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MSH International: The Best Travel Insurance

MSH International is a French travel and health insurance company that provides the best coverage available. In over 45 years, they have covered more than 500,000 lives worldwide. As you prepare to travel abroad, you won’t want to miss out on the stellar plans offered by MSH.

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This company has 5 regional head offices in Toronto, Paris, Tunis, Dubai, and Shanghai and dedicated experts from 60 different nationalities. They anticipate the concerns of their customers and adapt their products to meet your needs as new challenges arise

MSH International is known for the confidence they provide for its customers. With 21 local service offices around the world and a network of over 1 million medical providers, they have you covered in every country of the world.

If you feel lost about who you should trust as you prepare to fly around the globe, this guide will put your mind at ease. We’ll explain some of the key plans offered by MSH International so you can decide what travel and/or health insurance plan is right for you.

When you’re ready for a quote or to buy online, you won’t regret it.

Why MSH International Has the Best Travel Insurance

MSH International offers the best travel insurance because they have coverage available in every country in the world, they work with top-rated providers, they hold themselves to values and high expectations, and they have flexible plans designed to meet the needs of each individual. 

When you team up with MSH, you can feel confident that you have the coverage needed to be taken care of when unexpected events blast a hole in your articulately crafted itinerary. No one likes unexpected interruptions, but some things are outside of our control and will happen no matter what

That’s why MSH International takes care of the unexpected for you.

Here are some reasons why MSH International is the best:

  • Top medical network is at your fingertips
  • Emergency assistance
  • Inclusive coverage in every country in the world
  • Tailored plans for family needs
  • It’s easy and simple to send in claims
  • 24/7 support
  • Flexible formulas

MSH International also has a great vision of what a reliable insurance company should be like. Because of that vision, they live by a set of standards that makes them the best.

These are the values MSH International lives by:

  • Commitment
  • Proximity
  • Integrity
  • Entrepreneurship

When you partner with MSH, you can feel peace of mind that all the coming horizons are cared for.

Single Trip Travel Coverage from MSH International

MSH International offers several travel insurance plans for single trips. This coverage includes generic travel insurance, non-medical travel insurance, worldwide emergency medical coverage, visitors to Canada and super visa travelers, and special risk insurance.

Travel Insurance

MSH International’s single-trip travel insurance plan includes worldwide coverage for emergency illness or injury, hospitalization, ambulance, and repatriation. It covers up to $7,000,000.

Non-Medical Travel Insurance

MSH International’s non-medical travel insurance includes worldwide coverage for trip cancellations and interruptions, reimbursement for lost or stolen baggage, and accidental death.

Worldwide Emergency Medical Coverage

MSH International’s worldwide emergency medical coverage is a comprehensive coverage with a maximum limit of $1,000,000. It includes hospitalization, routine checkups, dental, and vision care following emergencies. It covers individuals up to age 80 and has a minimum coverage of 1 month.

Visitors to Canada & Super Visa Travelers

MSH International’s travel insurance for visitors to Canada and other super visa travelers covers emergency illness and injury, hospitalization, side trips, accidental death and dismemberment, specialists, and prescription drugs. It has a limit of up to 1 million dollars.

Special Risk Insurance

MSH International’s special risk travel insurance has special coverage for extreme situations. This includes emergency medical, evacuation, and disability, as well as kidnap, ransom, and extortion. It also has coverage for extreme activities and sports in high, medium, and low risk locations.

If you’re interested, you can call for a quote or get a quote online for all of these products. 

Multi-Trip Travel Coverage from MSH International

The multi-trip coverage plans offered by MSH International includes a generic travel insurance plan and a snowbirds plan. These trips are designed with frequent travelers in mind who plan to travel internationally several times in a year.

Travel Insurance

The travel insurance for multi-trips offered by MSH International includes worldwide coverage for emergency illness and injury, hospitalization, ambulance, and repatriation. Its limit goes up to $10,000,000 and has an annual option of up to 100 days per trip.


The multi-trip snowbirds plan offered by MSH International includes coverage for emergency illness and injury up to $5,000,000. It has an annual option of up to 182 days per trip

For both of these plans, you can call for a quote or get a quote online.

MSH International: best travel insurance company

Is Travel Insurance Even Worth It?

You may be wondering if travel insurance is even worth it, especially if you’re only going away for a single trip. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but as experts, we strongly believe it is worth getting coverage for travel because you never know what may happen.

There are so many unknowns about a trip. What if your flight gets delayed and you miss a connecting flight and now have to sleep in a hotel overnight? What if your luggage gets lost and you arrive in Europe but with nothing to wear safe for the clothing in your back?

What if a loved one dies or a job emergency pops up and you have to cancel the trip, losing all the money you invested in it?

Not one wants this to happen, but sometimes it does. Because of those unknowns, here are some reasons we always recommend travel insurance:

  1. Because accidents can and do happen
  2. Because medical emergencies and evacuations can be ridiculously expensive
  3. Because trips get delayed and travel plans interrupted
  4. Because you don’t want to eat every dime you invested without getting to see the beach at all
  5. Because bags go missing, and that’s no fun
  6. Because your health insurance likely doesn’t cover anything overseas
  7. Because even expert travelers can need help sometimes

Alternative Travel Insurance Companies

If you see the wise value in purchasing travel insurance, but aren’t yet convinced MSH is the right company for you, that’s okay. Here is our list of the top five travel insurance companies for you to check out, including April International, VUMI, IMG Globehopper, Geoblue, and of course, MSH.

  1. April International Travel Insurance
  2. VUMI Travel VIP
  3. IMG Globehopper
  4. Geoblue
  5. MSH International

It is always a wise idea to compare various companies first, so we highly recommend this article about the top five travel insurance companies that acts as a springboard into a deep dive of each.

Health Insurance from MSH International

In addition to travel insurance, MSH International also sells excellent health insurance. They have several plans that include international health insurance, CFE supplemental health insurance, and short-term insurance abroad. 

Take a look at the breakdown of the various health insurance plans below. If you’re an expat, digital nomad, or multi-trip traveler, you may be interested in the excellent coverage they offer.

International Health Insurance

The international health insurance plan by MSH International includes coverage for hospitalization, routine healthcare, third party liability, medical assistance and repatriation, dental and vision care, and maternity care.

CFE Supplemental Health Insurance

The CFE supplemental health insurance plan is for members of the Caisse des Francais de I’Etranger (CFE). It includes coverage for hospitalization, routine healthcare, dental and vision, maternity, medical assistance, repatriation, and your chosen level of coverage.

Short-Term Coverage Abroad

MSH International’s short-term coverage abroad plan includes coverage for healthcare, death and disability, emergency assistance, lost luggage, and legal liability. It has 24/7 support, stress-free claims, and an inclusive package.

MSH International: best travel insurance

Additional Insurance by MSH International

In addition to health insurance and travel insurance, MSH International sells life and disability insurance, retirement solutions, and loan insurance. As an expat or digital nomad, you may want to consider these superb plans to see if they will cover any of your needs.

Life and Disability

MSH International’s life and disability plan for expats offers life insurance coverage, an optional disability benefit, and an optional income protection. This plan can grant you and your loved ones peace of mind, international coverage, flexible options, and a high level of protection.


MSH International partners with Equance to offer retirement assistance solutions. You can customize your own retirement strategy to ensure you receive a regular personal income to meet your needs.

Loan Insurance

MSH International provides loan insurance. If you’re a sports enthusiast who wants to take up a sport, you can get insured for that. If you decide to change your career during the life of your plan, you can! With no restrictions or additional costs. If you want to explore the world, you can!

MSH International wants to provide loan insurance and credit insurance so you don’t have to stop living your dreams and being who you want to be. This insurance plan is 100% compliant with banking requirements.

Conclusion: Getting the Coverage You Need

At the end, we can now see what a wide variety of plans MSH International offers. Their travel insurance is customizable to meet your needs, whether you want coverage for a single trip, multiple trips, or if you plan to move to a new country and need permanent coverage.

MSH International also has phenomenal health insurance plans and other additional insurance plans so that you can live your life the way you want to and feel confident someone’s got your back if an emergency comes up.

If you haven’t yet found the right plan for you with MSH International, it is worth your time to compare plans with other companies as well. We recommend Geoblue and April International. They are excellent companies who will treat you well. 

You may also be interested in our article about the 5 best travel insurance companies.

Thanks for reading, and wishing you safe travels!


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