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Do you offer maternity and family health insurance cover

Do you offer maternity and family health insurance cover

Am looking for a medical insurance with maternity plan for my wife and my son also.

Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers can offer various maternity health insurance plans and coverage for families. With a large range of family and maternity health insurance options available on the market, Pacific Prime can help you find the best health insurance plan that will suit your family's needs.

Family Health Insurance plans will typically include a range of benefits including inpatient, outpatient, dental accident and ambulance cover. Extra benefits can be added onto your plan for a more comprehensive level of cover such as maternity, dental, optical and increased hospital and outpatient benefits. For example, increased outpatient benefits will typically offer families access to medical practitioner, specialist consultations, vaccinations, health screening tests, diagnostic tests, alternative treatments, among other benefits.

Maternity cover will normally include:

Hospital Accommodation in a private or semi private room
Prenatal care (routine check up, ultrasound and screening tests)
Postnatal care
Normal Delivery
Home delivery costs (midwife)
Prescribed Cesarian Section
Delivery with Complications

Families can also increase the coverage of their maternity cover benefits for an even more comprehensive maternity care plan. Policy holders can often include coverage for fertility treatments, congenital birth defects, and care of a newborn child among other policy benefits.

As you are probably aware, maternity health insurance plans will normally incur a waiting period. You will need to complete this waiting period, before claiming any medical benefits under the maternity policy. The waiting period will vary among health insurers, but normally this will be between 10 and 12 months. Saying this, it is important to obtain maternity cover as soon as you are planning to have more child to ensure you will have access to the best maternity treatments available.

As health insurers are getting more and more competitive, various member benefits are usually offered under an annual health insurance plan. Some of these benefits can include access to a 24 hour medical helpline, staffed by doctors, nurses and other health professionals offering first aid and expert advice covering a range of topics such as family health, men's health and women's health, fertility, and other health issues. Other benefits can include online member tools, phone counseling, discount on health products and services, and various portals to health information and advice.

For more information about the maternity and family health insurance plans we can offer, or to receive a free global health insurance quote, please contact us today.

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