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Pacific Prime reviews the BBC report; Citizen Science: Public to join cancer cure hunt

BBC Health News

The BBC just released a fantastic story, confirming that the technology, pharmaceutical and scientific worlds will combine to take on one of the worlds greatest fears, cancer. As we wish everyone to be in good health it is still important that we continue to make strides in the fields of medical research. It is notable to review and watch the world come together in a positive move for public health. Pacific Prime Health Insurance couldn’t be more supportive.

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Read more from the BBC here.

Excerpt from BBC Health:

By harnessing the collective power of citizen scientists we’ll accelerate the discovery of new ways to diagnose and treat cancer much more precisely.”

Researchers, computer programmers and games designers will meet this weekend to find a ways of converting the dense raw data into something more “game-like”.

The chief executive of Cancer Research UK, Dr Harpal Kumar, said: “We’re bringing together the cream of the UK’s technology specialists with our scientists as a collective force to accelerate cures for cancer outside the laboratory.

“This exciting event will provide a channel to help our scientists discover new genetic drivers of cancer that would otherwise take years to identify.”

They aim to have the project up and running by the summer.

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