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Health Insurance In Thailand For Foreigners

International health insurance in Thailand is required to meet Thailand’s health insurance requirements for expats whilst granting access to the area’s best medical treatments at private facilities. With that, you can rest assured that you are protected against any unexpected illnesses and injuries.

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Are you planning to move to Thailand or stay for an extended vacation? Are you lost in the myriad of plan choices on the Internet? Do you understand the cost and coverage of international health insurance in Thailand for foreigners? Read on to find out the answers you need in this Pacific Prime article.

Cost Of International Health Insurance In Thailand For Foreigners

Many factors impact the cost of insurance premiums for international health insurance in Thailand, including the length of time for coverage, what levels of care are covered, your desired deductible or excess, and the insurer. Working with a broker, you can compare quotes from multiple companies.

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This is especially important because health insurance is required for expats. Find out more in our article, Thailand Has Mandatory Health Insurance for Expats.

Whether you obtain insurance from a local Thai insurance company or choose a plan from a larger international insurance company, make sure the quotes are accurate for your situation. Further down, you can learn the estimates of insurance for a sample client in Thailand.

Example Of Cost For Thailand Expat Health Insurance

The premiums for a 37-year-old male expat in Thailand range from UDS $1532 to $7462 based on quotes from 11 different insurers and different coverage selections. That’s quite a range! Let’s break down those estimates by coverage.

  • A basic plan that covers inpatient expenses only for the above single male expat in Thailand ranges from USD $1532 to $3071.
  • A plan with inpatient and outpatient coverage for the above single male expat in Thailand ranges from USD $2618 to $6216.
  • A more comprehensive plan with inpatient, outpatient, maternity, and extended benefits for the above single male expat in Thailand ranges from USD $4408 to $7462.

We highly recommend getting a free quote to find a personalized range from selected insurers and coverage options that are optimal for your situation. Below, we’ll explain how to use Pacific Prime’s generator to get personalized quotes from multiple insurance companies.

Using An Insurance Broker To Find Expat Health Insurance In Thailand

An insurance broker is a company that helps clients by partnering with multiple insurance companies to provide options. A broker like Pacific Prime is also able to offer discounts and tailored plans with specific international insurance companies in Thailand.

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Some of the companies offering plans in Thailand include these outstanding insurance companies. They are from around the world with their own offices in Thailand:

Making Selections To Compare Quotes For Health Insurance In Thailand

Following the steps outlined below, you can quickly and effectively compare quotes from multiple insurers for insurance in Thailand. When you work with a broker like Pacific Prime, you can find quotes for individuals, families, or large groups.

If you learn better through video, you can watch Pacific Prime’s tutorial on using the quote generator to compare the costs of plans based on personalized selections.

To get started on comparing insurance plans for Thailand, enter the following basic information:

  1. Select Thailand as the country where you will need coverage. If you are visiting multiple countries, select the primary country where you will need coverage. There are plans available that cover specific regions or worldwide.
  2. Indicate how long you will need the insurance coverage. You can select one year, two years, indefinitely, or travel insurance.
  3. Select the types of coverage you would like. All plans through Pacific Prime cover inpatient expenses, emergency medical evacuation, and emergency repatriation. You will need to indicate whether you would like Maternity, Dental, and/or Outpatient coverage. You may select all types, multiple, or stick with inpatient coverage only.
  4. Select your age and gender to proceed to the quotation tool. The quotation tool with offer additional options for customization.

International Health Insurance Coverage Options In Thailand

All plans through Pacific Prime in Thailand cover inpatient expenses and medical evacuation and emergency repatriation. Additional coverage is available for outpatient, optical, dental, and maternity coverage. Keep in mind that you are financially responsible for anything not covered by insurance.

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Pacific Prime works with clients from around the world seeking insurance and with health insurance companies with worldwide coverage. Here is a snapshot of what each type of coverage/plan option is good for, and additional details can be found in International Health Insurance in Thailand.

  • Optical

Expenses for eye exams, glasses, and/or contacts are usually not covered by health insurance. You can customize your plan to include optical benefits.

Expenses for teeth cleaning, dental exams, root canals, and more are not covered by a standard health insurance plan. You may customize your plan to include dental coverage.

Health Insurance plans abroad do not cover maternity care like prenatal exams and delivery fees unless you have a customized plan with coverage. There is a waiting period, so find out more about maternity coverage specifics.

Note: If you choose to receive treatment in within-network providers, you also enjoy the convenience of direct billing. Direct billing means the facility in Thailand can bill insurance directly. Without it, you will need to pay the medical bill and seek reimbursement from your insurer.

Expat Health Insurance In Thailand With Pre-existing Conditions

Coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions may be limited, but there are a few options worth exploring for expats with health conditions. Coverage for pre-existing conditions may be handled by exclusion, moratorium, coverage with loading, or medical history disregarded.

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We will explain each option in greater depth:

International Health Insurance: Pre-existing Condition Exclusion

If you’re a foreigner looking for health insurance in Thailand with a pre-existing condition, you may be offered a plan that excludes your pre-existing condition. This means that the insurance company will not pay for or reimburse the policyholder for medical bills related to the condition.

International Health Insurance: Pre-existing Condition Moratorium

A moratorium for a pre-existing condition is when the insurance company offers the expat health insurance but excludes and observes the pre-existing condition for a waiting period. The waiting period is usually 24 months, and then the insurance company reviews its decision.

If the condition has not required medical consultation, treatments, or medications, then the insurance company may offer coverage for the pre-existing condition going forward.

International Health Insurance: Pre-existing Condition Coverage

Health insurance may offer coverage for pre-existing conditions with higher premiums. This is called coverage with loading. This option will depend on the insurance company, and not all pre-existing conditions are eligible for this type of coverage.

International Health Insurance: Medical History Disregarded (MHD)

International health insurance plan groups of 20 or more may offer to disregard medical history in the plan, also called Medical History Disregarded (MHD). This means that individuals in the group policy with pre-existing conditions will have coverage of medical expenses related to their condition.

Healthcare In Thailand

Thailand has both public hospitals and private hospitals. Thailand’s private hospitals are popular among medical tourists and expats alike. The doctors offer top-notch care at affordable rates. Their medical care has drawn worldwide attention for its widespread attraction and value.

Thai Market Bustle: Navigating Health Insurance For Expats

If you would like to know more, check out the Best Private Hospitals in Thailand.

Headed to Bangkok? Learn more about health insurance in Bangkok!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does international health insurance cost in Thailand?

The average premium of international health insurance that provides coverage in Thailand is USD $3,594 for individuals and USD $11,683 for families, based on plans most expats secured.

Is healthcare free for expats in Thailand?

Healthcare with free point-of-service is available for expats in Thailand who pay into the Social Security scheme. Other expats will need to secure a private health insurance plan to receive coverage in Thailand.

Can foreigners in Thailand use public hospitals there?

Foreigners may use public hospitals in Thailand. However, the foreigner will be billed for medical care received. Thailand uses a dual-billing system that charges higher amounts to foreigners. 

Is healthcare better in Thailand than in the USA?

Thailand’s private hospitals offer the latest treatments and have well-trained doctors. Out-of-pocket costs for medical procedures in Thailand are also lower, meaning you get more value in Thailand’s private healthcare options. However, your medical insurance may not cover international procedures.

How expensive is healthcare in Thailand?

Healthcare in Thailand is a fraction of the cost in some of the more expensive countries like the United States. Thailand has doctors and hospitals that offer the latest treatments, meaning that healthcare in Thailand has a better value than in many parts of the world.

If you’re married to a Thai woman and live in Thailand, do you qualify for health insurance? 

Expats married to Thai citizens must apply for permanent residency to have benefits like universal healthcare. Spouses of Thai citizens also have access to expedited citizenship in Thailand. 


Enjoy all that Thailand has to offer with the peace of mind that a quality health insurance plan brings for expats. Compare free quotes from top worldwide insurance companies. You’ll be able to compare plans based on coverage and premiums. 

With Pacific Prime, you can customize the coverage options of your Thailand health insurance in many ways and choose from our selection of top insurance partners.

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