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Introducing Pacific Prime’s new International Maternity Insurance Guide

With the mission of simplifying insurance, Pacific Prime is pleased to announce the release of our latest International Maternity Insurance Guide. Drawing upon the in-depth knowledge and over 20 years of experience of our specialists in the industry, this guide spells out all the key information you should know of when securing maternity insurance abroad. Download a FREE copy of our highly-coveted International Maternity Insurance Guide today!

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About our International Maternity Insurance Guide 

Planning to extend the family is a joyous and wonderful time, however, the process might look a bit different when preparing to have a baby abroad. Expat couples, in particular, should be aware of the procedures and costs associated with giving birth outside of their home country, as for most of the expats, those can come as a surprise. 

That’s why insurance advisors at Pacific Prime came up with this informative guide about International Maternity Insurance. In it, you’ll find answers to major concerns and questions expats have when it comes to securing maternity coverage abroad. Our guide explains the five most crucial points people should know about maternity insurance, namely: 

What is maternity insurance?

Maternity insurance is a type of health insurance plan designed to cover the costs associated with receiving maternity medical treatment, such as prenatal doctor’s visits and tests, postnatal care, and the most important one: giving birth. 

Maternity insurance plans available on the market vary greatly, and coverage options, limits, and exclusions may apply. To find out more about what’s usually included in a standard and comprehensive maternity insurance plans, we encourage you to download and read about in our guide.   

What is the waiting period?

One of the most misunderstood aspects of maternity insurance are waiting periods, which describes the time that must pass before one can lodge claims to the insurer. Treatment can only be claimed for upon the expiration of the waiting period, and any claims submitted before the end of the waiting period are not eligible for reimbursement.

Therefore it is a crucial part to understand and be aware of waiting periods for all those seeking maternity insurance abroad, as obtaining maternity coverage is almost impossible for women who are already pregnant. 

What is the cost of giving birth abroad?

Knowing the cost of maternity care in different countries, and even cities, is crucial to selecting a policy with the right benefit limits. Some countries, like Hong Kong, can cost future parents-to-be as much as USD $12,000 – USD $20,000 – depending on the hospital and possible complications. For more information on the costs of maternity care worldwide, download our latest guide or talk to Pacific Prime directly. 

What coverage options to look for in the maternity policy? 

This section of the guide explains the most commonly used maternity insurance terms and the importance of understanding each of them. In the guide, you’ll find the difference between routine maternity, pre-existing C-section and medically necessary C-section, and how insurers consider each of the situations in terms of policy coverage. Besides the ways of delivering a baby, other important terms every parent to be should be aware of is how pregnancy complications and congenital disorders can affect your maternity insurance and more.

What is the difference between local and international policy? 

Besides the geographical coverage, local and international maternity insurance policies differ in so many other aspects including policy benefit limits, choice of doctors and hospitals, direct billing options, and more. 

Download our free International Maternity Insurance Guide today! 

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Contact us today for a maternity insurance plan comparison and quotation, and to get answers to all your insurance questions! 

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