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Do you offer Philippine Health Insurance for Swedish Expats

Do you offer Philippine Health Insurance for Swedish Expats


We are all in a good health condition. My wife (born 1977)is from the Philippines but she is a Swedish and a Filipino citizen. My daughter (born 2007) was born in the Philippines and is a Swedish and a Filipino citizen. I (born 1969) am a Swedish and a German citizen. We are considering to move to the Philippines for 1 or 2 years where my wife wants to take here PhD in teaching. We need to get a health insurance for all of us and wanted to ask you if you could send us a quotation. Best regards Peter Schick

Pacific Prime is able to provide a wide range of family health insurance plans to Swedish expatriates located all around the world, including the Philippines. The Philippine Health Insurance plans that we offer typically include world wide coverage, and will enable you the freedom to choose where you receive medical treatment; allowing you the option of seeking medical care with any doctor or hospital in the world, even if the doctor in question is outside of the insurer’s direct settlement network. Our Philippine Medical Insurance policies are often globally portable and are generally guaranteed to be renewable for life; ensuring that you and your family have the protection needed for peace of mind while living away from Sweden.

International Health Insurance plans from Pacific Prime offer some of the most extensive coverage benefits available for families living anywhere across the globe. Some of family medical insurance benefits we can provide include:

-Maternity Health Insurance Coverage:

Maternity coverage helps to not only bring peace of mind to a family planning for children, but will cover the costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth. A maternity benefit will normally provide protection for a routine delivery, delivery with complications, delivery which requires a medically necessary caesarean section, pre and post natal care, and will often allow the option to deliver the baby at home.

-Inpatient Care Benefit:

Inpatient care is important for major surgeries and procedures that require an overnight stay in a hospital. The inpatient coverage of a family health insurance plan helps to mitigate the high, and often escalating cost that comes with lengthy hospital stays. Many of the treatments that will typically be covered include organ transplants, surgical costs including anesthetic and operating theatre charges, all lab and diagnostic tests, as well as any medicine required.

-Outpatient Care Benefits:

An Outpatient benefit is necessary for most non-emergency medical treatments; these will often include the coverage for visits to GP or specialist doctors, routine health checks, most diagnostic tests, minor surgeries not requiring a stay in a hospital, and any prescription medicines needed for treatment.

-Newborn Insurance:

A newborn care benefit will often put parents’ minds at ease knowing that their expected child will have the medical protection they need in the event that the infant suffers from any serious medical conditions at birth. The exact coverage offered by a New Born Child benefit will vary depending on the insurance company you choose to work with, and even the policy you elect to obtain, but will typically cover any major health problems, treatment and medication the infant may need in the event of a congenital birth defect.

-Emergency Evacuation Coverage:

When traveling to a foreign country, where the quality of healthcare can vary greatly depending on the location, it is often necessary for families to have emergency evacuation coverage. Evacuation Insurance will cover the cost of an evacuation to the nearest center of medical excellence in order to undergo care. Some policies will even offer a Repatriation option. While not offered on every policy, a Repatriation Benefit will give you the option of being transported to your home country to receive ongoing medical treatment, rather than being evacuated to the nearest medical facility to treat you illness or injury.

-Preventive Medicine and Vaccine Coverage:

Preventive medicine coverage is one of the most important healthcare practices in modern day society. Preventative medicine coverage ensures that serious diseases are guarded against and prevented. Coverage of this typically allows for health screenings, which will often mean the difference between life and death if a disease is caught early. Several plans will cover annual screenings for diseases such as cancer, as well as blood diseases. Many insurance plans will also cover immunizations to prevent serious diseases, which are vital to anyone looking to travel or live aboard, and can be especially useful for families with young children.


Recent health reports have suggested that oral hygiene can not only lead to healthy teeth and gums, but has an impact on the overall health of a person. Many of our insures understand the importance of oral health and offer dental plans which cover standard dental procedures, as well as more comprehensive cover for both major and minor dental work.

-Alternative Therapies:

For those who practice other forms of healing aside from those found in modern western medicine, we offer many plans that will cover forms of alternative therapy. It important to note that an Alternative Therapy benefit does not cover experimental medical procedures, but the use of traditional medicine and healing techniques, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy.

At Pacific Prime we work with more than 60 of the world’s leading international insurance companies, and our extensive relationships with many of the industry’s leading insurance providers means that, in many cases, we can actually tailor a Philippine Health Insurance plan to meet your specific coverage requirements. In addition to offering plans from the best Global Health Insurance companies, we also make it a point to continually analyze the quality of the insurance providers that we chose to work with, in order to ensure that you get the absolute best possible service for claims handling and customer communication.

Family health insurance premiums are typically calculated based on the number of family members to be covered under the policy, their ages, and the plan’s geographical area of coverage. All of our policy premiums are based on age and not your claims history. This ensures that you are able to seek medical treatment as and when you need it, secure in the knowledge that your premium will never increase because you have made a claim on the plan. Premiums will only ever increase because of medical inflation and your age. Geographical location is also taken into account given that medical treatment expenses can vary greatly dependent on the area and part of the world in which you live. The plan’s area of coverage is important because some countries, such as the USA, have much higher costs associated with medical treatment than others, such as the Philippines; electing to obtain a policy which excludes coverage in high cost areas can help to ensure that you receive the same high caliber health care coverage but at a lower premium.

Many customers are in similar circumstances as you and your family, and also require family expat health insurance coverage. Some of our Expatriate Medical Insurance policies are specifically designed for new families and will actually cover a second or third child under the policy free of charge. While this is not available from all insurers we work with, our expert advisers will be more that happy to assist you in setting up a policy that fits your families specific coverage requirements while living in the Philippines.

For additional information about the various types of Philippines Health Insurance plans we offer, or to learn more about a Family Medical Insurance policy, please contact one of our expert consultants today. Alternatively, you can complete the short quote form at the top of this page to receive a free customized Philippines medical insurance quote.

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