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How can i get a travel insurance quote

How can i get a travel insurance quote


I tried to get a quote for a travel insurance (annual), but your system does not work .

Pacific Prime offers comprehensive international travel health insurance plans from IHI-BUPA. You can get a free quote and instant coverage by clicking here. Please be advised that, depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take between 10 seconds to 2 minutes for the page to load.

Additionally, at this time, the Travel health insurance quotation system is only available to customers using up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox: Chrome, Safari and Opera internet browsers are not compatible with the travel system. Users running these browsers, who wish to receive travel health insurance coverage, should submit their request by using the short quote for m at the top of this page.

To download the most up to date version of Mozilla Firefox please click here.

Travel health insurance plans from IHI-BUPA provide exceptionally high levels of coverage. These policies can be obtained for a single trip lasting 1 day to 12 months in duration, or on an annual basis.If you elect to purchase the annual option of the IHI-BUPA travel health insurance policy you will be covered for as many overseas trips as you may wish to undertake over the course of the policy year. However, each trip you undertake must last no longer than 30 days under the annual coverage.

If you expect your trip to last longer than 30 days it is recommended that you consider a single trip option rather than the annual policy.

As mentioned above, the coverage offered by the IHI-BUPA travel insurance plan is extremely comprehensive. This policy has no limit on the amount of medically necessary treatment you are able to receive while outside your home country. This ensures that you are able to get the treatment you need, when you need it. These plans also have no deductibles, allowing you full reimbursement for any healthcare costs.

IHI-BUPA Travel insurance coverage includes:

·In-patient treatment

·Out-patient Treatment

·Prescription medicines

·Emergency Evacuation


·Ambulance transportation

In the event that you would like to extend the coverage offered by this policy you also have the ability to purchase a Non-Medical Coverage option which will provide a range of umbrella coverage benefits including:

·Personal Accident Coverage

·Theft of personal items

·Flight delay

·Baggage loss or delay

·Security and legal assistance.

When you purchase and IHI-BUPA travel insurance plan you can be assured that you will have the medical assistance you require no matter where you may be in the world. We have opted to work with this plan for short term medical coverage due to the exceptional standards of service offered by IHI-BUPA and the high levels of coverage afforded by the policy.

If you would like to receive a free Travel health insurance quote and get instant coverage, please go to our travel health insurance system by following the link. If you are running an internet browser which is incompatible with this system you may request a quote by completing the short form at the top of this page, one of our advisors will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can also Contact Us to learn more about the various international health insurance options we work with.

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