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Why Dating a Vampire Could Be Hazardous to Your Health

In recent years, the popularity of vampires has risen due to the release of TV shows such as True Blood and the famous film series, Twilight. With modern day heroines like Bella Swan and Sooki Stackhouse, dating a vampire can seem an enticing option. It’s not difficult to see the appeal with good-looking vampires portrayed in media as mysterious and attractive. As tempting as they may seem, there are actually a lot of risks to human health in being around vampires, let alone dating one. Vampires may look like humans, but they are very different creatures in comparison and the danger they pose to human health can be astronomical. Not only are there physical health hazards, there are also mental health risks too.

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First things first, they do not sleep. From a human point of view, vampires are technically dead because their hearts do not beat, which means their body does not necessarily need rest. If you are dating a vampire, you will see that they have a never-ending amount of energy. Humans on the other hand need rest to re-charge their bodies and there’s only so long humans can go without sleep. Not only are there physical problems with lack of sleep, but it can affect mental health too. If you’re tired all the time and are grumpy due to being deprived of sleep, is this a good basis for a healthy relationship?

If you are dating a vampire, then consider his or her family as a health risk. Family is important, whether you’re human or a vampire. However, what happens if you’re dating a vampire and don’t get along with the family? Your scent could potentially leave a sweeter taste in a family members mouth, and that’s not a good thing! Not getting along with your other half’s family can affect mental health too. There are knock-on affects such as anxiety, which means less sleep. It’s also not healthy for a relationship if one partner does not get along with the others family.

The major health hazards in dating a vampire are predominantly physical. One of the smaller dangers to human health is that vampires are cold to the touch. It may seem a small danger, but could have huge consequences as this could lead to hypothermia due to the fact that you are constantly in contact or near something which is cold, and hypothermia sets in when the body starts to lose more heat than it can generate. There are a number of signs of hypothermia, such as shivering, increased heart rate and breathing, as well as skin turning blue. If any of these health problems arise, you may want to seriously re-consider dating a vampire!

Strength of vampires can be a huge issue if you’re a human. Older vampires are more powerful, but that doesn’t mean that younger ones aren’t. Younger vampires have more trouble controlling themselves, so if you’re dating a young vampire, be careful when getting close to them as their reflexes could backfire. There are a range of possible concerns relating to vampire strength when around a vampire. They could hug you too tight and crush your bones. Even picking you up or grabbing your arm could result in a trip to the emergency room. Human bones are strong, but to vampires, they could be snapped in half with little effort.

Another physical health hazard when dating a vampire (and one of the most important hazards to watch out for) is scent and smell. Vampires can smell human blood and the scent is so attractive to them, they have to resist the urge not to bite a human on the spot! Obviously, control comes with age, but cravings can be so powerful that it can lead to accidents. By accidents, we mean death! In order to maintain a healthy relationship with a vampire, you may want to date an older one who has more control with cravings. Attractive scent and smell is something a human can never get rid of, unless they turn into a vampire themselves, so be careful when getting close to a young vampire as it could lead to death.

Finally, we have reached the most important health hazard when dating a vampire. It is of course in the bite and can result in either lethal infection, death, or a painful transformation. Some vampires will bite humans and drink their blood, others will only bite, but the consequence is another vampire walking the earth. Open wounds on humans if left untreated can cause severe infection. Once an infection spreads to the bloodstream and is carried around the whole body, the risk of death is much higher. If your vampire partner loses control and decides that you look like a tasty meal, you’re pretty much a goner. Without blood, humans simply cannot live.

Transformation is a very painful process as well and can feel as if you are on fire, or at best, like death. The venom in their saliva can burn human cells. Once that venom gets into a human’s bloodstream, their health is going to deteriorate at a significant rate. After enduring severe pain for about a week, transformation is complete, but vampires do not wish this pain on their worst enemies. There are evidently a lot of risks to consider when dating a vampire, both physical and mental. If you don’t want to die or endure a painful transformation, then maybe you should steer clear of vampires altogether!

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