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What is the non medical coverage on the IHI BUPA Travel plan

What is the non medical coverage on the IHI BUPA Travel plan

What is the "non-medical" supplement on the IHI-BUPA Travel policy? I checked this item and it doubled my premium.

The Non-Medical supplement on the IHI-BUPA Travel policy is designed to extend the coverage of the plan outside healthcare and provide “umbrella” coverage to the policyholder. This supplemental coverage benefit is optional, and does not have to be included in the plan unless the applicant has indicated otherwise.

The IHI-BUPA Travel insurance policy offered by Pacific Prime is designed to provide short term medical coverage to individuals traveling outside their home country. This plan can be purchased for trips of 1 day to 12 months in duration, and will afford comprehensive healthcare protection to the policyholder.

The IHI-BUPA Travel insurance plan will include, as standard coverage, the following benefits:

·Unlimited Maximum Benefits per person per trip

·100 percent coverage of the cost of in-patient treatment

·100 percent coverage of the cost of out-patient treatment

·100 percent coverage of the cost of prescribed medicines

·100 percent coverage of the cost of emergency evacuation

These benefits are provided as part of the policy’s medical coverage and are contained in the plan’s “core benefits.”

In the event that you feel further protection is needed for your trip overseas you can also obtain supplemental coverage under the plan for non-medical benefits. A non-medical coverage option will provide:

·Personal Accident Coverage

·Baggage Coverage in the event of theft, loss or damage.

·Baggage delay coverage

·Coverage for theft or loss of travel documents and/or cash

·Coverage for personal liability property and personal injury damage

·Coverage for delayed flights

·Coverage for security and legal assistance in the event of an emergency.

Additionally, you are also able to include a Trip Cancellation option under the plan’s coverage which will cover you in the event that you are unable to travel in the event of acute illness, injury, or death.

The premium for an IHI-BUPA travel insurance plan is calculated based on the applicants age and the total length of the trip. Under the medical only coverage, each insured person on the plan will pay a basic premium plus a per day premium for the total duration of the intended journey.

If you elect to include the Non-Medical supplemental coverage under the policy, you will have to pay a small additional fee for each day you travel of US$ 3.55. Adding a Trip Cancellation coverage option will also incur an additional fee of US$ 2.90 per travel day. Both of these optional coverage benefits will increase the total premium of the plan if you elect to use them in your Travel health insurance plan.

An IHI-BUPA Travel Health Insurance plan can be obtained on a per-trip or annual basis. If you elect to take the policy on a per-trip basis you will be covered only for the journey you have specified when applying for the plan. An annual plan will cover you for any and all trips overseas you make over the course of a single year, with the provision that no single journey can exceed 30 days in duration.

Should you require any additional assistance with an IHI-BUPA travel insurance policy, please contact us. Alternatively you can obtain instant coverage for a Travel health insurance plan by clicking here.

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