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Finding A Job In Dubai As A Canadian

Candians in the thick of finding a job in Dubai should cater their CV and applications to the Dubai recruitment norms, update their LinkedIn account, and become familiar with popular jobs in Dubai. Canadians will also want to apply in January and February since those are peak hiring months in Dubai.

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Are you a Canadian trying to find a job in Dubai? Are you wanting to live in Dubai but aren’t sure where or how to find employment in the UAE? This article is meant for you!

Pacific Prime has gathered 4 simple steps to finding a job in Dubai to make the beginning of your process smoother. We’ve also compiled lists of popular jobs in Dubai for Canadians and the highest-paying jobs in Dubai with their annual salaries to give you some ideas about your future career.

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Please reach out to Pacific Prime if you get any questions about this or other posts you read from our blog. We’re happy to help!

How Canadians Can Find A Job In Dubai

Drone View Of Dubai Frame For Canadian Job Hunters

Canadians can find a job in Dubai by following these easy steps:

  1. Decide your skill set and interests
  2. Create a CV that is catered to Dubai
  3. Beef up your LinkedIn account
  4. Research jobs in Dubai and begin applying
  5. Apply during Dubai’s peak recruitment season

Let’s discuss each in more detail.

Step 1: Decide Your Skill Set and Interests

Canadians looking to find a job in Dubai should first decide what their skill set qualifies them to do and what profession they are interested in fulfilling. Some of the most in-demand skills in Dubai right now are in finances, risk management, coding, web development, marketing, and healthcare.

Remember to think broadly about all of the possible careers and fields you have experience in and might be interested in pursuing. Also think deeply into each of the possible fields about the dozens of positions or roles within that field that might interest you.

When you’re ready, narrow down your long list to the few positions you find most interesting, but keep the list in case you don’t find one of those jobs and need to widen your application pool.

Step 2: Create a CV that is Catered to Dubai

If you’ve worked in Canada in the past, it’s likely you already have a CV or resume you’ve used before. Pull this out and update it, but make sure as you do that you tweak it to showcase your value specifically for Dubai jobs in the field(s) you’ve decided you’re most interested in.

Catering your CV to Dubai includes learning what recruiters in Dubai expect from a CV. A few differences from your Canadian CV you’ll want to make sure you include are:

  • Your nationality
  • A professional photo of yourself
  • Context for your work experience. For example, Dubai recruiters may not recognize a Canadian company you worked at, so you may want to give a one-sentence or less description of who they are and their reputation.
  • Context for your education. Dubai recruiters may not know the school you attended, so giving a description to convey how prestigious it is or other noteworthy features is wise.
  • Your visa status if you already live in Dubai
  • Keep your CV to 1-2 pages maximum
  • Your availability if you would be able to start immediately or very soon

It is not common in Dubai to send attachments of your passport, degree certificate, or other documents, so only send those if specifically requested.

Step 3: Beef Up your LinkedIn Account

Dubai recruiters use LinkedIn a lot, so if you’re a Canadian who is serious about working and living in Dubai, you better beef up your profile. Make sure it is filled out in its entirety and that it comprehensively displays your unique experiences, qualifications, work experiences, and skills.

Dubai's Modern Architecture Skyline For Canadian Job Seekers

Make sure that every aspect of your profile is up to date and thorough. That includes your headline, About section, LinkedIn Banner, profile picture, and contact details.

Step 4: Research Jobs in Dubai and Begin Applying

Canadians can research available jobs in Dubai by using online platforms, networking with people they know in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, attending job fairs, traveling to Dubai to meet people and companies in person, and connecting with professional Dubai recruiting agencies.

Spread your reach as you do all in your power to discover your future job as a Canadian living in Dubai! Ask friends to get ideas about what they’ve done to find jobs, and network, network, network! Sometimes when it comes to finding a job, it’s more about who you know than what you know.

Here are some of the popular Dubai job sites Canadians should utilize:

As you start sending out your applications, make sure you revisit your CV for every application and make it personalized to each employer you contact. This can help you stand out from a crowd of other applicants who don’t do this extra step.

Step 5: Apply During Dubai’s Peak Recruitment Season

It is crucial for Canadians trying to find a job in Dubai to apply during the months when Dubai employers and recruiters are looking to hire. Year after year, this season is in January and February, stretching out all the way into May. By June, July, and August, it is much less likely to be hired.

Following Dubai’s recruitment cycle is a must if Canadians want to increase their odds of landing a job.

Canadians moving to Dubai should consider being a financial manager, regional business director, advertising sales director, and other popular jobs in Dubai. Canadians can find a job in a wide array of fields just as they can in Canada.

Dubai Marina - Job Hunting In Dubai For Canadians

Our list of popular jobs comes from Salary Explorer.

Below is a chart with ten popular jobs in Dubai for Canadians and expats. Included is the range of their average annual salaries in both AED and CAD.


Profession Title Annual Salary in AED Annual Salary in CAD
Financial Manager 208,800 – 630,000 $77,800 – $235,000
Regional Business Director 177,600 – 597,600 $66,200 – $223,000
Advertising Sales Director 180,000 – 516,000 $67,100 – $192,400
Architectural Manager 176,400 – 532,800 $65,700 – $198,700
Automotive Branch Manager 144,000 – 411,600 $53,400 – $153,400
Aviation Manager 213,600 – 646,800 $79,600 – $241,200
Bank Regional Manager 218,400 – 660,000 $80,800 – $246,100
Construction Manager 164,400 – 471,600 $61,200 – $175,800
Psychologist 147,600 – 435,600 $54,800 – $162,300
Customer Service Manager 126,000 – 414,000 $46,500 – $154,400


If you’re not completely set on living in Dubai, you may want to check out the best places to live in the UAE to explore your options.

Highest Paying Jobs In Dubai For Canadians

Candians interested in the highest paying jobs in Dubai should apply for positions as surgeons, doctors, judges, lawyers, bank managers, CEOs, CFOs, orthodontists, college professors, pilots, and marketing directors. Expats with these or similar skill sets have the potential to make the big bucks.

Iconic Museum Of The Future, Dubai - Canadian Job Seeker's Perspective

This list comes from Salary Explorer.

Below is a chart with ten of the highest-paid jobs in Dubai for Canadians and expats. Included is the range of their average annual salaries in both AED and CAD.


Profession Title Annual Salary in AED Annual Salary in CAD
Surgeons/Doctors 386,400 – 1,176,000 $144,200 – $438,800
Judges 260,400 – 829,200 $97,100 – $309,350
Lawyers 235,200 – 769,200 $87,800 – $287,000
Bank Managers 192,000 – 644,400 $71,500 – $240,400
Chief Executive Officers 216,000 – 604,800 $80,600 – $225,700
Chief Financial Officers 213,600 – 597,000 $79,600 – $222,700
Orthodontists 186,000 – 594,000 $69,300 – $221,600
College Professors 165,600 – 528,000 $61,600 – $197,000
Pilots 142,800 – 480,000 $53,300 – $179,100
Marketing Directors 138,000 – 416,400 $51,400 – $155,300


If you’d like to see how the average cost of living in Dubai compares to the average in Canada, read our blog post that breaks it down. You can also read our tips about moving to Dubai from Canada.


Canadians looking to get hired in Dubai and move there as expats will have the highest potential of getting hired at the beginning of a year; however, they can still be successful at other times in the year.

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We also have a comprehensive guide about moving to Dubai that can fill you in on other topics to consider before you board a flight to the UAE. One such topic may include what happens if you don’t have health insurance in Dubai. There is a law that requires it for all residents, so you’ll want to know what is expected of you.

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Happy job hunting!

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