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What Documents Are Required For Thailand Visa On Arrival?

Thailand is open to tourists and travelers, all you need is a tourist visa or a visa on arrival (VoA) to enter the country. However, requirements can vary from one country to another regarding which visa you need. In this article, we will look at the documents required to get a visa on arrival in Thailand. 

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The Land of Smiles is one of the most beautiful and welcoming countries in South East Asia for obvious reasons such as delicious food, beautiful islands, and breathtaking scenery. 

The country is also very easy for travelers to visit, it has several international airports, most locals speak and understand English, and you can get a visa on arrival. 

What Do You Need To Get A Visa On Arrival In Thailand?

You will need a valid passport, a photograph, an application form, and a few other documents to get a visa on arrival (VoA) in Thailand. If your home country is one of the 18 countries on Thailand’s VoA list, you can visit the country with supporting documents on arrival. 

Natural Wonder: Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

What A Visa On Arrival Is

A visa on arrival is issued at the port of entry upon your arrival. The authorities will check the required documents and issue a single-entry visa. On the other hand, a tourist visa is issued prior to your trip by the embassy and can be valid up to 5 years.

Visa Waivers In Thailand

Did you know that Thailand also has a visa waiver for about 64 countries? This means that if your home country is one of the approved countries, you don’t even need a VoA to enter Thailand. Check the Thai Embassy list below to see if you qualify for a visa waiver.

  1. Albania
  2. Argentina
  3. Barbados
  4. Bermuda
  5. Brazil
  6. Brunei
  7. Cambodia
  8. Canada
  9. Chile
  10. Cook Islands
  11. Dominica
  12. Dominican Republic
  13. Ecuador
  14. Fiji
  15. Georgia
  16. Haiti
  17. Hong Kong
  18. Indonesia
  19. Japan
  20. Kazakhstan
  21. Laos
  22. Macau
  23. Malaysia
  24. Micronesia
  25. Mongolia
  26. Myanmar
  27. Nauru
  28. Niue
  29. Oman
  30. Pakistan
  31. Panama
  32. Peru
  33. Philippines
  34. Qatar
  35. Russia
  36. Senegal
  37. Singapore
  38. South Africa
  39. South Korea
  40. Sri Lanka
  41. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  42. Suriname
  43. Taiwan
  44. Tajikistan
  45. Türkiye
  46. Vanuatu
  47. Vietnam

Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at those countries that need visas on arrival for Thailand and the required documents. 

Countries Eligible For Visa On Arrival In Thailand 

Relaxing Oasis: Thai Pool In Krabi, Thailand

If you are from any of the following countries then you are eligible to get a visa on arrival to visit Thailand. So, before you pack your bags, check to see if your home country falls in the following Visa on Arrival List from Thailand which includes but isn’t limited to Bulgaria, Bhutan, China, and Cyprus.

  • Bulgaria 
  • Bhutan 
  • China
  • Cyprus
  • Ethiopia
  • Fiji
  • Georgia 
  • India 
  • Kazakhstan 
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Nauru 
  • Mauritius 
  • Papua New Guinea 
  • Romania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Taiwan 
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vanuatu 

Documents Required For Visa On Arrival In Thailand

A valid passport, proof of travel back to your home country, and more are required for receiving a visa on arrival to enter Thailand. You can also fill out the application for visa on arrival online. Please visit the immigration bureau website for more details. 

Here is a list of documents you will need to carry with you for applying for a VoA: 

  • A valid passport for at least 6 months 
  • A return ticket 
  • Passport-size photograph (taken within the last 6 months)
  • Proof of accommodation in Thailand 
  • Filled out visa application 
  • Recent bank statements (financial proof)
  • 2000 Bhat in cash to pay for the visa on arrival   

Immigration Checkpoints In Thailand For Visa On Arrival 

Thailand makes it easy for you to travel since there are many checkpoints where you can secure a visa on arrival. You can get it at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Muang International Airport, Bangkok, Chiangmai International Airport, Chiangmai and more

According to the Thai Embassy, here is the final list of immigration checkpoints that are eligible to issue a visa on arrival:

  1. Suvarnabhumi Airport
  2. Don Muang International Airport, Bangkok
  3. Chiangmai International Airport, Chiangmai
  4. Phuket International Airport, Phuket
  5. Hatyai International Airport, Songkhla
  6. U Tapao Airport, Rayong
  7. Mae Sai Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
  8. Chieng Saen Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
  9. Chieng Khong Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
  10. Betong Immigration Checkpoint, Yala
  11. Sadoa Immigration Checkpoint, Songkhla
  12. Samui Airport, Surat Thani
  13. Sukhothai International Airport, Tak Immigration Checkpoint
  14. Bangkok Harbour Immigration Checkpoint, Bangkok
  15. Sri Racha Immigration Checkpoint, Chonburi
  16. Mabtaput Immigration Checkpoint, Rayong
  17. Nong Khai Immigration Checkpoint, Nong Khai
  18. Samui Immigration Checkpoint, Surat Thani
  19. Phuket Immigration Checkpoint, Phuket
  20. Satun Immigration Checkpoint, Satun
  21. Krabi Immigration Checkpoint, Krabi
  22. Songkhla Harbour Immigration Checkpoint, Songkhla
  23. Chiangrai Airport Immigration Checkpoint, Chiangrai
  24. Surat Thani Airport Immigration Checkpoint, Surat Thani

How Do I Get A Visa On Arrival Once I Land In Thailand? 

Once you have all the documents for a visa on arrival, and once you land in Thailand, it is fairly straightforward to get the visa. If you land in Bangkok at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, you will find that there are special counters for securing a visa on arrival. 

Serenity By The Sea: Blissful Moment In Thailand

The larger international airports have application forms, photo booths for passport-sized photos, and money exchange centers. However, the more remote airports may not have these facilities. It is therefore a good idea to collect all the necessary documents before your flight.  

Go to the counter and present your documents and the visa fee to the officer at the counter. The officer will then give you a ticket and all you have to do is wait for your ticket number, collect your passport, and go through customs. 

How Long Does It Take To Get A Thailand Visa On Arrival?

The time it takes to get your visa on arrival depends largely on the airport you use to enter Thailand. For example, Bangkok or Suvarnabhumi International Airport is one of the busiest ports for Visa on Arrival, and it could take anywhere between 20-30 minutes to present your documents. 

However, other ports may have shorter waiting times. So it’s a good idea to be prepared to wait a few minutes for your visa to be approved.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is the on-arrival visa for Thailand in 2023?

The visa on arrival for those traveling from countries eligible for an on-arrival visa is 2,000 THB (58 USD) and an additional service fee of 500 THB (15 USD). There are a number of countries that require a visa to enter Thailand, so check to see if your home country is on the list. 

Is Bangkok open to travel and can I get a visa on Arrival? 

Bangkok is open to travel, and you can get a visa on arrival at the airport. All you need to do is provide all the required documents and pay the visa fee. The visa will be issued based on the purpose of your visit.

How long can I stay in Thailand on a tourist or on-arrival visa?

The permitted length of stay for a non-immigrant or tourist visa is 90 days. However, this may vary from country to country. It’s a good idea to check the immigration status on your passport to confirm the exact length of your stay to ensure you don’t overstay.


Thailand is a great place to visit with its hassle-free visa on-arrival and visa extensions for tourists, delicious food, and vibrant culture. In recent years, the country has become popular with expats for work and retirement. 

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