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Pacific Prime’s latest video provides 5 tips for buying family health insurance

Picking the right family health insurance plan can be a daunting task, especially if you have no knowledge or experience when it comes to buying one. Of course, getting started is the hardest part – you have to determine which insurance company is trustworthy and then attempt to navigate their products and services, which may not even deliver the needs you and your family seek.

Fortunately, Pacific Prime, a global insurance broker with over 20 years of experience in the insurance market, can provide you with reliable service and attention. Our experts are ready to assist you in your search for the right family insurance plan.

With that said, here’s a video listing 5 tips for buying family health insurance from our experts. Check out the link below:

5 tips for buying family health insurance

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Pacific Prime’s video provides 5 tips for buying family health insurance. Here’s what they are:

1. Identify your insurance needs

Before you even begin looking for a plan, you really need to think carefully about what you want as benefits on your plan. Different families will have different needs. For example, a family with two young children may require outpatient cover for their frequent visits to the pediatrician. The health plan should provide the necessary cover and should also be cost-effective.

2. Save money when choosing your family health plan

Saving money is often the first thought that comes to mind for many families. This is often possible when buying family health insurance, as there are a lot of variables that can be adjusted and requested to make a plan more affordable. We would encourage you to ask an advisor for the options available.

3. Look out for plan limitations and exclusions

A health plan, like all other types of insurance plans, will come with terms of conditions, that you as the policyholder will have to read and fully understand. These terms and conditions form the basis of the cover and any concerns should be raised with an advisor before deciding to go with the plan.

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4. Ensure your family plan covers the whole family in the right places

If you frequently travel abroad with your family, then make sure you choose an international plan that covers the whole family. This can save you the trouble of making out-of-pocket payments and leaving you in trouble abroad.

5. Speak to a family insurance advisor at Pacific Prime

Pacific Prime is an award-winning broker for expatriate health insurance and private family medical cover. Our experienced insurance advisors can answer all your questions, provide plan comparisons, and give you a free quote in 28+ languages.

For a visual presentation of the above tips, watch the video and contact our team of experts to find out more today.

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