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Individual Health Insurance

Coverage for all your individual health insurance needs explained in one place.

Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance for Expats

If you’re looking for the best individual health insurance options as an expatriate in a foreign country, then this page is for you. Unexpected medical costs abroad can make a huge impact on your stay away from home. Having individual health insurance is a sure way to receive proper medical care while staying abroad. 

Easily compare the best individual health insurance plans for expats online, or get a free professional plan comparison by talking to one of Pacific Prime’s insurance advisors.

What do the best individual health insurance plans cover?

Individual health insurance plans are highly customizable, and you can tailor your health insurance coverage to include whatever you need. With our plans, you can select from various coverage options including:

Besides having different coverage options to choose from, you can also choose the sum insured and other items in your plan, such as a preferred network of clinics and hospitals you’d like to have access to or geographical coverage: either local or international in nature.

Individual health insurance plan benefits

Besides medical coverage that individual health plans offer, policies secured through Pacific Prime have a set of additional benefits that can be extremely useful in everyday life. The most prominent benefits are: 

Direct billing

Many plans offered through Pacific Prime include direct billing. This means that your insurer will pay your medical costs directly to the hospital at no initial cost to you. You won’t need to worry about paying upfront for any treatments or having to claim back the money with your insurer later on. If you are interested in letting your insurer handle all the bills directly, talk to us about direct billing networks.

Renewable policies

You can get individual international insurance plans that are lifetime renewable, meaning that medical costs continue to be covered by the insurer for your whole life.

Cover for specific activities

Cover for specific activities such as various sports, skydiving, and even bungee jumping will be available under an individual international health insurance plan.

Plans from the top global insurance companies 

Pacific Prime has developed long-standing relationships with several major health insurers, allowing for reduced rates when compared to dealing with the insurer directly.

How much do individual health insurance plans cost?

There are so many variables determining the cost of individual health insurance policies, with the location being one of the main factors. As a leading international insurance broker, Pacific Prime, since 2016, continues to compile pricing data for the average individual premiums in 100 countries to give our clients a sense of what they can expect to pay for their plan.

Please bear in mind that these are estimated averages only, and your individual health insurance plan’s cost will depend on many other factors, including benefits covered, geographical scope, and overall sum insured. You can get a free online quote on our website, or download the Cost of International Health Insurance Report today to learn more.

How do I find the best individual health insurance plan?

The ideal way to find the best individual health insurance is to compare options with an insurance broker such as Pacific Prime. As a leading partner, we help clients compare plans from the top health insurance companies, such as Aetna, Bupa, Allianz, and more.

Our strong relationships with these companies allow us the flexibility of designing plans for our clients, and often negotiating special terms and premiums.

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