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Top Six International Insurance in Shanghai

Cigna, Allianz, GeoBlue, and others make up some of the leading international insurance providers for expats in Shanghai. The best international insurance companies in Shanghai will offer expats comprehensive healthcare insurance with customizable benefits. 

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Do you live in Shanghai and want to know more about the top international insurance providers for your region? Would you like to learn about their plan options and benefits? This article from Pacific Prime will share everything you need to know. 

We will explain who the top six international insurance providers are in Shanghai, and share their plan and coverage details. We will also share some of the key factors you should consider when selecting an international insurance plan in China. 

Best Six International Insurance Companies in Shanghai 

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The top six international insurance companies in Shanghai are: 

  • Cigna Global
  • Allianz
  • GeoBlue
  • MSH International
  • NOW Health
  • William Russell 

These international insurance providers offer many different insurance solutions for expats in Shanghai, from health to travel insurance. We will detail more of these six insurance providers and their plans below. 

Cigna Global Insurance in Shanghai

Cigna Global is one of the best international insurance providers in Shanghai due to their extensive network and comprehensive coverage. They offer individual, family, and business healthcare plans with customizable benefits. 

Cigna Global is the largest international health insurance provider on the market, with a worldwide network of 1.5 million hospitals and healthcare professionals. They offer 24/7 customer support to their members, with over 50 languages available. 

Cigna Global International Insurance Plans

Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Close Care are the four core health insurance plans offered by Cigna Global. Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans can be purchased with coverage in the US, or without coverage in the US. Close Care only covers you in your home country and your current country of residence. 

The annual limits for each plan are: 

  • Silver: USD $1,000,000
  • Gold: USD $2,000,000 
  • Platinum: Unlimited
  • Close Care: USD $500,000

Cigna Global International Insurance Coverage

Cigna Global offers varying coverage options and limits across its four plans. Their more comprehensive plans, Gold and Platinum, offer maternity benefits. Every plan except Close Care offers optional outpatient benefits and dental and vision coverage. 

Some of the standard benefits shared across all plans are: 

  • Inpatient Care
  • Cancer Care
  • Mental Health Care
  • Private Hospital Room Coverage
  • Multiple Deductible Options
  • Global Health Assistance

Allianz Insurance in Shanghai

Allianz is one of the best international insurance companies for expats in Shanghai because of its various insurance solutions for individuals, families, and employers. As a leading insurance provider, they offer services in 75 countries and over 50 languages. 

Allianz works with Allianz Jingdong General Insurance Company Ltd., to provide expats in China with its comprehensive international health insurance solutions. 

Allianz International Insurance Plans

Allianz offers three health insurance plans for expats in Shanghai: Diamond Plus, Diamond Prime, and Diamond Care. These plans differ in benefits offered and coverage limits. 

The annual limits for these plans are: 

  • Diamond Plus: USD $2,600,000
  • Diamond Prime: USD $1,300,000
  • Diamond Care: USD $500,000

After choosing your preferred core plan, you will be prompted to choose any optional plans you would like. These optional plans offer additional benefits to further customize coverage. These plans include the Outpatient, Dental, Health and Wellbeing, and Maternity plan.  

After choosing your core plan and any optional plan, you can then choose your preferred geographical area of coverage. The available options are worldwide, worldwide excluding the USA, and Greater China coverage. Greater China includes Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. 

Allianz International Insurance Coverage

Allianz’s core plans vary in coverage, but there are basic benefits that come with every plan. These benefits include fully covered cancer care and other inpatient treatment benefits. 

Some of the standard benefits included in all plans are: 

  • In-patient Care
  • Oncology Services
  • Organ Transplant
  • Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Medical Repatriation
  • Semi-Private Rooms for Hospital Stays (Diamond Care) 
  • Fully Private Rooms for Hospital Stays (Diamond Prime & Plus) 

The optional plans that can be added to the core Diamond plans offer coverage for outpatient, dental, well-being, and maternity services. Not every optional plan can be added to any core plan, as the Dental Plan and Maternity Plan are not available for the Diamond Care plan. 

MSH International in Shanghai 

MSH International is one of the top international insurance providers in Shanghai because of its inclusive coverage, 24/7 expat support, and vast medical network. The medical network spans over one million healthcare providers worldwide. 

MSH International International Insurance Plans

MSH International provides international health insurance through its First’Expat+ plan. This plan comes in four different options: Hospi, Health, Health+, and Health+Child. The most comprehensive of the plan options is the Health+Child. 

Each of these plan options can be customized into different coverage tiers: Quartz, Pearl, Sapphire, and Diamond. Quartz offers the more basic coverage, while Diamond is the most comprehensive.  

The annual limits for these plans are: 

  • Quartz: USD $625,000
  • Pearl: USD $1,250,000
  • Sapphire: USD $2,000,000
  • Diamond: USD $3,750,000

In addition to its international health insurance, MSH International offers its Start’Expat plan. This plan provides short-term travel insurance that includes basic medical service coverage, emergency assistance, and travel insurance benefits to cover things such as lost luggage. 

MSH International Health Insurance Coverage

Each category of the First’Expat+ plan offers different levels of coverage. In the Hospi plan, expats can find basic hospitalization coverage. Meanwhile, the Health+Child plan offers maternity benefits perfect for expats looking to start a family. 

Some of the standard benefits included in all plans are: 

  • Hospital Room coverage
  • Emergency Hospitalization
  • Intensive Care
  • Laboratory Tests, MRI, X-rays, Scans, Tomography
  • Hospitalized Emergency Dental Care
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Care Following Covered Hospitalization
  • Medical Assistance and Evacuation 

William Russell in Shanghai

William Russell is a popular insurance choice for expats in Shanghai due to its international coverage and excellent member support. It provides insurance to members from over 150 countries worldwide.  

William Russell International Insurance Plans 

William Russell offers expats in Shanghai four standard health insurance plans: Bronze, SilverLite, Silver, and Gold. Coverage limits and benefits in these plans vary, with Gold offering the most comprehensive healthcare coverage. 

The annual limits for these plans are: 

  • Bronze: USD $1,500,000 
  • Silver Lite: USD $1,500,000 
  • Silver: USD $2,000,000 
  • Gold: USD $5,000,000 

William Russell International Insurance Coverage

The coverage limits and benefits vary across William Russell’s plans, with Gold offering the most comprehensive care and SilverLite the most basic. Additionally, their Bronze plan does not offer basic dental coverage. 

Some of the standard benefits included in all plans are: 

  • Hospitalization Coverage
  • Inpatient Coverage
  • Outpatient Coverage
  • Emergency Ward Treatment
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Cancer Treatment

William Russell members can choose their preferred zone of geographical coverage for their plans. It is important to note that William Russell does not cover the United States except for short-term optional coverage, which can only cover short-term trips that add up to a total of 45 days. 

GeoBlue International Insurance in Shanghai 

GeoBlue is a leading international insurance provider in Shanghai that offers expats comprehensive coverage and outstanding member support. It is especially popular with expats from the United States, as it offers exclusive benefits for US citizens. 

GeoBlue offers both long-term and short-term insurance solutions for expats abroad. Their travel insurance and international health insurance can cover individuals, groups, families, students, and others. 

GeoBlue International Insurance Plans

GeoBlue offers long-term international health insurance through its Xplorer plans. Xplorer plans come in two categories: Xplorer Essential and Xplorer Premier

Xplorer Essential does not automatically include the USA in its geographical area of coverage like Xplorer Premier. However, an add-on option that includes basic US coverage can be purchased for the Essential plan. 

The annual limits for these plans are: 

  • Xplorer Premier: Unlimited
  • Xplorer Essential (With US Basic Coverage Add-on): USD $1,000,000

GeoBlue also has its Voyager and Trekker plans for expats seeking travel medical insurance coverage. Voyager offers single-trip coverage, whereas Trekker offers multi-trip coverage. 

GeoBlue International Insurance Coverage

GeoBlue’s Xplorer plans offer comprehensive coverage for their members, with extensive inpatient benefits and more. While coverage limits and benefits may vary across the two plans, they share some similar standard benefits. 

Some of the standard benefits included in both the Xplorer plans are:

  • Outpatient Surgery 
  • Diagnostic X-Ray and Lab Work
  • In-Hospital Doctor Visits
  • Inpatient Surgery 
  • Organ/Tissue Transplants
  • Inpatient Medical Emergencies
  • Inpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • Inpatient Drugs Coverage
  • Ambulance Coverage

NOW Health Insurance in Shanghai

Now Health International is one of the best international insurance providers in Shanghai because of its extensive coverage, transparency, and helpful member support. It has a regional service center in Shanghai, which makes it more easily accessible for expats in the city. 

NOW Health International Insurance Plans

Now Health International provides expats in Shanghai the choice of international health insurance coverage through their WorldCare plans. The WorldCare plans were designed to offer members in Shanghai comprehensive and affordable care. 

The WorldCare plans are available in four categories: Essential, Advance, Excel, and Apex. Essential is the most basic of the plan options, with Apex offering the most extensive benefits. 

  • WorldCare Essential: USD $2,500,000
  • WorldCare Advance: USD $3,000,000
  • WorldCare Excel: USD $3,400,000
  • WorldCare Apex: USD $3,800,000

NOW Health International Insurance Coverage

WorldCare offers coverage for inpatient services across all the categories of plans and offers financial support for where you need it most. WorldCare Essential offers the most basic coverage, with the option to add outpatient treatment coverage. 

Some of the standard benefits included across all categories of plans are:

  • In-patient Care
  • Organ Transplant
  • Medical Emergency Evacuation 
  • Repatriation Mortal Remains
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cancer Treatment

Key Factors to Consider For International Insurance in Shanghai 

Expats in Shanghai looking for international insurance should choose providers thoughtfully by reviewing and comparing their coverage options, customer service and member support, reputation, and price.

If you have a job in Shanghai for a Chinese employer, you may qualify for a public health insurance policy. However, public health insurance coverage is limited and will only grant you access to public hospitals, which can lack English-speaking staff.  

With an international health insurance provider, you can help keep your life in Shanghai stress-free. An international insurance plan will grant you access to the best private hospitals in Shanghai, with access to the best equipment, quality of care, and multilingual staff China has to offer. 

If you’d like advice and guidance in selecting a plan, feel free to contact an insurance expert like Pacific Prime. We have years of experience in the industry and can help you understand all the terms and conditions and exclusions in any insurance plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can expats purchase international health insurance while in China? 

Expats can purchase international health insurance in China from providers like Cigna, Allianz, and more. Purchasing an international health policy can help support them during their time in China and grant them access to private healthcare facilities. 

Does Allianz Care offer coverage in China? 

Allianz Care offers international healthcare coverage to expats in China. They offer core health insurance plans, with the ability to customize them with further benefits like dental and outpatient benefits. 


A few of the top six international insurance providers in Shanghai are Now Health International, Cigna, and MSH International. By understanding more about these providers and what they have to offer, you can make an educated decision on your personal insurance policy. 

Are you overwhelmed by all the international insurance options available in Shanghai? Let Pacific Prime make the decision easier for you. We can share quotes from multiple providers with unbiased and free professional advice on which plan would be a better fit for you. 

We are an insurance broker, which means we aren’t tied to one insurance company like an insurance agent. This means we can help you select from a variety of insurance providers and their plans. With over 20 years of experience in the insurance market, we know just how to help. 

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