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List of Hospitals in Papua New Guinea

List of English speaking doctors and hospitals in Papua New Guinea which may help visitors and expatriates. Apply today for international health insurance.

Knowing where to go should you suffer a serious accident or illness is extremely important when traveling overseas. To help you be better prepared, we have assembled a list of hospitals in Papua New Guinea that are some of the highest quality medical facilities available in the country.

It should be noted that the state of healthcare in Papua New Guinea is generally poor and most medical facilities are incapable of providing extended medical services over and above basic emergency care. It is recommended that you consult a government representative upon arriving in Papua New Guinea to make sure that you are acquainted with the best medical centers available.

Pacific International Hospital
Stpores Road
Four Mile
Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea
Tel: + 675 323 440
Fax: + 675 323 460

Port Moresby General Hospital
Taurama Road
Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea
Tel: + 675 324 8200
Fax: + 675 325 0342

Sopas Adventist Hospital
PO Box 112,
Wabag, Enga Province,
Fax: +675 54 71231.

Wewak General Hospital
PO Box 395,
Wewak, East Sepik Province

If you need more information about Medical Facilities and Hospitals in Papua New Guinea, International Medical Insurance, or to receive a free Papua New Guinea medical insurance quote, please contact one of our expert advisers today.

For more information about Papua New Guinea, the international health insurance plans we offer in the country, or want a free quote, please contact one of our expert advisers today.

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