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MSIG Insurance Thailand For Travelers

MSIG Insurance Thailand offers a variety of travel health insurance solutions to foreign travelers in the Land of Smiles. From its headquarters in Bangkok and 12 branches nationwide, MSIG Insurance Thailand serves clients from all walks of life. 

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If you’re planning to visit this Southeast Asian gem of a country, MSIG Insurance can provide you with innovative insurance solutions backed by world-class customer service and professionalism. 

This Pacific Prime article goes over some key facts about MSIG Insurance Thailand, including its offerings, to help you make a decision about which provider to choose. You’ll also get to learn about MSIG’s history and background and why it’s better to work with a broker like us.

Before we delve into all things MSIG, feel free to explore the health insurance landscape in Thailand and compare some MSIG insurance plans using our FREE, no-obligation online quotation tool

MSIG: Thailand Insurance Provider Introduced For Travelers

MSIG Insurance Thailand is a member of the MS&AD Insurance Group and has a successful 120-year history of operations in Thailand. The insurer became a publicly listed company in October 2012 with an annual premium income of over THB 3 billion. 

Specializing in retail and commercial insurance for both Thai and international clients, MSIG Insurance Thailand offers its products through multiple distribution channels. This includes their company, professional brokers, agents, and bank partners.

Phi Phi Islands, Phuket - Featured By MSIG Insurance Thailand For Travel

Their head offices are in Bangkok and they have a network of 12 branches and claims service centers nationwide. MSIG Insurance Thailand aims to provide exceptional localized services to its clients. 

While MSIG Insurance Thailand offers health insurance plans, these are only targeted towards Thai nationals residing in the country. Options for foreigners in Thailand include travel health insurance plans, of which MSIG Insurance Thailand offers plenty. 

MSIG Travel Insurance In Thailand For Travelers

Whether it’s flight delays, loss of baggage, accidents, illnesses, medical emergencies, or more, securing a travel insurance plan from MSIG Insurance Thailand will give you much-needed peace of mind when traveling in the country.

Fortunately, MSIG Insurance Thailand has a variety of plans on offer to suit every traveler’s unique needs.

Travel Easy (Worldwide)

The Travel Easy (Worldwide) plan offers 24/7 worldwide travel coverage for you and your family. Coverage of up to THB 5 million is provided. Injury, disability, or death caused by accidental means are also covered, as are expenses incurred for emergency medical evacuation. 

Depending on the benefits and coverage level you require, there are five tiers of coverage to choose from Easy 1, Easy 2, Easy 3, Easy Visa Plus, and Easy Visa. Plans decrease in coverage level and price. 

You can get the plan for either a single trip or on an annual basis for multiple trips. For single trips, there are a further two options within all plan tiers: Asia-only coverage or worldwide coverage. 

As you can see, the plan is designed to be quite flexible and will be bound to have something for you. It’s also designed for those who need travel insurance for the purpose of applying for a visa and offers a guaranteed 100% premium refund if a visa application is rejected. 

Premiums start from THB 190 for Easy Visa (Asia-only coverage) for a single trip and increase to THB 23,285 for Easy 1 for the annual plan. 

Trip Easy (Domestic)

The Trip Easy (Domestic) plan offers coverage for you and your family on domestic trips in Thailand. Medical expenses due to accidents are covered up to THB 100,000, as is loss of life, dismemberment, loss of sight, or total permanent disability. 

With 20 different plan tiers ranging from Plan 1 to Plan 20, the Trip Easy (Domestic) plan is highly adaptable to suit every traveler’s unique needs. Plans increase coverage levels and premiums, and the duration of coverage can also be chosen. 

Premiums range from THB 15 for 1 day on Plan 1 to THB 2,683 for 180 days on Plan 20.

Trip Easy Plus (Domestic)

The Trip Easy Plus (Domestic) plan is very similar to the Trip Easy (Domestic) plan. Plan highlights mainly include more non-medical benefits:

  • Flight delay cover up to THB 18,000
  • Baggage delay cover up to THB 10,000
  • Damage to baggage and/or personal items in the baggage and/or golf equipment cover up to THB 25,000

In addition to the above items, the plan also provides reimbursement for food poisoning or acute bowel disease coverage of up to THB 30,000. 

Premiums range from THB 180 for 1 to 3 days on Plan 1 to THB 900 for 22 to 31 days on Plan 3.

Why You Should Use a Broker like Pacific Prime to Buy Insurance

Instead of buying an MSIG Insurance plan directly, working with a broker like Pacific Prime brings a number of benefits, like 100% impartial advice, multilingual support from expat advisors, hospital recommendations, claims assistance, and many other free value-added services. 

Siam Paragon, Bangkok - MSIG Thailand's Top Travel Insurance Spot

Let’s explore these benefits further:

Impartial Advice

Pacific Prime works with many global insurers and Thailand-specific insurers, including MSIG Insurance Thailand. This makes us aware of all your options in the market and also means that we’re not loyal to any particular insurer. 

You can rest assured that we’ll consider your healthcare and lifestyle needs, as well as budgetary requirements, when recommending you a plan. We won’t steer you to any particular insurer for our own benefit. 

Value-added Services

Along with impartial advice that’s tailored to your personal circumstances, we also provide a number of value-added services including, but not limited to:

  • Expat, multilingual advisors: Alongside local staff, we make it a point to hire multilingual expat advisors who are better placed to help travelers like yourself.
  • Localized support: We have a presence in Thailand and can provide you with on-the-ground localized support. 
  • Support services: Our support services are extensive and include hospital recommendations, form-filling help, insurer liaisons, claims assistance, and more.

No Premium Markups or Fees

Working with us is no more expensive than going directly to the insurer. This is because insurers tend to rely on third parties like brokers to help them sell their products and so are reluctant to provide discounts to direct clients. 

In addition to receiving the same premium as you would if you went to the insurer, you can also benefit from all our value-added services completely for free. That’s right – we don’t charge clients a fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the quality of healthcare in Thailand?

Thailand is known for its excellent quality of healthcare, especially in private hospitals and top-tier international hospitals. While the public healthcare system is robust, it can be plagued with long wait times and offers fewer amenities and conveniences. 

Can tourists access healthcare in Thailand for free?

Foreign tourists are unable to access healthcare in Thailand for free. In the event of illness or accidents, they’ll need to pay for their healthcare out of pocket at both public and private healthcare facilities – unless they have a valid travel or health insurance plan. 

Is travel insurance mandatory for tourists in Thailand?

While travel insurance for tourists isn’t mandatory in Thailand, it is highly recommended to secure a valid travel insurance plan when traveling in the country. Doing so will give you peace of mind that you’re covered in the worst-case scenario. 

What are the advantages of securing travel insurance in Thailand?

The main advantage of travel insurance in Thailand is that you won’t need to worry about finances and can get the best healthcare if you get sick or have an accident whilst traveling. Non-medical benefits like coverage for flight delays and baggage losses are also a welcome addition.



MSIG Insurance Thailand is an attractive option for travelers in the country. The insurer has many travel plans to choose from, each with multiple coverage tiers and options to suit every travelers’ unique needs. 

If you’re interested in MSIG Insurance Thailand, you can get in touch with the team at Pacific Prime. We have over two decades of experience as a broker and can offer a free quote, impartial advice, tailored plan comparison, and support throughout your insurance journey. 

Feel free to check out our informative tutorial on how to use the online quotation tool if you’re unsure. 

For those of you who aren’t interested in what MSIG Insurance Thailand has to offer, you’ll be glad to know that we have other options for you such as Vumi, Morgan Price, and so many more! 

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