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MSIG International Insurance

MSIG offers international insurance products like expat health insurance, travel insurance, commercial property insurance, and more.

MSIG insurance products range from medical and travel insurance to employee compensation insurance, liability insurance, and more. This insurance provider has been an insurance provider since 1855. MSIG has a Standard and Poor’s rating of A+ and an A.M. Best Company rating of A+.

MSIG is based in Japan and established across Asia, including MSIG Singapore and MSIG Malaysia. MSIG has long-standing experience and market knowledge. The provider is known for their dedication to customer service, quality of local care, and tailored coverage for diverse clients.

Bupa Global Medical Insurance for Expats and Travelers

MSIG offers international medical insurance plans in select countries. Availability of individual and family plans depends on location. MSIG offers health insurance plans in Singapore for expats. To find and compare health insurance for your destination, click here.

MSIG’s Prestige Healthcare plans provide medical insurance coverage for expats in Singapore. The Prestige plans have three tiers of coverage with different benefit limits: Elite, Deluxe, and Platinum. Expats are free to select a plan that meets their budget and healthcare needs.

The following table compares the overall annual benefit limit per insured person per policy year for each coverage tier through the Prestige Healthcare plans.

Annual Benefit Limits for Prestige Healthcare Plans (SGD)
Plan Elite Deluxe Platinum
Annual Benefit Limit $900,000 $1,500,000 $3,000,000

Prestige Healthcare plans offer the following coverage, and each category has its own benefit sub-limits:

  1. Hospital & Related Services
  2. Increased International Cover
  3. Overseas Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  4. Compassionate Grant
  5. Additional Benefits
  6. Optional Maternity Benefits

MSIG Hospital and Related Services Coverage

MSIG Prestige Healthcare’s expat health insurance plan in Singapore covers hospital charges and related expenses up to the sub-limit for your policy. The Prestige Healthcare plan offers basic coverage for inpatient needs. This plan does not cover general practitioner visits or preventative care.

Prestige Healthcare's basic coverage includes:

  • Inpatient hospital treatments and the cost of a single-bed, air-conditioned hospital room
  • Hospital accommodations for an adult accompanying an insured patient less than 18 years old
  • Doctor, surgeon, physiotherapist, and/or anesthetist fees
  • Specialist consultations and visits
  • Intensive care unit
  • Inpatient and outpatient cancer treatment
  • Inpatient and outpatient kidney dialysis
  • Organ transplants including the operation costs for kidney, heart, lung, liver, or bone marrow transplant but excluding costs incurred by donors or acquisition of organs
  • Day care surgery
  • Up to 30 days of inpatient psychiatric treatment is covered after a 24-month waiting period from when the policy begins
  • Up to a maximum of 26 weeks of home nursing care following hospital discharge
  • Casualty ward accident services: outpatient medical treatment and follow-up treatment for up to 30 days for a covered injury that is the result of an accident. The insured person must initially obtain medical attention within 24 hours of the accident
  • Casualty ward emergency services: outpatient medical emergency treatment at a hospital for a covered illness
  • Accidental dental coverage: dental treatment to restore or replace natural teeth that were lost or damaged in an accident. Treatment must occur within 14 days of the accident
  • Local ambulance services for transportation to a local hospital that results in hospitalization for a covered injury or illness

The following table compares the annual sub-limit for the above services based on plan selection.

MSIG Prestige Healthcare: Hospital and Related Services Expenses Annual Limit
  Elite Deluxe Platinum
Limit (SGD) $300,000 $500,000 $1,000,000

Prestige Healthcare plans also cover outpatient alternative treatments for covered injuries or illnesses, but these treatments are subject to a different sub-limit than hospital services.

Covered alternative treatments must be provided by a physiotherapist, registered chiropractor, registered Chinese Physician, and/or acupuncturist.

This table compares the annual benefit limit for alternative treatments based on Prestige Healthcare plan selection.

Prestige Healthcare Alternative Treatment Annual Limit
  Elite Deluxe Platinum
Limit (SGD) $750 $1,000 $2,000

Medically necessary artificial limbs are also covered by Prestige Healthcare plans for Singapore expats. This benefit covers the cost of fitting an artificial limb as prescribed by the treating doctor.

The table below compares the limit for this benefit based on plan options.

MSIG Prestige Healthcare Artificial Limb Fitting Cost Annual Limit
  Elite Deluxe Platinum
Limit (SGD) $500 $1,000 $1,500

The Prestige Healthcare Mobility Aids benefit covers the cost of renting or purchasing medically necessary mobility aids prescribed by the treating doctor. The following table compares the annual benefit limit for mobility aids based on plan selection.

MSIG Prestige Healthcare Mobility Aids Annual Benefit Limit
  Elite Deluxe Platinum
Limit (SGD) $300 $400 $500

MSIG Increased International Coverage

MSIG Prestige Healthcare plans are equipped with an increased international coverage benefit. This benefit automatically increases the annual limit for hospital and related services for covered services received outside of the insured person’s home country and country of residence.

The table below shows the increased annual limit available for covered hospital charges and related expenses for treatment abroad based on plan selection.

MSIG Prestige Healthcare Increased Annual Limit for International Coverage
  Elite Deluxe Platinum
Limit (SGD) $600,000 $1,000,000 $2,000,000

MSIG Overseas Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage

MSIG Prestige Healthcare plans also include an overseas medical evacuation and repatriation benefit. This includes the repatriation of mortal remains. This benefit may also be used for local burial or cremation of remains outside of the insured person’s home country and country of residence.

The medical evacuation and repatriation annual benefit limits vary depending on plan selection. Consult the following table to compare options.

MSIG Prestige Healthcare Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Limit
  Elite Deluxe Platinum
Limit (SGD) $300,000 $500,000 $1,000,000

MSIG Compassionate Grant

MSIG Prestige Healthcare policies include a compassionate grant. This is a small benefit amount that is paid if the insured person dies from a covered accident or illness under certain conditions.

The insured person must pass in the insured person’s usual country of residence under at least one of the following conditions:

  • Dies as the result of a covered injury or illness while being treated in the hospital
  • Dies as the result of a covered injury or illness within 90 days of hospital discharge

This compassionate grant amount depends on the selected policy of the insured person. The table below illustrates the compassionate grant amount options.

MSIG Prestige Healthcare Compassionate Grant by Coverage Tier
  Elite Deluxe Platinum
Benefit Amount (SGD) $3,000 $5,000 $8,00

Additional MSIG Prestige Healthcare Benefits

MSIG Prestige Healthcare plans include the following additional benefits. These benefits are not subject to the overall maximum limits:

  • Emergency Medical Advice and Travel Assistance
  • Deluxe and Platinum plans cover compassionate travel expenses (economy class return airfare) from the insured person’s country of usual residence to attend the funeral of an immediate family member
  • The Platinum coverage option includes general practitioner and specialist consultations, prescribed treatments, diagnostic services, and prescription medications with a $100 deductible per claim and an annual limit of SGD $25,000

Each coverage option also includes a limited benefit amount to cover a miscarriage or abortion due to an accident. The table below shows the annual benefit limit for these medical services based on plan selection.

Prestige Healthcare Miscarriage Due to Accident Limit
  Elite Deluxe Platinum
Limit (SGD) $3,000 $4,000 $5,000

MSIG Prestige Healthcare Optional Maternity Benefits

MSIG Prestige Healthcare’s Deluxe and Platinum plans have an option for maternity coverage. This add-on benefit costs an additional SGD $1,594.77 to $2,422.43, depending on the mother’s age. Maternity benefits include prenatal, childbirth, and post-natal care for the mother.

Here are the benefit limits for maternity coverage. These do not count toward the Overall Maximum Annual Limit:

  • Limit of SGD $6,000 for a normal delivery
  • Limit of SGD $15,000 for a complicated delivery as defined in the policy

Find out more about expat maternity insurance here.

MSIG Travel Insurance

MSIG has travel insurance policies for businesses and individuals. MSIG’s travel insurance for individuals and families is called TravelEasy® and comes in single-trip or annual travel insurance policies.

MSIG travel insurance policyholders have access to a 24/7 hotline and online claims submission.

The following benefits are included up to the plan limit in TravelEasy Travel Insurance through MSIG:

  • Travel cancellation, such as when an insured traveler cannot travel due to illness, serious injury, or death of travel companions or family members within 30 days before the trip
  • Overseas medical expenses from accidents or the onset of illness
  • Stolen travel documents
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation have a high limit
  • Travel delays on public transportation resulting from a strike, riot, civil commotion, bad weather conditions, natural disasters, or breakdowns/closures of transportation or airports
  • Travel insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions may be available through TravelEasy Pre-ex plan

Why Businesses, Travelers, and Expats Choose MSIG

Businesses, travelers, and expats choose MSIG because of their great service. MSIG Insurance has won many awards and accolades because of its commitment to go above and beyond for MSIG clients.

MSIG clients enjoy 24/7 customer service through the MSIG helpline, and medical insurance plans have direct billing benefits.

Here are some of the awards and recognition that MSIG has received.

  • IAN Country Awards for Excellence 2023: Outstanding Claims Management
  • Green & Sustainability Contributions Awards 2023: Gold Seal–Contributing to a Sustainable Facility, Promoting Environmental Protection
  • Infobank Insurance Awards 2023: Best Performance General Insurance Company
  • Privacy-Friendly Awards 2021: Gold Certificate
  • HR Distinction Awards 2022: Silver for Excellent in Innovative Business Solutions
  • Insurance Asia Awards 2019: Digital Insurance Initiative of the Year
  • Asia eCommerce Awards 2019: Best User Experience

Other MSIG Insurance Products

MSIG offers medical insurance in select countries, travel insurance plans, personal accident insurance, motor insurance, property insurance, liability insurance, employee compensation insurance, engineering insurance, and more.

MSIG sometimes offers plans through local subsidiaries in certain areas to offer insurance products with the coverage you need. MSIG’s insurance products are available to companies seeking employee benefit plans for international employees.

MSIG Personal Accident Insurance

MSIG sells personal accident insurance policies. These policies offer coverage for accidental death or dismemberment, weekly benefits for disability, medical expenses, a bereavement allowance, and more.

These policies cover a wide range of accidents, including riots, strikes, civil commotion, and hijacking. This coverage can be for whole families and covers individuals between the ages of 16 and 65.

Here is a more detailed list of benefits available with MSIG Personal Accident Insurance.

  • Accidental Death and/or Permanent Disablement
  • Weekly Benefit for Temporary Total or Partial Disablement
  • Medical Expenses are covered up to the amount your chosen plan allows per accident. This coverage may also extend to dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya, and Japanese encephalitis.
  • Daily Hospital Income
  • Bereavement Allowance
  • Purchase of Orthopedic Equipment
  • Personal Liability covers your legal financial responsibility related to injury and loss of or property damage
  • Convalescence Allowance covers alternations to dwelling or vehicle to allow for a wheelchair needed for six months or longer
  • Funeral, Cremation, and Repatriation Expenses
  • Ambulance Fees in the event of an accident

MSIG Motor/Automobile Insurance

MSIG offers automobile (motor) insurance in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and more. MSIG’s car insurance policies offer different types of coverage that expats from the USA would be familiar with liability, collision, and a limited version of comprehensive coverage.

The following table shows you what kind of coverage is included in MSIG’s different plan options.

MSIG Motor Insurance Coverage Options (Automobile Insurance)
  Third-Party Cover Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover Comprehensive Cover
Death or Injury to Third Party in an Accident Covered Covered Covered
Damage to Other Person’s Care or Property Covered Covered Covered
Fire Damage to Vehicle or Stolen Vehicle Not covered Covered Covered
Damage to Your Car in an Accident (Collision Coverage) Not covered Not covered Covered

MSIG Property Insurance

MSIG has commercial property insurance plans and only limited personal property insurance lines. Property Insurance through MSIG helps international companies protect their properties around the world. Japanese nationals in the USA can find personal property coverage through MSIG.

MSIG Liability Insurance

MSIG sells policies to businesses to protect them from general liability due to bodily injury claims and product liability. These policies work well in the following industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Trade Promotion
  • Food Processing
  • Wholesale Trade

MSIG Employee Compensation Insurance

MSIG North America has Worker’s Compensation plans to cover work-related incidents, costly litigation, and financial loss. At the same time, these MSIG policies provide essential medical care coverage and support for employees.

MSIG Engineering Insurance

MSIG offers engineering insurance plans that are customized to provide specific coverage needed for your industry. MSIG specializes in insurance for the energy sector, but also has services for lumber and chemical companies, plant construction, offshore wind parks, and more.

Here are a couple more types of engineering insurance that may be a good fit for your business:

  • Machine Insurance
  • Electronics Equipment Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance

MSIG Marine & Cargo Insurance

MSIG offers marine cargo policies as an optional add-on to policies that cover boats and ships. A Hull policy can cover ocean vessels like dredges, tugboats, barges, and more.

MSIG Sportsmanship Insurance

MSIG Sportsmanship Insurance policies are personal accident insurance policies that offer coverage tailored for active people. Many of high-risk sporting activities covered by sportsmanship insurance would be excluded from traditional personal accident insurance.

High-risk activities and sports covered include:

MSIG Motor Insurance Coverage Options (Automobile Insurance)
  Third-Party Cover Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover Comprehensive Cover
Death or Injury to Third Party in an Accident Covered Covered Covered
Damage to Other Person’s Care or Property Covered Covered Covered
Fire Damage to Vehicle or Stolen Vehicle Not covered Covered Covered
Damage to Your Car in an Accident (Collision Coverage) Not covered Not covered Covered











Field Hockey





Martial Arts (excluding boxing & wrestling)



Sepak Takraw






Table Tennis






Ice Skating





Jet Skiing










Water Polo


Power Boating

Scuba Diving


Bungee Jumping



Hang Gliding


In-Line Skating





Roller Hockey



Using an Insurance Broker to Buy MSIG Insurance

You can go directly to MSIG to learn more about their insurance products and/or secure a plan but using a brokerage has many distinct advantages. For example, Pacific Prime has a team of insurance advisors who are on hand and more than happy to help you.

You’ll benefit from the following when you use a broker instead of buying directly from MSIG:

  • Our team is completely impartial. We work with several insurance providers–not just MSIG–so our team doesn’t have a particular allegiance to any of them. This means that we can help you explore all your options in the insurance market and recommend a solution that is in your best interest.
  • Pacific Prime is knowledgeable and professional. We have decades of experience in the health insurance sector and provide an industry-leading training program to our insurance advisors. As such, you can be confident that the advisor you’re dealing with is qualified.
  • Our team provides many value-added services. These include assistance in your native language, speedy claims support, and an HR portal for benefits administration.

The best part? All of our services are provided completely free of charge and you won’t have to pay a penny more for securing an insurance product than if you went directly to the insurer.

Contact an insurance expert at Pacific Prime now or compare obligation-free international health insurance quotes online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the MSIG in MSIG Insurance stand for?

The MSIG in MSIG insurance stands for Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group. MSIG is an international insurance provider based in Hong Kong with regional offices in locations such as Malaysia and Singapore.

How long does getting international health insurance take?

Getting international health insurance does not take long because you can compare plans and pricing online. Policy applications can be completed online. Often, basic coverage can begin as soon as the plan is purchased. Dental, vision, maternity, and pre-existing conditions may have waiting periods.

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