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6 Life Focuses to Improve Your Life in 2024

Stepping into June, nearly half of 2024 has officially passed. Are you still sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? If yes, well done! You are within 25% of the individuals who can continue working towards their goals.

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If not, don’t give up yet! Although failure can lead to what psychologists call “false hope syndrome”, the effect can be mitigated by setting approach-oriented goals that are realistic and specific, and where success can be easily measured.

Physical and mental health, sleep, eating, entertainment, hobbies, work – with all those priorities in life, it is tough to decide what to focus on. Thus, Pacific Prime is here to provide you with 6 aspects in life that you can prioritize and focus on to improve your life and become a better person.

Focus 1: Mind

Our mental wellbeing should always be a priority. Set aside even 10 minutes daily for mindfulness through meditation, journaling, or deep breathing. These practices will help you manage stress and cultivate self-awareness.

If worries or doubts creep in, redirect your thinking by challenging limiting beliefs with empowering affirmations.

Enrich your mind further with fun, stress-relieving activities. For example, paint a picture, solve a crossword puzzle, listen to music – anything inspiring that allows your brain some downtime. Relaxation recharges us to perform at our best and think more positively.

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Sleep is essential to maintaining mental wellness too. You might want to try lucid dreaming, a state of conscious awareness of dreaming while asleep. It is widely used to help manage nightmares, solve problems, and explore creative ideas.

Focus 2: Body

Even when you are at work, stressed and frustrated, don’t shy away from those absent-minded movements such as tapping your foot, jigging your knee, or fiddling your fingers. Doing those fidgets unconsciously throughout the day can burn a surprising amount of calories!

Adding to that, you could even do your walk in reverse. Walking backward has been found to burn more calories, and reduce the strain on the knee joint so it is ideal for people with knee problems.

Moving away from calorie burning, the skin as the largest organ in the body, is no doubt influential to our health. Dry or damaged skin can release biochemicals that contribute to body-wide inflammation and affect other organs, which renders them vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections.

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Getting yearly checkups with your doctor or a holistic check-in can catch any developing health issues early. Make sleep, water intake, and stress management priorities, too. Squeeze time for regular skin care, or at least put on some moisturizer or sunscreen.

Focus 3: Diet

Take an honest look at your nutrition habits. Is there room for healthier choices? Meal planning is a smart way to incorporate more whole foods, especially if grocery shopping alone is overwhelming. Go for balanced meals rich in veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins.

I know it could be hard, but try to move away from junk food like the sodium-heavy french fries in a burger meal or the chocolate cakes enjoyed after a long day of work. They can be as bad for the mind as they can be for your body – causing internal inflammation and triggering depression symptoms.

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Try a new nutrition program – some work wonders when you stick to them. Some examples of nutrition programs are the DASH diet, Flexitarian Diet, Mediterranean Diet, and more.

Focus 4: Fitness

Working out can help burn fat, build muscles, improve your mental health…and so much more! That said, being obsessed with hitting unrealistic fitness goals like hitting the gym two times a day is not going to work. Sticking to the right amount of fitness (1-hour gym session) can be more than enough.

After all, it’s about enjoyment. Focus on fitness activities that you truly enjoy – it could be dancing, running, or even martial arts. As long as it increases your daily amount of exercises or “movement”, it will do the job, slowly. The key is choosing exercise that brings you joy, not dread.

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Setting specific, measurable fitness goals is imperative to keep you motivated to reach your target. Make a plan and try to follow it tightly. Remember to monitor your progress, even a small stride toward your ultimate goal can be the force propelling you forward and become a better person!

Focus 5: Hobbies

Having some idle time for you to relax and space out is surprisingly good for memory and destressing, but are you falling into the traps of having too much time doing nothing and subconsciously finding yourself sucked into ending scrolling of your mobile and electronic devices?

It could be a signal for you to discover new skills and interests to keep your brain younger and nurture creativity to stave off boredom. It could be virtually anything – signing up for painting classes, joining a hiking session, or even writing poetry – as long as it keeps your brain busy and functioning.

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Block out regular slots just to enjoy preferred hobbies, as these meaningful activities refuel your spirit. Going solo is great, you can also choose to connect with like-minded others to keep you motivated too!

Focus 6: Relationships

Spending quality time with friends and those you love improves your physical and mental health. Social connection meets core human needs for companionship and acceptance, which enhances self-esteem, mood, and happiness.

Meanwhile, having friends helps to reduce anxiety by producing the hormone Oxytocin that counters stress responses. Supportive relationships also act as buffers during difficult times or can decide where you change your habits, for better or worse through shared experiences.

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Cultivating real and meaningful connections provides invaluable purpose while reaping immense psychological and physical well-being benefits. Look for chances to connect outside your bubble. Smile at others, strike up conversations in line – simple acts foster togetherness.

A Bonus Tip from Pacific Prime

While these focuses can help you reap maximized benefits from small changes in your life, it is also important to secure health insurance to protect your mental and physical well-being which is out of your control.

No one can predict when illnesses are going to strike. It is recommended to have comprehensive and cost-effective coverage for your health needs, so you get peace of mind knowing you have access to top-notch medical facilities when you need them.

Pacific Prime has over 20 years of experience in offering international and individual health insurance to people from all over the world, empowering them to take charge of their own health and improve their quality of life, to become better persons.

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