The Adrenal Fatigue Diet Demystified


Adrenal Fatigue: The Facts

Adrenal fatigue is a collection of symptoms that result from an underperforming adrenal gland. Of these symptoms, the most prevalent one is fatigue that will not go away, even with extra sleep. As may be expected, adrenal fatigue can be hard to diagnose and pinpoint because the sufferer may not feel like she has a specific illness. Severity can range from a general feeling of being tired and unwell to more extreme cases where the sufferer may hardly be able to get out of bed. The less the adrenal gland performs its proper role, the more the rest of the body is negatively affected. Continue Reading…

Five Ways to Enjoy Your Life More


Happiness is an art. It takes focused attention and strong determination. It hardly ever happens by accident. We all know someone who just radiates joy and love, seemingly by nature. What you probably don’t know is that that person is choosing to be happy every single day, to wake with a smile every day and to share that joy with others.

This isn’t something you’re born with. You can cultivate happiness and joy of living simply by putting a few good habits into practice. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself singing in the shower, smiling in line at the coffee shop and waving down total strangers just because you like the colour of their sweater. Continue Reading…

Beauty Treatments Gone Bad

eye lash tinting

Beauty treatments are always evolving, whether alongside progressing science or just with trends, hemlines and hairstyles. Now more than ever it’s easy to find out about new treatments almost anywhere – through online medical journal, blogs or social networking websites, in magazines, and on TV.  With all these sources, it can be confusing trying to separate the safe and legitimate treatments from those that are hyped up, ineffective and dangerous.  And it seems that every year, there are even crazier and more absurd treatments that celebrities are trying out to look younger and better. Here, we’ll raise the red flag on what beauty treatments to avoid, or at least research seriously before trying. Continue Reading…

Yerba Mate: Friend or Enemy?

yerba mate


Yerba mate tea, like most teas, is known for its health benefits. Teas are generally chock full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, along with being low or no calorie beverages, which is much better than most drinks people choose throughout their day. But studies have shown some surprising links between disease and yerba mate tea in particular. Knowing all the facts about yerba mate tea, like most anything with potential dangers to one’s health, is the best way to be as informed and healthy as possible. Continue Reading…

Has Britney Spears got it right? Yoga and Anxiety


Everyone gets anxious. Even Britney Spears, who probably has 10 assistants at her beck and call. Stress and anxiety have reached epidemic proportions all over the world.  In the U.S., about 18 percent of adults suffer from medically diagnosed anxiety. Imagine how many others suffer in silence? Studies show about 44 percent percent of us suffer from one form of stress or another.

Continue Reading…

The Lesser Known Health Risks of Eating Fast Food


Anyone who’s ever googled “fast food + germs” has probably never eaten fast food again. (Tip: If you haven’t done this already, it’s recommended you avoid Google Images. You will regret it.) The internet is full of devastating information about the fast food industry. No large chain is exempt. The information is horrific and disgusting – and that’s before we consider the fat, sugar and salt content in the foods available at these “restaurants.”

It’s not as though consumers aren’t aware. Despite efforts of the media to enlighten consumers on the danger of consuming these foods (the same media outlets that sell advertising to the very chains their news programs publicly condemn), people continue to eat them. Why? Continue Reading…

Backpacking America – Part 3, The West Coast

Pacific Prime Health Insurance California

The West Coast

A Guide to Backpacking the American West

The West Coast is a logical place to kick off an epic American adventure for a few reasons. Firstly, most backpackers or overseas road trippers will arrive at an international airport, and Los Angeles has a very big one. Secondly, many people coming to the Lower 48 for a road trip may want to buy a decent used car for the journey, and there are loads of cheap used cars to choose from in Southern California. Continue Reading…

Thirsty Thursday? Think again….

Pacific Prime Insurance Alcohol

Alcohol: Benefits and Risks

Alcohol is a tough one for a lot of people. One or two can help to lighten your mood or add some grease to an awkward social situation, while three or four can put you out of commission for a full twenty-four hours.

Moderation is key, to be sure. Knowing your personal limit and sticking to it is a challenge many of us struggle with. Used properly, alcohol can have a myriad of health benefits. Abuse it regularly and you put your body at great risk for a host of unpleasant maladies.

It helps to be aware of the facts and understand how to use alcohol to your greatest advantage. Continue Reading…

Backpacking South America Part 1

Macchu Picchu

South America is an awe-inspiring continent that is a haven for backpackers. Boasting wonderful scenery, diverse cultures and landscapes, friendly people and delightful cuisines, South America has everything and more a backpacker could want. A well established road and rail transport network makes inter-country travel easy and relatively inexpensive, so in part one, we focus on the top five must see South American destinations that are both cheap and easy to get to.

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Top Tips on Backpacking in Southeast Asia

Longtail boats in Thailand

“We don’t go anywhere. Going somewhere is for squares. We just go!” – Marlon Brando (in The Wild One)

Whether you’ve recently emerged into adulthood after the long years of education and are contemplating a ‘gap year’, or you’re simply at a crossroads further down the road in life and needing something of a sabbatical, the idea of backpacking may start to appeal. Throw ‘Southeast Asia’ into the equation and you’re probably already dreaming of lush, green forests, idyllic powdery sand beaches, chaotic, odorous cities and smiling, laid-back locals. Oh, and just a smidgen of partying along the way, perhaps? Continue Reading…