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Is Expatriate Maternity Insurance Available in the USA

Is Expatriate Maternity Insurance Available in the USA

Hi, I would like to enquire about pregnancy and childbirth cover for an Australian living in the United States.Is there any cover that will cover for the pregnancy and hospital? They have lived there for just over 3 years and in December got a residency visa but they still hold an Australian Passport. They are 6 weeks pregnant. Looking forward to hearing from you soon Kathy

Pacific Prime can offer comprehensive maternity health insurance options to expatriates around the world, including those living in the USA. Maternity plans we work with are from 60 of the world’s leading health insurance companies, and will ensure that you have the protection you need for the duration of your pregnancy in addition to ensuring that you child has coverage after they are born.

Maternity health insurance coverage is a great way to cover the costs of giving birth in the 21st century. While the costs associated with delivering a child will vary depending on your location they can reasonably fall in the US$ 5,000 - $20,000 range depending on the hospital you use and whether or not there are any complications with the pregnancy. Choosing to deliver at Cedar Sinai, for instance, will be a much more expensive proposition than if you chose to deliver at your local municipal hospital.

The benefits available through a pregnancy insurance policy are many and varied – depending on the insurance company you choose to obtain your plan from you may receive more coverage benefits or less. However, typically included under a maternity insurance plan’s coverage are:

·Hospital and/or Home Delivery Costs

·Pre and Post Natal treatments and examinations

·Costs associated with a routine delivery

·Costs associated with a delivery experiencing complications

·Costs associated with a medically prescribed Caesarian Section (C-Section).

More comprehensive maternity insurance options may even include coverage for Fertility Treatments, Newborn Child medical protection, and Congenital Birth Defect coverage.

There are many options for this type of plan when you choose to use Pacific Prime as your expatriate health insurance intermediary. However, it is important to understand that, no matter which insurance provider you choose to purchase your coverage from, a maternity health insurance plan will almost always be attached to a waiting period.

A waiting period is the length of time which you must have been enrolled on a policy before being able to claim for a certain coverage benefit. Simply put, this means that until the waiting period has been completed the policyholder is not eligible to claim for maternity treatment under the plan – any maternity treatment which has been received prior to the completion of the waiting period will not be covered, even upon the completion of the moratorium. Only treatment received after the waiting period has finished can be covered by the policy.

While each insurance company will often have their own waiting periods in relation to a maternity coverage benefit there are two major types of waiting period which exist within the international private medical insurance market.

From the Start of the Plan

If a waiting period for Maternity insurance coverage is imposed from the start of your plan then you will have had to have been on the policy for a certain amount of time before you are able to receive maternity treatment under the plan’s coverage. Typically this is around 10 months in duration. This means that in most cases you will have had to have been on the policy for 10 months before receiving coverage for maternity related treatment and check-ups. Treatment received prior to the completion of the waiting period is not eligible for reimbursement under the policy.

Until Conception

This type of waiting period will mean that once you have purchased the policy you will have to wait a specific amount of time to conceive your child in order for the pregnancy to be covered under the medical insurance policy. If a conception related waiting period exists on your plan it will often be approximately 12 months from the start of the policy. This means that you must wait 1 year until you can conceive in order for maternity treatment related to that pregnancy to be covered under your coverage.

Maternity health insurance plans are typically available as a supplement to an in-patient health insurance policy. If required you can normally add an array of additional benefits to the coverage as well, ensuring that you have the most comprehensive protection avalaible. Plans which Pacific Prime works with can include coverage benefits for:

·Out-patient health insurance

·Preventative healthcare and vaccinations

·Emergency Evacuation coverage

·Alternative Therapies and Complimentary Medicine

·Dental Treatment Coverage

·And Many More

In many cases it may be possible for us to tailor an expatriate health insurance plan to meet your specific coverage requirements, ensuring that your policy is unique to your needs and gives you the exact levels of protection which you require. Furthermore, a majority of the international health insurance options we offer are normally guaranteed renewable for life, globally portable and often provide global coverage. These plans, while providing extensive direct settlement and preferred provider networks, will actually allow you the freedom to choose where you receive your healthcare; allowing you to access medical treatment with your choice of doctor or hospital anywhere on earth. This ensures that no matter where you go, or what happens, that you will always have the best quality healthcare available.

For a free international maternity health insurance quote please complete the short form at the top of this page – one of our expert insurance brokers will contact you with a range of options from a multitude of insurance providers which we feel will be able to offer you the best services and highest levels of protection. You can also Contact Us to speak to a representative and learn more about this type of coverage.

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