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What does emergency evacuation in Armenia entail with an expat medical insurance plan

What does emergency evacuation in Armenia entail with an expat medical insurance plan



How I can air evacuation under Armenia Medical plan?

Obtaining an international health insurance plan with an Emergency Evacuation benefit will ensure that, in the event that you are unable to access adequate medical treatment for your condition, you will be evacuated to the nearest center of medical excellence to receive your health care.

Emergency Evacuation coverage is available as an optional benefit under a standard Inpatient health insurance plan.

As stated above, an Emergency Evacuation benefit will ensure that you are able to receive the necessary care in the event that the treatment options in your local area are not sufficient to deal with the accident or illness from which you are suffering.

Should the medical facility which is treating you be unable to provide the necessary treatments you, or your representative, will need to contact your insurance company to arrange the evacuation to a medical facility which is able to provide treatment. If the insurance company deems the evacuation to be a medical necessity then they will authorize your transportation to the nearest hospital able to fully provide treatment.

It is important to note that with an Emergency Evacuation benefit the policyholder cannot simply be demanded the evacuation; the evacuation must be medically necessary and must be authorized by both the insurance company and the attending medical staff.

Once you have been evacuated you will be taken to a hospital, or other medical facility, which is able to provide treatment. The evacuation location may be in the country where you experienced the medical issues, in this case Armenia, or it may be in another country completely – such as Austria, Greece, or Italy. This depends on the severity of your case, and the availability of treatment options in close proximity.

The actual evacuation itself may occur via a number of transport routes: ground ambulances, air ambulances, helicopters and passenger airplanes are all routinely used in Emergency Evacuation situations. Any transport which will get you to your destination quickly will be the evacuation tool of choice in this regard.

When you request a quote comparison from Pacific Prime, simply note that you would like to receive a quotation which includes Emergency Evacuation Cover. Our Brokers will then compile a list of suitable options for you to compare, and help you to identify the options which best meet your individual needs.

Additionally, we can provide a range of extended policy benefits outside of Emergency Evacuation coverage. International health insurance benefits which we work with include:

·Inpatient Health Insurance Treatment

·Outpatient Health Insurance Treatment

·Vaccination Coverage

·Maternity Treatment Coverage

·Dental Treatment Insurance

·War and Terrorism Health Insurance

·Alternative Therapies and Complimentary Medicine Coverage

·New Born Child Protection

·And Many More.

At Pacific Prime we work to ensure that your global medical insurance plan provides you with the perfect amount of coverage. We work with all the leading global insurance companies, and can offer the widest range of choice with regard to coverage of any independent health insurance broker currently operating in the International Private Medical Insurance Market.

For more information about Emergency Evacuation coverage in Armenia, or to learn additional details about the extended policy benefits we are able to work with, please Contact Us. You can also request a free quotation comparison from all the leading insurance companies by completing the short form at the top of this page.

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