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Does Pacific Prime offer Expatriate Health Insurance in Ghana

Does Pacific Prime offer Expatriate Health Insurance in Ghana

I see that you provide coverage for those traveling abroad. Do you have any policies that cover individuals living and working in Ghana?

Expatriates in Ghana, and elsewhere around the world, can obtain comprehensive international health insurance plans through Pacific Prime. These policies are designed to cover you while you are living or working outside of your home country, and will often allow for worldwide coverage; ensuring that even if you should relocate away from Ghana, that your policy will travel with you and continue to provide the high quality coverage you need.

Expatriate Ghana Health Insurance plans from Pacific Prime are generally guaranteed renewable for life and will typically allow you to choose where you receive your medical treatment; enabling you to access treatment with your choice of doctor or hospital anywhere in the world. Additionally, these plans are often portable. This means that in the event you leave Ghana, even if you relocate back to your home nation, that your plan will relocate with you.

In terms of coverage options, we can provide foreign nationals residing with international medical insurance policies which offer protection benefits for a range of concerns. When you choose to use Pacific Prime as your Ghana medical insurance intermediary you are able to obtain a plan which will allow you to select coverage options including:

·Inpatient medical treatment

·Outpatient medical treatment

·Maternity health insurance

·Dental Treatment

·Emergency Evacuation

·War and Terrorism Health Insurance

·Preventative Healthcare and Vaccinations coverage

·Alternative Therapies and Complimentary Medicine

At Pacific Prime we work with the best health insurance companies currently operating in the international market. As a Broker we work for you, not the insurance companies, and are highly selective when choosing the companies we will offer plans from. This means that you are assured that any Ghana health insurance policy you obtain via Pacific Prime is from one of the best providers in the business and will give you the highest levels of coverage possible.

However, due to our extensive relationships with the leading international health insurance companies, in many cases it may actually be possible for our advisors to tailor a plan to meet your individual requirements. If there is a specific coverage option you would like to include, a certain deductible you would like to obtain, or even a precise area of coverage you would like to receive protection in, Pacific Prime can help.

For more information about the medical insurance options available to expatriates located in Ghana, or to receive further details about the plans which we work with you can Contact Us and speak to an expert global medical insurance broker. Alternatively, you can request a free customized quotation table by completing the short form at the top of this page.

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