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Do you offer Family Health Insurance

Do you offer Family Health Insurance


If a family is scattered with some members in Tanzania and others in Cameroon, can you offer efficient health insurance coverage to such a family as a whole?

Pacific Prime can offer family health insurance that can protect your family in whichever location you may require. The plans we offer are guaranteed renewable for life and are globally portable; meaning you and your family members could receive care in Tanzania, Cameroon and other worldwide destinations you may choose to relocate to during the lifetime of your policy.

We work with over 60 leading health insurance providers and all can offer a family insurance plan as basic or as comprehensive as you require for your particular situation.

The family plans we work with are designed for local and expatriate families alike but particularly specialise in those families living and regularly travelling abroad from their original country of residence. To make sure you can still receive high levels of care, no matter what country you are in, our plans will typically help you to access treatment with the doctor or hospital of your choice anywhere in the world.

In terms of the cost of worldwide health insurance coverage, your family will usually be offered one of two options to consider; worldwide coverage or worldwide excluding the USA coverage. The reason for this simply being that healthcare in the US is the most costly in the world and it is therefore recommended to exclude it from your coverage if you do not intend on travelling there for the duration of your policy so as to help cut your total premium price.

Speaking of premiums, when calculating the total cost of your coverage, your provider will usually take your age and your family’s current location and base their calculations on those two factors so; any previous claims history you may have made in the past will not have an impact on your total premium.

Family insurance plans will typically coverage a range of benefits and coverage options for you to make your selection from. What’s more, here at Pacific Prime, we can usually help you to customise your plan so it is perfectly suited to your family’s exact requirements.

Inpatient and outpatient coverage will typically be offered by most providers in a family health insurance plan. While inpatient coverage refers to treatment that requires an overnight stay in hospital, outpatient benefits typically cover general practitioner fees, medical tests and prescription medicines and are particularly beneficial to families, especially if you still have younger children who often require more visits to the doctors for regular health checkups.

Family health plans offer additional optional benefits such as:

Dental cover
Maternity cover
Emergency evacuation & repatriation
Chronic conditions
Personal accident cover

Your family may want to consider adding emergency evacuation cover to your insurance plan as healthcare in certain parts of Africa can be very varied and you may not always be in close proximity to a hospital or medical facility that could offer you the right treatment in an emergency situation. If your family members often travel around different countries within Africa, it is highly recommended you opt for this benefit as the costs of transporting you or your family to a capable hospital, or even back to your home country if necessary, can be extortionate but having the appropriate coverage can help put your mind at rest and allow you to focus on the wellbeing of your family.

All benefits can usually be offered to all family members, however it is important to note that children will typically only be included up until the age of 18. Some companies will allow for certain exceptions though, such as whether your child is still studying, in which case coverage may be extended until your child reaches 21 years of age.

Another important issue to note is that typically, most providers will not offer coverage for pre-existing health conditions. So if you or any of your family members have previously suffered from a health condition, or received treatment leading up to the start date of your policy, coverage may be denied for that particular condition. If you have reason to be concerned about this issue, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our expert team and we can answer any further questions you may have.

Pacific Prime can also help you stay up to date with the latest happenings in countries all over the world. If you are planning on visiting somewhere new, or want to find out a bit more about a countries health sector, history, or culture, check out our homepage for a list of all the countries we can provide information on.

If you have anymore questions or queries, the team here at Pacific Prime are always happy to help. Simply fill in the short request form found at the top of this page at your own convenience, or speak to us directly by contacting us here and one of our expert brokers will provide you with any answers you may need.

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