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Even the most well-organized trips don't always go as planned, and expat life abroad can sometimes also be met with unpleasant surprises. Medical emergencies involving people getting injured or sick in a foreign country do happen, and sometimes, people have to be transported to other, better-equipped facilities. As such, it is important to think of every possibility when traveling or residing abroad.
Here, Pacific Prime has designed a handy Guide to Medical Evacuation, which explains in great detail the different facets of medical evacuation, its costs, conditions, and the additional benefits associated with said cover. Divided into four core sections, our guide focuses on providing our readers with information on:
Pacific Prime - A4 Guide to Medical Evacuation
Pacific Prime - What is medical evacuation?

What is medical evacuation?

In this section, readers will learn what exactly a medical evacuation is, and what other benefits this coverage includes.

Pacific Prime - Cost of medical evacuation

Cost of medical evacuation

Medical evacuation is not a cheap service, and in this section, we will showcase approximate prices for different routes, and dissect the reasons why medical evacuation services are so expensive.

Pacific Prime - Who needs medical evacuation coverage?

Who needs medical evacuation coverage?

At first, it may seem that medical evacuation is only needed for those who travel to remote areas, such as the jungle or mountain tops, but in this section, we will present a few more “down to earth”, real-life examples of when medical evacuation proved crucial in saving lives.

How to proceed during a medical emergency

In principle, medical evacuation is a straightforward benefit. That said, when it comes to the actual handling of emergency cases, many factors come into play. In this section, we use a real-life example to demonstrate the complexities associated with arranging a medical evacuation.

Pacific Prime - How to proceed during a medical emergency

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