanying insured member

Optional rider of Non-Medical Benefits

  • Personal accident – death and disability
  • Baggage — theft, loss or damage
  • Baggage delay
  • Theft of passport
  • Personal liability — property damage
  • Personal liability — bodily injury
  • Travel delay
  • Missed flight connection
  • Security and legal assistance
  • Sea, mountain, desert search and rescue


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Contact Us, or leave us a message here with more details and any questions or comments you have about these travel insurance plans, or just about health insurance in general, and one of our dedicated specialists will be in touch to assist you shortly. 

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