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Pacific Prime releases report on International Private Medical Insurance inflation

Hong Kong – Global insurance broker Pacific Prime has today released their latest annual study, titled: International Private Medical Insurance Inflation – 2018. Analyzing the premiums of International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) products offered by eight global insurers in 10 expat locations, the report delves into the global and country-specific drivers of IPMI inflation from 2009 to 2017.

Chief among the report’s findings is the 2017 global average IPMI inflation rate of 7.0%, which – interestingly – is 2.2 percentage points lower than the 2016 premium inflation rate of 9.2%. In light of this key finding, the primary aim of this year’s report is to discuss why the global IPMI inflation rate has dropped in 2017, and whether this trend will persist in the years to come.

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As with previous iterations of Pacific Prime’s IPMI inflation report, this study highlights the core drivers and emerging trends shaping international health insurance prices. Its analysis of global inflation drivers comprises of longstanding and new core impacts, as well as two emerging trends that have had an impact on premiums in 2017, and most likely the rest of 2018 as well:

Core IPMI inflation drivers Emerging trends to watch
  • New medical technology
  • Increased compliance and regulations (New for 2018)
  • An imbalance of health resources
  • A more favorable economy (New for 2018)
  • Increased compensation
  • Healthcare overutilization
  • Changing population dynamics (New for 2018)
  • The increasing availability and adoption of non-industry-specific technology (New for 2018)

Lastly, Pacific Prime’s latest report also dedicated a section on highlighting average IPMI inflation by insurer. In particular, it was found that Cigna Global had the lowest average premium increase worldwide – an overall negative figure of -2.0% in 2017. The report concludes that the significant decrease in Cigna Global’s inflation figure last year forms a large part of the explanation as to why the global IPMI inflation rate in 2017 fell to an all time low since 2009.

The International Private Medical Insurance Inflation – 2018 report is now available to download for FREE from Pacific Prime’s website. Click here to download the full PDF copy of the study, or access the online version here.

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