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What China Medical Insurance can you offer

What China Medical Insurance can you offer


I am a Canadian citizen who will begin work for a year at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in Guangzhou, China on July 1, 2012. As a requirement of the job, I recently completed a series of medical tests: no problems were reported. What health plans can you offer me, and what will they cost? Many thanks, Fraser

Pacific Prime is able to provide expatriates in China with a wide range of options for their international health insurance coverage. Whether you are already located in China, or if you are just starting to plan your relocation to the PRC, Pacific Prime can help you to find the best possible plan.

With a dedicated office in Shanghai we have many years of experience in addressing the unique healthcare needs for foreign nationals in China. Our expatriate support team knows the most pressing concerns for non-Chinese citizens in the country, and can help to identify flexible coverage solutions which will not only cover you completely inside China, but will also be able to provide worldwide protection – ensuring that even if you leave the country and return to your home nation for vacations or business trips that you will have continuous coverage no matter what.

Furthermore, our Global Headquarters is situated in Hong Kong – a city which is home to some of the best healthcare services in Asia – in close proximity to Guangzhou. In many instances our clients in Southern China will actually elect to take advantage of the superior medical care on offer in HKSAR and will often choose to travel to Hong Kong in the event of an illness or other serious medical conditions. Because the Medical Insurance China plans on offer from Pacific Prime will allow for worldwide coverage, this gives you the assurance that when you purchase this type of coverage through us that you are able to see the highest standard medical professionals, even if they are outside your country.

Additionally, a majority of the China health insurance plans we work with will usually be guaranteed renewable for life. This means that you are able to continue receiving protection under the policy for the rest of your life; as long as you would like to renew your coverage you will normally be allowed to do so.

Medical Insurance China Options

In terms of the actual plans, we can provide an extensive array of options. We work with more than 60 leading international health insurance companies and can provide the widest range of choice of any insurance intermediary in Asia. From leading global organizations like BUPA International, CIGNA, and Allianz Worldwide Care, to the best providers in China including AXA Minmetals and AETNA Huatai.

The sheer number of underwriters we work with gives Pacific Prime the unparalleled ability to find the most options for Expatriate China medical insurance coverage. Coverage benefits from these insurers will include options for:

·Inpatient health insurance

·Outpatient Health Insurance

·Emergency Evacuation Medical Insurance

·Alternative Therapy Health Insurance

·Vaccination and Preventative Healthcare Coverage

·War and Terrorism Health Insurance

·Dental Health Insurance

·Chronic Condition Coverage

·Maternity Health Insurance

While these are some of the more common coverage options found on the vast majority of the China medical insurance policies we offer can provide flexible policy benefits based around your individual requirements. Dependent on your unique needs our expert insurance consultants will often be able to craft a tailor made policy specific to you, ensuring that you are receiving exactly the amount of protection which you require.

China Medical Insurance Premiums

With regards to China health insurance premiums, the short answer as to how much you will pay for a plan is that it will depend on a number of factors.

The first variable which will impact your China health insurance policy premium is the plan’s coverage area. Because certain parts of the world have higher average medical costs than others, choosing to obtain a plan which includes coverage in these high cost regions will normally mean a higher premium. For example, the USA is widely regarded as having the most expensive healthcare system in the world. Obtaining a policy which includes coverage in the USA will therefore be more expensive than obtaining a plan which excludes coverage in America. Whilst the majority of our coverage options will enable you to receive worldwide protection you will often be afforded the option of selecting specific areas in which you would like to receive cover when you apply for a policy – excluding coverage in a country like the USA under your china medical insurance plan will often mean a significant premium saving.

The second variable which will impact the policy’s premium is the age of the policyholder. As individuals get older they will often require more medical care due to their increasing propensity for developing a severe illness or suffering from a major accident. Consequently, older individuals will normally have a higher premium than a much younger person. However, the bulk of the policies on offer through Pacific Prime are community, rather than experience rated. This means that your claims history under the policy will not impact your premium – you are able to receive healthcare under the plan secure in the knowledge that you will never pay more for coverage because you have submitted a claim. The community rating essentially means that you will pay exactly the same premium as all other individuals within your age bracket who have the same coverage area and policy benefits.

The final major area which is used to calculate China health insurance plan premiums is the level of coverage which is being provided by the policy. Obviously, more comprehensive coverage plans will cost more than policies which only provide basic coverage. For instance, an Expatriate’s China Health Insurance plan which provides only inpatient health insurance coverage will be less expensive than a plan which offers Inpatient, Outpatient, and Dental protection.

However, no matter the premium you are quoted we can often find ways to lower the overall cost of the policy. One great way to do this is through a Deductible, or Excess. A deductible is the amount of any medical bills which you as the policyholder are responsible for paying, with the insurance company covering the rest. As an example, imagine that you have to go to the doctor for a checkup. The consultation costs $300, and your plan has a $100 deductible. In this case you would be responsible for paying $100 of the total bill, with the insurance company covering the remaining $200.

Because you have elected to cover at least some of the costs associated with your medical treatment, the overall policy premium will often be lower than if you had opted not to include a deductible on the plan. Additionally, the higher the deductible on your plan the greater the premium savings you will likely experience.

China Health Insurance Payment

And lastly we have payment options. You might be wondering why we’ve included this in a question about cost, but bear with us.

Generally, you can make your health insurance premium payments in most major currencies, including USD, CAD, EUR, HKD, GBP, and RMB. As mentioned above, we work with a load of the best insurance providers in the world, and can be extremely flexible with regards to the currency you choose to pay for your coverage in.

You also have a choice as to the payment frequency and payment method. Premium payments can be made by Bank Transfer, Cheuqe, Cash or Credit Card, and can be processed Annually, Semi-Annually, Quarterly, or even Monthly. However, it is extremely important to realize that some combinations of type of payment and frequency of payment may often incur a surcharge to the overall China Health Insurance premium. Choosing to pay for your plan monthly and by Credit Card, for example, can often mean an annual surcharge of 5 percent to your overall premium. This is primarily due to the fees which Credit Card companies will charge the insurance providers to process credit card payments, and the extra administration needs to check the frequency of monthly payments.

Not all combinations will incur a surcharge; paying annually, by bank transfer and in USD will often see your premium remain flat, but it is important to realize that certain payment methods will be more expensive than others. Our expert china health insurance consultants will be able to provide you with extensive information on the best way to pay for your plan which will also suit your individual preferences.

Free China Health Insurance Quote

If you would like to learn more about the options which Pacific Prime can provide for your medical insurance coverage in China, the coverage benefits which are available, and even the costs of a plan, you can Contact Us and speak to one of our expert consultants today. You can also request a free quote comparison from all of the top insurance companies currently offering China medical insurance plans by completing the short form at the top of this page.

As always, if you have any more questions, we’d love to answer them.

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