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The Best Singapore Expat Forums

The best Singapore expat forums provide valuable information and help expats connect with one another. Some of the most popular are Singapore Expats Forum, Singapore Expats Facebook Group, New Singapore Expats Facebook Group, and Singapore Expat Women.

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Are you an expat moving to or already living in Singapore? If so, you may want to connect with other expatriates as they experience many of the same life changes as you. They can give you advice and help answer your questions.

Pacific Prime has created this list of the 13 best Singapore expat forums to make it easy for you to find the help you need!

Top Expat Forums For Foreigners In Singapore

Among the top expat forums in Singapore are Singapore Expats Forum, British Expats, American Expats in Singapore, Singapore Expats Facebook Group, Singapore Expat Women, and more. Picking the right forum depends on the platform you prefer and what information you want to learn.

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We have gathered a list of the best Singapore expat forums and will introduce each of them below.

  1. Singapore Expats Forum
  2. British Expats
  3. Reddit: Singapore
  4. American Expats in Singapore Facebook Group
  5. Singapore Expats Facebook Group
  6. New Singapore Expats Facebook Group
  7. Australian Expats in Singapore Facebook Group
  8. Singapore Expats Classifieds & Singapore Expatriates Group
  10. Expat Exchange Forum
  11. Singapore Expat Women
  12. SingaporeMotherhood Forum
  13. Singapore Expats Group on Facebook 

Singapore Expats Forum

Singapore Expats Forum is a message board for expats living in Singapore and relocating to Singapore. It has hundreds of thousands of posts on topics such as business, careers and jobs, beauty, health and fitness, entertainment, events, current affairs, schools, housing, and so much more.

This forum is nicely organized by topic to make it easier for you to find the information you need. There’s also a search bar to enhance your ability to find the answers you seek.

You can connect to the forum through your Facebook or Google account.

It currently has over 360,000 members and 650,000 posts.

British Expats

British Expats is a site that has forums across many different countries, including Singapore, geared toward travelers coming from England. This forum is quite active and has helpful information for all expats, regardless of their home country.

You can subscribe to this forum for free by:

  1. Clicking on “subscribe” on their site
  2. Creating and activating your account
  3. Accessing your content

On this page, you can learn tips and tricks from other expats about anything from the Singapore work culture and how to move to Singapore to suggestions for working remotely in the digital nomad scene.

Reddit: Singapore

Another great expat forum for foreigners in Singapore is the Singapore page on Reddit. This thread isn’t specifically for expats, but it can be a great place for you to try to interact with others living in Singapore and for you to get some general information about the city.

American Expats In Singapore Facebook Group

If you’re an American expat moving to Singapore, you’ll want to join the American Expats in Singapore Facebook Group. This forum is an excellent way to connect with others from your home country who have made or are making similar decisions as you. Getting answers to your questions just got easier!

Gardens By The Bay: Expat Forums Guide!

This is a public Facebook Group with almost 7,000 members. You can get your questions answered about what it’s like living abroad in Singapore, the local Singapore tax system, how the US healthcare system compares to healthcare in Singapore, and so much more.

Singapore Expats Facebook Group

Singapore Expats Facebook Group is a private group with over 23,000 members, and it has been around since 2011. This is an open group, so you should invite your friends. This page was created specifically for any and all expats who live in Singapore, so you can easily connect with others like you.

This group has rules you must agree to follow, and they include the following:

  1. Be kind and courteous
  2. No hate speech or bullying
  3. No promotions or spam
  4. Respect everyone’s privacy
  5. No promotion of properties for leads or sale

New Singapore Expats Facebook Group

The New Singapore Expats Facebook Group is for all expats who have recently arrived in Singapore or plan to arrive in the foreseeable future. If you’re looking for advice about the best places to live in Singapore, the best food and recreation opportunities, or how to find a job, join this forum.

It currently has over 15,000 members, it is a private page, and it has been around since 2014.

Australian Expats In Singapore Facebook Group

If you’re an Australian on your way to Singapore, you’ll want to join the Australian Facebook Group. This expat forum has regular discussions about local events, general questions, opportunities to connect with other expats, and much more. It is a public Facebook Group.

There are almost 7,500 members on this page.

Singapore Expats Classifieds & Singapore Expatriates Group

If you’re looking to buy and sell your items, Singapore Expats Classifieds Facebook Group is for you. It is more than just a place to shop, however, as its members post about classes and events happening locally, and you can find apartments and condos for rent or sale.

There are almost 10,000 members on this page.

As one of the largest expat support networks around the world, knows how to help you connect with and make friends, find your dream home, boost your career, and find great local deals across 197 countries. Its Singapore forum has over 31,000 members.

You can join this forum in two easy steps:

  1. Click “Start now” on their site
  2. Add a protected path extension

Expat Exchange Forum

Expat Exchange Forum has been connecting expats living in Singapore since 1997. They have forums on topics like jobs, accommodations, popular hangout spots, finances, recreation, and more! For free, you can subscribe to receive their email updates and tips for living in Singapore.

Singapore Expat Women

Women in Singapore will be interested in joining Singapore Expat Women, or SEW, a group of forward-thinking women from all walks of life around the world. This community began as a Facebook group but has expanded to a larger platform with several splinter groups.

This forum provides meaningful articles and content about business, life, health, and family on its main website page, and its Facebook groups provide expat women the opportunities to connect with one another.

Their main Singapore Expat Women page has over 18,500 members, and it is a private group.

They also now have the following forums:

SingaporeMotherhood Forum

If you’d like a parenthood forum, try SingaporeMotherhood Forum. You can join a community of Singapore parents and get tips on the best places to take your kids and much more. It is a smaller group with just over 1,000 participants, but that can help you connect more personally with other parents.

They have threads on topics such as trying to conceive, pregnancy, confinement nannies, items for sale and for free, matters of the heart, and more.

Singapore Expats Group On Facebook

Another Facebook Group you could try is the Singapore Expats Group. This is the official group for and it serves as a community where you can offer tips, share your experiences, organize events, get-togethers, and make new friends. It is a public group.

With over 61,000 members, this is one of the largest forums on this list, and it is very active.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use an expat forum?

Individuals like to use expat forums to connect with other expatriates, ask their questions, and get tips about the location they are moving to. An expat forum can be a website, Facebook Group, or other form of social media that allows users to comment, make posts, and message one another.

How can I join a Facebook Group?

To join a Facebook Group, you need to log in to your Facebook account, go to the Facebook page you want to join, and click the blue “Join Group” icon. If it’s a public group, you’ll be added automatically. If it’s a private group, you may have to answer a few questions and be approved by an admin.

Does it cost money to join an expat forum?

It usually does not cost any money to join an expat forum. Most are free communities on a website or social media account. You may need to create an account or become a member to join one, though.


You’ve now learned about some of the most effective forums to connect you to your fellow Singapore expats. If this was helpful, you may also be interested in reading our guides about living abroad in Asia and the best places to live in Asia.

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