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Charity & Scholarships

Pacific Prime believes in giving back to the community. We do this through partnerships with carefully chosen charities and a diverse scholarship program.

Along with matching our clients with insurance and employee benefits solutions, Pacific Prime takes part in charitable activities and events throughout the year. We are especially passionate about education, and strongly believe that every child deserves an equal chance at learning. We put these core beliefs into action through ongoing partnerships with several non-profit organizations, and by offering yearly scholarship programs.

“World change starts with educated children.”
- Room to Read

Pacific Prime has been a strong supporter of Room to Read for over a decade. The non-profit organization believes in educating children and eliminating illiteracy and gender inequality, which Pacific Prime and our employees firmly stand by as well. Since it started in 2000, Room to Read has offered support and services to over 28 million children, with over 37,000 schools added to their literacy program partnership and counting.

Our ongoing partnership with Room to Read has allowed us to support literacy programs to improve learning in classrooms in India and Cambodia, along with the construction of 11 schools in India, Laos, Nepal, and Sri Lanka over the past 10+ years. Over 2,000 children now have modern school facilities and books to support their education.

Year School Name Village/City Country
2020 Chhouk Primary School Serei Sophoan Cambodia
2019 Government Primary School Tumdilewa India
2018 Phonsavanh Complete Primary School Vientiane Laos
2017 Vernkham Complete Primary School Vernkham Laos
2015 Mulloya Tamil Vidyalaya Hanguranketha Sri Lanka
2015 Ranawa Viduhala Ranawa, Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
2015 Narangallegama Viduhala Wedenigama, Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
2014 Shree Suryamati Higher Secondary School Madanpur Nepal
2013 Kammandaluwa Bilingual Kanishta Vidyalaya Kammandaluwa Sri Lanka
2011 Phonsavanh Complete Primary School Ban Phonsavanh Laos
2010 Namark Complete Primary School Namark Laos

If you would like to support Room to Read, you can make a donation that goes straight towards funding their projects in developing communities around the world.

Pacific Prime Scholarship Program

Pacific Prime believes in giving back to the community, especially when it comes to education. Since 2013, our Pacific Prime Scholarship Program offers USD $1,000 bursaries to talented students from around the world to help alleviate their education costs and reach their educational goals. Every year, our Scholarship Program rewards exceptional students who are undertaking their secondary school, undergraduate, and postgraduate studies.

Nov 2022

Supported one lucky and talented student with a USD $1,000 bursary

Our Scholarship Program 2022 was an essay-based one on the topic of “The importance of good mental health in academia.” As a particularly timely topic given the mental toll that the COVID-19 pandemic had on students, we received many quality essay submissions from all corners of the globe. After careful consideration by our panel of judges, we were unanimously impressed by Folorunso Julius Falana’s essay and decided to award him with the USD $1,000 bursary. He’s an undergraduate nursing student at the University of Kyrenia in the Republic of Cyprus who provided real-world case studies and referenced authoritative sources in his writing.

June 2022

Brought smiles to the faces of kids in Brgy Babag, Pung-Ol Sibugay - a mountainous region in Cebu

‘Project Smile’ was supposed to be our Christmas outreach program, donating essential and nice-to-have items to kids in need. While the project was delayed multiple times due to Typhoon Odette and COVID-19-related challenges, our team persisted and finally brought it to life on Saturday June 4th 2022. Part of the donation came from our Dubai office, amongst other regions in the world, and we received a total of Php 40,000. With these funds, 8 team members from Pacific Prime Cebu made the trek to Brgy Babag, Pung-Ol Sibugay to hand deliver school supplies, hygiene kits, lunch, prizes for games, and a loot bag filled with candies to 50 students (above our initial target of 30), as well as donuts (courtesy of Dunkin Donuts). Thank you to all who made this initiative possible!

Apr 2022

Joined City Mental Health Alliance Hong Kong (CMHA HK)

As an avid supporter of mentally healthy workplaces, Pacific Prime proudly became a member of the City Mental Health Alliance in Hong Kong in 2022. The not-for-profit organization believes that protecting, supporting, and fostering positive mental health in the workplace can help create an environment where employees can thrive - a vision that Pacific Prime wholeheartedly stands by.

Oct 2019

Made yarn wigs to empower children with cancer

Yarn wigs are cozy, warm, and comfy, making them suitable for children going through chemotherapy, whose scalps are too sensitive for traditional wigs. To help these children through what could be the toughest time in their lives, Pacific Prime Dubai partnered with Companies for Good and The Mawada Project to make 50 yarn wigs for children with cancer. Read more.

Nov 2013

November 2013 - Raised money for Movember

In November 2013, Pacific Prime raised over HKD $16,300 for the Movember charity campaign when we decided to get all of our offices involved in Movember. Our team of participants collectively raised HKD $8,150, which the company matched in donations towards the goal of “changing the face of men’s health”.

Oct 2013

Sponsored Shanghai Mamas’ 7th Annual Party

Pacific Prime Shanghai was a proud sponsor for the 7th annual Shanghai Mamas event. Shanghai Mamas is an organization created to help join families together in Shanghai. They’ve managed to create a valuable community for parents and children in Shanghai, and their annual event included live music, raffles, games, and more.


Partnered with Room to Read

Over a decade ago, we started supporting Room to Read’s goal of eliminating illiteracy and gender equality by funding literacy programs in schools across developing countries. Our contributions continue to fund new school libraries, provide library management training, and deliver literacy instruction training for teachers.

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