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Do you Offer International Health Insurance Coverage for Americans living in Canada

Do you Offer International Health Insurance Coverage for Americans living in Canada

I am looking for individual health insurance for my 35 year old daughter, Marigny Lee. She is a US citizen livining in Montreal, Canada. I am looking for medical coverage with high limits and high deductable that will cover medical treatment provided in the US if necessary. I look forward to your advices. Thank you. Gary A Lee

There are a wide range of global health insurance options available for US nationals who are currently residing outside the USA. Pacific Prime can provide comprehensive coverage to Americans living anywhere in the world, including Americans living in Canada.

The majority of plans available through Pacific Prime will normally have an extremely high annual coverage limits – often in the region of US$ 1,600,000 to US$ 3,150,000. This ensures that the international health insurance plan has the wherewithal to provide extensive protection in the event that your daughter requires medical treatment, for any reason, anywhere in the world.

The high coverage levels of our plans will prove especially useful due to the fact that policies purchased through Pacific Prime will usually enable you to choose where you receive your medical treatment; allowing you to receive healthcare with any doctor or hospital anywhere on the planet. Depending on your treatment preference the doctor you choose to seek healthcare advice from may be high cost or low costs, but you definitely do not want to run out of available cover halfway through the treatment!

Consequently, we chose to provide only expat medical plans with the highest levels of coverage possible; giving you the guarantee that your plan will be able to provide the coverage you deserve when you need it.

In respect to health insurance deductibles, you’ll be happy to know that we can offer a wide range of choice in this regard. When you apply for a policy you will be given the option of selecting an appropriate deductible (also known as an Excess) for the plan. Deductibles can start at around US$ 50 per condition and are available at levels of up to US$ 5,000 or more per condition. We also provide a range of Per-Year deductible options with the ranges running from US$ 140 per year to US$ 8,500 or more Per Year.

If you have a deductible included in your international health insurance plan then you will be responsible for paying a portion of the total cost of treatment for any healthcare you receive. A higher deductible will mean that you are paying for a greater portion of your healthcare costs and will usually mean a reduction in the overall plan premium. However, it is important to note that the deductible impact on the plan premium is usually calculated with a number of other variables, one of which is the plan’s area of coverage.

Because certain parts of the world have higher average medical costs than others, choosing to obtain a global medical insurance plan which covers these high cost locations will typically incur a higher policy premium. For instance, the USA has the most expensive medical costs on the planet (followed closely by Hong Kong and Israel). Because of the high cost of treatment in America, choosing to obtain an international health insurance plan which provides coverage in that country will be more expensive than obtaining one which does not.

This means that even if you chose to purchase a plan with a high deductible in an effort to control the premium, having USA coverage may actually negate any savings you are poised to realize under the Catastrophe plan by having to protect against the risk of high cost treatment in the States.

However, when you choose Pacific Prime as your expat medical insurance broker we will work with you to ensure that your policy has all the protection you need. We can certainly provide high deductible plans for American nationals living in Canada which will also cover the cost of treatment in the USA, and can do so with more than 60 leading international health insurance companies; giving you the widest range of choice in regards to medical insurance coverage.

Furthermore, we can provide extensive options for a range of comprehensive coverage benefits giving your daughter the option to receive protection for:

·Inpatient health insurance

·Outpatient health insurance

·Maternity Health Insurance

·Vaccinations and Preventative Healthcare Coverage

·Emergency Evacuation Coverage

·Dental Treatment Insurance

·War and Terrorism Health Insurance

When you contact us for a quote we will create a detailed spreadsheet of options to use as a starting point containing all your requested coverage benefits, coverage areas, and deductibles. From there our expert health insurance brokers will work with you to find the best option for your specific needs – in many cases we may be able to tailor a policy to meet your individual requirements.

For more information about deductibles, coverage areas, or even the benefits which we are able to offer to Americans living in Canada, please Contact Us to speak to an expert broker. Alternatively, you can request a free quotation comparison by completing the short form at the top of this page.

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