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Dental Work in Mexico: Affordable & Quality Care

Dental work in Mexico is cheaper due to economic standard differences, living costs, government policies, and competition across dental clinics. This allows both expats and local citizens to get top-quality dental care for a very affordable price in comparison to other countries.

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Are you an expat looking for dental care in Mexico? Are you looking to stay covered while living abroad in Mexico? In this blog post, we will share information on affordable yet high-quality dental work in Mexico to ensure expats get the dental care they’re looking for without breaking the bank.

What Makes Dental Work in Mexico Affordable?

The affordability of dental work in Mexico, which is 75-90% cheaper in comparison to the United States and Canada, can be attributed to favorable government policies, competition between different dental clinics, and economic standard differences and living costs.

Below are explanations of each of the key factors that contribute to the affordability of dental work in Mexico.

Favorable Government Policies in Mexico

Mexico’s favorable government policies and healthcare system structure greatly contribute to the affordability of dental work. Thanks to various regulations, dental education and professional licensing expenses are more accessible. 

This culminates in reduced dental education debts for dentists and lowered service charges, making dental work in Mexico affordable for expats and local citizens. 

Competition Between Dental Clinics

The strong competition between various dental clinics in Mexico, particularly those in regions near the United States border, leads to more competitive pricing as clinics strive to attract international patients through high-quality services at lower costs.

Economic Standard Differences and Living Costs in Mexico 

Dental work in Mexico is cheaper than in other countries due to the stark contrast in economic standards and living costs, which allows clinics in Mexico to operate with lower salaries, rent, and utility fees, which translates to lower prices for patients without compromising quality.

The Cost of Dental Work in Mexico

Image of Smart View Pad for Dentists: Modern Patient Communication Tool with text overlay of "The Cost of Dental Work"

The cost of dental work in Mexico is 75-90% cheaper when compared to the United States and Canada. 

For instance, all-on-4 dental implants per jaw will cost you only around USD $6,000 (or approximately 99,899.34 Mexican Pesos). Meanwhile, the same procedure could cost up to USD $24,000 in the United States.

Below are some dental procedure cost comparisons between the United States and Mexico as well as the corresponding saving percentages.


Cost in the US

Cost in Mexico

Saving Percentage

Laser teeth whitening USD $1,500 USD $59 (approximately 982.34 Mexican Pesos) 95%
Simple tooth extraction USD $300 USD $40 (approximately 666 Mexican Pesos) 87%
Titanium implant USD $5,000 USD $650 (approximately 10,822 Mexican Pesos) 87%
Porcelain crowns USD $1,800 USD $300 (approximately 4,994 Mexican Pesos) 84%
Zirconium implants USD $6,000 USD $1,261 (approximately 20,995 Mexican Pesos) 79%

When comparing dental work costs in Mexico, it’s crucial to compare how much those same procedures would cost in your home country. That way, you can compare the saving percentage between your local rates and the Mexican rates more accurately to see if it’s worth your time and money. 

Many dentists in Mexico also post prices on websites so you can have a look and compare rates with those of your home country. If not, you can call them by phone and you should be able to get price rates. 

Searching for Dentists in Mexico

To search for a dentist in Mexico, the first thing you’ll have to do is conduct your own research on the following qualities:

  • The dentist’s qualification and accreditation
  • The dentist’s previous work and testimonials
  • The clinic
  • The procedure you need
  • Treatment package inclusions and exclusions

You can also consult friends and family members for recommendations to help with your decision-making process. 

Dentist Appointments in Mexico

Dentists in Mexico are also easier to get an appointment with because of longer work hours. For instance, Mexican dentists work from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. The more convenient appointment allows you to get more serious, urgent dental complications treated.

Dental Safety for Expats in Mexico 

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for expats seeking dental care in Mexico, particularly if oral surgery is involved. This is because oral surgery has a high risk of infection no matter the clinic or the dentist’s skills. 

However, some basic precautions you can take to help minimize the risks in addition to doing your research on the dentist and the clinic is to make sure the dentist and any nurses follow basic hygiene practices such as wearing face masks and gloves. 

Key Destinations for Dental Work in Mexico

Image of Dental Chair In Mexican Dental Hospital with text overlay of "Key Destinations for Dental Work"

Some of the most notable destinations for dental work in Mexico include cities like Los Algodones, Cancun, and Tijuana. Below are brief descriptions of each of the three notable dental treatment destinations in Mexico.

Los Algodones

Also known as the “Molar City” due to hundreds of dentists catering to Americans seeking affordable dental care, Los Algodones is one of the most convenient places in Mexico for expats to seek dental care. 

Dental implants in Los Algodones are much cheaper than north of the border, which is one reason why Los Algodones is a favorite dental care destination among expats. To get there, expats can simply drive across the border or fly into San Diego or Phoenix and continue south from there.

For a guide to dentists in Los Algodones, click here


Cancun is not only a great destination to save money on dental work in Mexico but is also a great place to enjoy the beaches, five-star hotels, and nightlife. 

One of the best dental clinics here in Cancun is Cancun Dental Design, which offers a wide range of dental procedures from teeth restoration and whitening to dentures and veneers. 

For a guide to dentists in Cancun, click here


Outside of the city’s reputation as a party destination, Tijuana’s dentists are some of the best in Mexico due to offering prices equally as low as the other border towns like Los Algodones. 

Located merely 5 minutes over the American-Mexican border in California, one of the best dental clinics in Tijuana is Dr. Dalia Dental Care thanks to the dentists being members of the American Dental Association and delivering top-notch dental care for international patients for over thirty years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is dental care cheaper in Mexico than in the US or Canada?

Dental care is cheaper in Mexico because of lower living costs and operational expenses, favorable government policies, and competition between different dental clinics. These factors allow clinics to offer services at much lower prices than in other countries without compromising quality.

How much does a full-mouth teeth restoration cost in Mexico?

Depending on your dental condition, the average cost of a full-mouth teeth restoration in Cancun, Mexico will range from USD $5,000-$25,000 (approximately 83,292.75-416,463.75 Mexican Pesos). 

How to pay for dental work in Mexico if I don’t have cash?

If you do not have sufficient cash, you will be happy to know that most Mexican dentists will accept payment by credit card. 

Why do Americans go to Mexico for dental work?

Americans head to Mexico for dental work because of inexpensive treatment as dental problems are both expensive and very difficult to treat in the United States.

Is cosmetic dentistry cheaper in Mexico?

Cosmetic dentistry is cheaper in Mexico in comparison to the United States. For instance, a crown may cost around USD $1,250 but only USD $450 in Mexico (approximately 7,668.77 Mexican Pesos). However, please do keep in mind that prices may vary between dental clinics. 


Thanks to various factors such as favorable government policies and more, you can get top-quality dental treatment in Mexico for how little you pay in comparison to what you would pay back in the United States or in Canada. 

By doing your research on the dentists, based on qualifications, as well as the clinics, you will then be able to select the right dentist and clinic for the dental treatment you need ranging from general cleanings to fillings and more serious cases like root canal or teeth restoration in no time.

As a leading international health insurance broker, Pacific Prime has over 20 years of experience in helping match both expats and local citizens to a health insurance plan that matches both their budget range and unique healthcare needs.

Whether you’re an expat in Mexico or a local citizen seeking dental care, our team of specialists will be more than happy to help you out. And if you have any further questions, please get in touch with us or get a free quote here

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