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The Best International Insurance Companies

Top insurance plans from the best international health insurance companies. Contact us for your quote today.

Purchase a plan from the best health insurance companies available anywhere in the world. Pacific Prime provides the best international health insurance in the world by representing the top international health insurance companies.

Pacific Prime is a broker that specializes in providing international health insurance solutions to expats and residents across the globe. With over 20 years of experience, trust Pacific Prime to guide you in choosing the best health insurance worldwide considering the offerings from international insurance companies.

Worldwide Cover from International Insurers

Pacific Prime can help you find the best insurance cover from a range of international companies.

*These international insurers may not be available in your country of residence and applications are only available in certain locations.

Simplifying Health Insurance

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Our online guide tells you everything you need to know and prepare for as an expat moving abroad.

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Cost of Health Insurance 2023

Read about the average cost of international health plans in 100 locations, as well as unlock analysis on the latest health insurance trends.