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How To Buy Insurance In Thailand

Buying insurance in Thailand is simple when you work with an international insurance broker who can communicate with you in your language. Brokers work with multiple insurance companies, so you can easily compare plans and pricing for your insurance needs in Thailand.

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Are you planning to move to Thailand? Perhaps you’re planning a vacation in the Land of Smiles? Make sure you have the insurance plans you need, whether you’re vacationing or moving abroad to Thailand.

In this blog post, we’ll cover how to secure quotes for international health insurance in Thailand and find travel insurance. Buying insurance can be done online, and we’ll explain how to find the best free insurance quote that meets your needs.

Travel Insurance Vs. Expat Health Insurance In Thailand

Travel insurance plans cover medical expenses in Thailand using a short-term policy with different coverage limits and exclusions than an expat health insurance plan. Travel insurance may also include coverage for lost luggage and travel delays. Expat health insurance is available for longer terms.

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We’ll explain how to purchase each type and point you to additional resources for your plans in Thailand. If you’re still not sure what type of insurance you need, check out Pacific Prime’s guide titled What Insurance Do I Need for Thailand?.

You can always contact an insurance expert if you have additional questions.

How To Purchase A Private Expat Health Insurance Plan

The best way to purchase a private expat health insurance plan is to work with an insurance broker. An insurance broker will help you compare quotes from multiple companies and secure competitive rates. On the other hand, an agent can only help you compare plans from one insurance company.

We’ll outline the steps to comparing quotes to purchase, and you can watch a video tutorial here.

    1. You’ll need to complete the fields in the quote generator. These fields will collect information about:
      • The country you primarily need expat health insurance for
      • The length of time you will need coverage
      • The types of coverage that you need in addition to inpatient coverage: Options include outpatient, maternity, and dental insurance
      • Your age and gender
    2. Next, you’ll be able to log in or create an account so that you can keep track of quotes and comparisons.
      • You only need an email address to create an account, but you may also provide a phone number.
    3. After you have completed the previous steps, you’ll be able to edit previous information and add additional people to insure, such as family members.
    4. Sort through the quotes using the column headers to prioritize plan features or pricing. 
      • Inpatient, Emergency Evacuation, and Medical Repatriation are included in all plans, so you don’t have to worry about sorting by these plan features.
      • Pricing can be displayed in US Dollars, British Pounds, or Euros.
    5. Choose your desired deductible from the options. 
      • A higher deductible will lower your premiums but increase the amount you need to pay medical providers out of pocket.
      • Lower deductibles will raise the price of your premiums but decrease the amount you spend out of pocket paying medical providers.
  • You’ll be able to read plan details and save quotes if you have an account.

You can also contact an expert to discuss your insurance needs rather than use the online quote tool. Pacific Prime is always happy to help you, and we work with multiple insurance companies so you can secure the best deal.

Expat Health Insurance in Thailand: Private vs. Public

Some expats in Thailand will be eligible for coverage through Thailand’s universal health care plans, and purchasing a private insurance plan is optional. Others will be required to purchase a private international insurance plan.

Expats working in Thailand may be eligible for health insurance through Thailand’s Social Security Scheme. This plan only covers public hospitals and clinics, where expats will encounter longer wait times and language barriers.

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Private health insurance in Thailand may be more affordable than private health insurance in other regions. Thailand is marked as a low-cost insurance region by many insurance companies.

Private insurance companies partner with some of the best international hospitals in Thailand. These hospitals are recognized for their affordability and modernized care.

For additional information about private insurance in Thailand, find out more in the article Thailand Private Insurance.

Expat Health Insurance: Local vs. International Plans

Thailand has local companies that offer health insurance plans for expats. The downside is that policy documents are likely written in Thai. If you prefer to read the documents in a more familiar language, working with an international broker will help you in a preferred language.

Plans from local insurers may be cheaper than international plans, but the coverage typically has lower limits and more exclusions.

Buy Expat Health Insurance With Maternity Coverage

Maternity health insurance plans for expats have waiting periods before benefits can begin. Purchase your plan before becoming pregnant to get coverage for prenatal care abroad. You can select Maternity Coverage when you obtain quotes for health insurance.

Buy Expat Dental Insurance in Thailand

Expats can choose a health insurance plan with dental benefits in Thailand. To make sure you have dental coverage, choose “dental” from the list of coverage options you will need in Thailand when you obtain your free quote to compare plans.

Find out additional information about Dental Insurance in Thailand in this article.

How To Purchase Travel Insurance In Thailand

Travel insurance in Thailand is available through multiple companies. Travel insurance through travel credit cards frequently offers coverage for rental cars and lost luggage but does not include sufficient medical coverage in the event of an emergency. You need to find a plan with medical coverage.

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If Thailand is your only destination, we recommend getting quotes from the following companies through this generator link

Exploring more areas of the world? Obtain quotes from multiple travel insurance companies to get the best price and plans for your needs. 

Additional information about travel insurance plans in Thailand can be found in the article about the best travel insurance in Thailand. You’ll find even more answers to all of your questions about travel insurance in Thailand.

Many of Thailand’s health insurance requirements for travelers are evolving. You can find up-to-date information in our guide to Thailand Pass Insurance.

Corporate Health Insurance Plans In Thailand

There are benefits of securing a group policy in Thailand for your business. Groups of 20 or more are often eligible for pre-existing conditions coverage, and pricing may be the most advantageous. 

Work with an international insurance broker to compare plans and pricing from multiple insurance companies at the same time. Also, get help with benefits management and other tasks that accompany benefits in private companies.

Other Types Of Insurance In Thailand For Foreigners

Travel insurance plans are available to cover liability and personal property for foreigners touring Thailand. The best way for expats to purchase long-term property, liability, and other non-health insurance plans is to work with an insurance agent or broker. 

Your existing insurance company may have plans that include overseas coverage. If your current company or insurance agent is unable to help you with insurance overseas for your belongings, ask for a recommendation. 

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If you plan to drive in Thailand, ask your auto insurance about coverage overseas. Some companies may be able to cover you abroad. If not, speak with an insurance agent about recommendations to secure auto insurance in Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can expats buy health insurance in Thailand?

Health insurance is available in Thailand for expats and foreigners. Plans can be purchased from international companies or local companies in Thailand. To compare multiple plans and pricing, use a free quote generator

Does my health insurance plan from America work in Thailand?

American health insurance policies are unlikely to cover you in Thailand. You can find international insurance plans online that will provide the medical coverage you need while living in or touring Thailand.

How much does health Insurance in Thailand cost for expats?

For basic inpatient-only coverage, plans can be as low as USD $1532. For more comprehensive coverage including inpatient, outpatient, maternity, and extended benefits, expats should expect premiums closer to UDS $7462.

Can expats buy insurance in Thailand?

Many insurance companies offer plans to expats for personal belongings, health insurance, or other types of insurance coverage. Ask your insurer if you can extend your coverage overseas or work with an insurance broker.

Can you buy medical insurance for Thailand?

Travel insurance plans with medical benefits in Thailand can be purchased through multiple companies. Plans may include only Thailand or additional destinations. Long-term medical insurance plans for expats are available. Coverage and deductibles will vary depending on selections.

What type of insurance do I need for Thailand?

The type of insurance that you need in Thailand depends on your length of stay and the types of coverage you would like. There are insurance options for traveling to Thailand as well as living abroad in Thailand for expats.

Do you have to purchase health insurance to retire in Thailand?

Retirees moving to Thailand will need to show proof of health insurance to obtain a visa. Health insurance plans can be purchased from international health insurance companies or local health insurance companies in Thailand.

Why would travel insurance exclude Thailand?

Citizens of the United Kingdom may not be eligible for travel insurance coverage in Thailand if the Foreign, Commonwealth, & Development Office has advised against travel to Thailand. Consult the FCDO’s current guidance on traveling to Thailand.


Insurance plans are available for international travelers or expats headed to Thailand. Purchasing one online through an insurance broker like Pacific Prime allows you to compare plans and pricing from multiple insurance companies and pick your favorite. 

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