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Charity & Scholarships

Pacific Prime believes in giving back to the community. We do this through partnerships with carefully chosen charities and a diverse scholarship program.

We believe improving and promoting health and education is essential to building a better world. We put these beliefs into action through charity and scholarships.

Pacific Prime Scholarships

Pacific Prime believes in giving back to the community, especially when it comes to education. 

schol1 schol2 schol3

We have an ongoing program of scholarships and have just announced our 2018 winners. Find out more about our latest scholarship program here.

Room to Read Charity

For the past few years, we’ve partnered with Room to Read to build schools in developing countries such as Laos and Sri Lanka. To date, we’ve built 8 schools and we want to continue giving children an education! See the schools here:

Our first school in Namark, Laos.
Our second school in Phonsavanh, Laos.
Our third school in Kammandaluwa, Sri Lanka. 

Read about how we helped build 8 schools in Laos, Sri Lanka, and Nepal here.

To help invest in children's education, visit today.

Room to Read is a global organization which focuses on improving the standards of literacy and improving gender equality in education in the developing world. The ultimate purpose is to transform communities through education. Learn more at and for more information on charities, visit Charity 2013.

Movember 2013

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Working so closely with clients, we understand that health has a huge impact on lives, especially when families are affected by a deadly disease. This is why in 2013 we decided to get all of our offices involved in Movember. 

Shanghai Mama's 7th Annual Party

shanghai mamas 2 shanghai mamas 3

Pacific Prime Shanghai was a proud sponsor for the 7th annual Shanghai Mamas event. Shanghai Mamas is an organization created to help join families together in Shanghai. They’ve managed to create a valuable community to parents and children in Shanghai and their annual event included live music, raffles, games and more.

Shanghai American School Fall Carnival 

shanghai american school 1 shanghai american school 2 shanghai american school 3

We know the importance of education, which is why we decided to become a ruby sponsor for the Shanghai American School’s Fall Carnival. This was a huge event located on the SAS Pudong Campus with over 1,500 SAS families and friends attending.

Health Check-ups at Fortune Kindergarten, Shanghai

checkups1 checkups2 checkups3

In cooperation with Delta West Clinic in Shanghai, the Pacific Prime Shanghai office organized a free Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) health check-up to all 130 children who attend Fortune Kindergarten. The Shanghai Delta West Clinic is a 24hr comprehensive clinic that is located in the Gubei business district. The Check-up was conducted by Dr. Magdalena Nesek, who specializes in ear, nose and throat disorders


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