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VUMI Travel VIP: The Best Travel Insurance Plans

VUMI is an international health insurance company with an exclusive Travel VIP plan. It gives you the peace of mind that you will be covered no matter where you go. Let us lay out their travel insurance options so you can decide for yourself if VUMI Travel VIP is right for you.

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VUMI operates around the world with products that offer extensive global coverage for expats and digital nomads so you can feel good about having coverage no matter where you go—whether that’s Asia, Europe, or somewhere else entirely.

With 35 years of experience of selling insurance, you can confidently secure the perfect private or corporate plan you need.

Why VUMI Travel VIP is the Best Insurance Company

VUMI Travel VIP is the best provider of travel insurance because they have flexible, customizable plans that can provide coverage no matter where you go across the globe. Their single trip and annual trip options can secure you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your travels.

VUMI’s VIP Services

All VUMI plans come with their unparalleled VIP services. Their distinguished customer service makes every customer feel like a very important person. These treatments include 24/7 emergency assistance, comprehensive travel insurance, and free coverage for children under 2 years old, and more!

All VIP Services Include:

  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • A second medical opinion in annual trip plan
  • Comprehensive travel insurance that ranges from minor treatments to repatriation
  • Compassionate emergency visit to the person insured
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals anywhere in the world
  • Return ticket home in the event you miss your flight because of sickness
  • Free coverage for kids under 2 years old
  • Emergency dental coverage
  • Coverage for people up to 79 years old

VUMI VIP travel insurance

Travel Insurance Plans by VUMI Travel VIP

VUMI Travel VIP offers single trip and annual trip travel insurance plans. Their plans can be customized to add extra benefits, both non-medical and trip cancellation add-ons. Every plan comes with the VIP services provided by VUMI that make every customer a very important person.

Since July 15, 201, VUMI’s Travel Plan has included ex-gratia coverage for COVID-19 infections and variants.

Single Trip:

  • With this plan, you have the power to select the days you are traveling and to get full medical coverage for that one round trip
  • You have easy access to extend your coverage as many times as needed so long as they are consecutive days that do not exceed 365 in total

Annual Trip:

  • This plan grants you full medical coverage for all your travels within a year
  • There is a maximum of 30, 45, or 90 consecutive days on the same trip, depending on your plan
  • For an additional premium, you have the power to easily extend your medical coverage if you exceed your maximum consecutive days limit

You can customize your plan by adding extra benefits for both non-medical riders and trip cancellation riders.

Below is a list of each of the extra benefits you can choose to add to your travel insurance to cover your needs while abroad.

Non-Medical Add-ons:

  • Luggage delay, theft, loss, or damage
  • Travel delays or missed flights
  • Theft of cash or passport
  • Personal liability for bodily injury or property damage
  • Coverage for accidental dismemberment or death
  • Daily benefit for the hospital
  • Legal assistance

Trip Cancellation Add-ons:

  • Get coverage for the event that you must cancel your trip because of serious illness, injuries, or death

For a comprehensive list of benefits, read the Travel VIP Informative Booklet.

How to Apply for a Travel VIP plan

VUMI has made it quick and easy to apply for a Travel VIP plan. All you need to do is follow their simple 3 step process, and then you’re in! First a quote, second apply and pay, and third print your documents. It’s that easy!

  1. Quote: Get a quote for the plan that best meets your needs, and customize your coverage by selecting the optional rider add-ons that you need
  2. Apply and Pay: VUMI has a quick online application that only takes a few minutes to fill out. After that is submitted, you can send in your payment through VUMI’s secure online payment system.
  3. Print Documents: Once that is done, you can print your policy documents and your ID card.

Once that is complete, you are ready to take on the world.

Other VIP Plans offered by VUMI

VUMI offers a plethora of healthcare plans for expats and digital nomads around the world. In addition to their stellar Travel VIP plans, they offer Direct VIP, Prime VIP, Absolute VIP, Access VIP, Senior VIP, and more!

Absolute VIP: This is VUMI’s most innovative and comprehensive health plan

Universal VIP: This plan has the most comprehensive annual coverage of 5 million US dollars

Special VIP: This plan covers all your essential health needs with annual coverage of 3 million US dollars

Access VIP: This is a complementary plan with an annual coverage of 2 million US dollars

Access VIP Plus: This is designed as a complementary plan, similar to Access VIP, with an annual coverage of 2 million US dollars

Optimum VIP: This plan provides protection for specific chronic conditions up to 1 million US dollars annually

Senior VIP: This plan offers extensive lifetime coverage for seniors with 3 million US dollars per person

Direct VIP: This plan grants hospitalization and essential outpatient treatments up to 5 million US dollars annually

Prime VIP: This plan offers a wide range of benefits for lifetime coverage with 5 million US dollars

Alternative Insurance Companies for Travel Insurance

If you would like to compare VUMI’s travel insurance plans with some alternatives, it would be well worth your time to consider the 5 best travel insurance companies. At the top of that list is April International Travel Insurance and IMG Globe Hopper.

  1. April International Travel Insurance
  2. IMG Globe Hopper
  3. Geoblue
  4. MSH International

VUMI VIP travel insurance

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Travel insurance prepares you for the worst, whether that looks like lost luggage, delayed flights, canceled trips, or medical emergencies. You just never know what might happen on your trip, and while you’re right that everything might go smoothly, it also very well might not go smoothly.

That unknown, that gray area, is where travel insurance slips in.

There are plenty of travel insurance customers who have been relieved they had medical coverage for the helicopter flight that carried them to the nearest hospital with phenomenal care. There are others who missed connection flights but were able to find a way home because of their insurance.

When it comes to traveling far away from home, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Here are a few reasons travel insurance is always worth it:

  • If you get in a medical emergency, it can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • If you encounter a medical crisis, it can guarantee you medical evacuation
  • If you have to cancel your trip, it can potentially save you the full cost of your trip
  • If your trip is interrupted, it can cover your airfare and lodging home and the remaining cost of your trip
  • If you lose your luggage, it can cover your clothes, toiletries, and new luggage
  • If your flights are delayed, it can cover your rebooking fees, airfare, lodging, and food
  • If your passport gets lost or stolen, travel insurance can help you get a new one fast!
  • If you get in an accident with a rental car, travel insurance can cover the damage done to your rental

Because you never know what might happen, it is always worth it to protect yourself. It’s not with losing hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

Conclusion: Get your Travel VIP coverage today!

VUMI Travel VIP is an excellent resource to protect yourself and your belongings while you travel. Their single trip and year-long plans can grant you the peace of mind you need so that when the unexpected arrives, you are already prepared to meet it with confidence and coverage.

If you’re ready to protect yourself and your property, get started with VUMI’s Travel VIP Plan or one of the other best travel insurance companies. Their coverage and customizable plans will make a big difference in your international adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of insurance does VUMI provide?

VUMI is an international health insurance company that provides medical insurance plans and travel insurance plans. Their flexible and comprehensive coverage can protect you and your family anywhere in the world, anytime.

What does VUMI stand for?

VUMI is an acronym that means VIP Universal Medical Insurance Group. They are an international health insurance company that provides reliable health coverage around the world.

Is travel insurance and health insurance the same thing?

While travel insurance and health insurance both offer medical coverage, travel insurance that has medical benefits differs because it doesn’t cover preventative care, routine, or elective medical treatments. Instead, it covers emergency treatments, procedures, transportation, and repatriation.

What does travel insurance usually cover?

Travel insurance usually covers such events as travel cancellations, travel delays, lost or stolen luggage, medical emergencies, emergency repatriation, life flights, rental car damage, lost or stolen passports, and lodging and food if transportation is delayed.

What does travel insurance usually not cover?

It is common for travel insurance to have exclusions on certain medical treatments such as routine physicals, routine dental visits, physical therapy, mental health care, losses caused by anxiety or depression, losses caused by self-harm or suicide, and losses caused by war, civil unrest, and riots.

What do I do if a doctor in another country won’t accept my insurance?

Some countries are not familiar with insurance, so if the doctor you see in a foreign country will not accept your travel or health insurance, you may need to pay out of pocket while at their office and then file a claim for reimbursement from your insurance later on.

Does travel insurance cost more the closer to your departure date?

Travel insurance does not become more expensive the longer you wait. You will, however, want to purchase travel insurance as early as possible before your trip begins, because emergencies may not be covered if you purchase your plan after the emergency has already occurred or began.

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