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List of Hospitals in Yemen

List of doctors and hospitals in Yemen which may be of assistance to visitors and expatriates. Apply today for international health insurance cover.

In the event whilst in the country that you are seriously injured, maimed or otherwise require medical treatment, Yemen healthcare can provide a range of healthcare facilities. To make you feel more comfortable whilst in Yemen we have provided a list of hospitals in Yemen. This list of hospitals is for reference only and the information may change without notice.




Al Jomhury Hospital
Al Mahweet
Telephone: 07- 404-487

Al Saber Hospital
Al Manssora P.O. Box 14055
YE Aden
Phone +967 2 347 400
Fax +967 2 347 366

Al-Salaam Hospital
Jamal St.
Telephone: 03-252-691
Telephone: 03-239-269

Al Salaam Hospital
Telephone: 07-512-785/8

Al-Thawra Hospital
Al-Khoulan St.
Near Bab Al Yemen
Telephone: 01-246-966/ 246-983

Al-Thawrah Hospital
Telephone: 04-224-332

Army Hospital
Telephone: 06-302-297

Hadhramout Hospital
Telephone: 05-303-501

Military Hospital
Bab Shaoub Area
Telephone: 01-222-513/4

Modern German Hospital
Address: Taiz road
Telephone: 608-888

Sweden Hospital
Telephone: 04-216-218

Yemen-German Hospital
Hadda Road Near 60-Meter Road
YE Sana′a

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