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Do you offer international travel insurance in multiple countries

Do you offer international travel insurance in multiple countries


I will be needing medical insurance coverage for a new job. I will be based in Dubai and making occasional breif trips into Basr Iraq. My new employer will provide medical insurance while I am in Dubai but I will need emergency evacutaion coverage while in Iraq and will also need medical coverage when I return to the USA. I will be in the USA less than 35 days during the next 12 months and do not anticipate my trips into Iraq to last more than one week at a time. Can you provide a plan that will offer the coverage I require

At Pacific Prime, we can offer travel health insurance plans which can last anywhere from a few weeks up to 12 months and can provide you with coverage in the US, Iraq and wherever else you may choose to travel to for work or for pleasure.

Whilst you could opt for an International Health insurance plan, these are often designed for long term stays in foreign destinations (of around 12 or more months) and are more suited to those wishing to relocate on a longer-term basis. Considering your company will already cover your healthcare in Dubai, a travel health insurance plan may be better suited to your needs so you can still receive high levels of comprehensive care in multiple destinations but with the main difference being that your plan will only be valid for 12 months, by which time you can choose whether you want to renew your plan for another 12 months or not.

Travel health plans can be as basic or as comprehensive as your personal needs require but most plans will typically include in-patient benefits as a base level of coverage. This level of coverage will include care which requires an overnight stay in a hospital or medical facility such as hospital accommodation, ambulance fees, anaesthetics and other surgical costs.

Outpatient care can be added as an optional benefit and refers to care that does not require an overnight trip to the hospital, and includes cover for items such as general medical tests, screenings, general practitioner fees and prescribed medicines.

There are numerous other options your plan can include but the more comprehensive your coverage becomes, the higher the premium you will be required to pay. Other optional benefits include:

Unlimited Maximum cover per person per trip
Prescribed Medicines
Medical Evacuation
Return Trip
Compassionate Emergency Repatriation
Next-of-kin accompaniment
Compassionate emergency visit

However, you should take care to note that most travel plans do not typically cover any pre-existing conditions or chronic illnesses that you may have experienced 6 months prior to the start date of the plan. For example, if you have been hospitalised, or will be expecting to receive treatment within the 6 months leading up to the start of your plan, you may not be eligible to receive coverage for the condition in question. For more information regarding pre existing conditions and how they may affect your travel insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pacific Prime prides itself on its dedication to finding the most useful information that can bring you the best care possible. After much research, our team of brokers have chosen to provide travel insurance that has been underwritten by BUPA – IHI soyou can receive care that goes above the standards of most basic travel plans.

A great aspect to a BUPA-IHI plan is that they offer you the option to select non-medical insurance coverage too. This means that not only can your health concerns be covered, but you can also be protected in the event of trip cancellations, baggage damage, theft and loss.

If your business requires you to travel to remote or less developed areas of the globe, you may want to consider an emergency evacuation benefit. If you were to experience an illness or injury that could not be cared for in a certain medical facility, you may need to be transported by land or air to a better equipped hospital or even back to your country of residence if necessary. Transport costs for this kind of emergency travel can be extremely costly and are often unaffordable without insurance coverage to help you cover the costs.

As you mentioned you will be spending time in Iraq, you may want to consider adding war and terrorism insurance coverage to your plan as this will cover you in an emergency situation such as those mentioned above, as well as other situations such as:

Medical Care
Personal Accident Coverage
Emergency Evacuation Defense Base Act (DBA) Coverage
Kidnap and Ransom Coverage

Travel insurance plans can offer coverage in multiple destinations but you will usually be offered two options; worldwide coverage and worldwide excluding the USA. As healthcare in the US tends to be the most costly in the world today, your total premium will likely be more expensive if you still plan on travelling to the US and opting for the worldwide option.
However, when calculating your total travel insurance premium, only your age and total length of your trips will be calculated meaning your medical history will never affect the total of your policy premium.

Pacific Prime stays up to date with the latest health related news across the globe and regularly updates their information pages to provide you with any extra information you require for whichever countries you may choose to visit. To find out more about a countries healthcare sector, culture or history, head over to our home page where you can find a list of every single country we provide information for.

If you have anymore questions or queries about your plan or insurance in general, simply fill in the short request form at the top of this page and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact us to speak to a member of our expert team directly and have your questions answered that way.

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