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Can You Provide Short Term Travel Health Insurance

Can You Provide Short Term Travel Health Insurance


I am interested in applying for short-term health care coverage (0-3 months) for my fiancé. She departs her current residence in Qatar on 7 July, arrives in Jakarta on 8 July and we will travel to the United States to get married and return to Jakarta the following week which will be our residence. She will also travel to Singapore after we return from the United States. I would like to be sure she has hospitalization and out-patient care coverage in Indonesia, the United States and Singapore during this time. Please advise if Pacific Prime can provide short-term coverage (O-3 months) for this purpose and if so provide a quote for this coverage and any requirements you might have for her to receive the coverage.

Pacific Prime offers a high quality international Travel health insurance plan from IHI-BUPA. This plan is available direct for purchase on this website under the Travel Health Insurance section. With the IHI-BUPA Travel Health insurance plan you are able to choose between an annual plan which will cover all trips made in a year up to one month per trip, or a Single Trip plan which covers one journey up to 12 months in duration.

The IHI-BUPA Travel Health insurance policy will provide worldwide cover except within the policyholder’s country of permanent residence. This means that a single policy will be able to protect your fiancé in Indonesia, Singapore and the USA if she does not claim residency in these countries.

Additional benefits of the policy include:

·Unlimited Medical Cover (No Overall Maximum Benefit)

·24/7 Emergency Service

·Your choice of treating hospitals or doctors

·No Deductibles on basic medical coverage

·Coverage of most dangerous sports and occupations

·High Risk Areas and War Zones can be included in Coverage.

The Basic Medical coverage portion of the plan is extremely comprehensive and will afford you with high levels of protection. Including protection for:

·In-Patient Treatment

·Out-Patient Treatment

·Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation

·Prescribed Medicines

Additionally, this plan allows you to choose the option of obtaining extended non-medical coverage which provides the following benefits:

·Personal Accident: Death and Disability Coverage

·Loss of Baggage

·Personal Liability: Property and Bodily Injury

·Hospital Daily Benefit

·Theft of passport and money

·Flight Delay Coverage

It is important to note, however, that unlike the basic medical coverage offered by this policy the non-medical coverage options are subject to coverage limits. However, these limits are significantly high and will afford you comprehensive protection for the umbrella benefits offered by the addition coverage portion of the policy. If you would like to learn more about these limits please Contact Us.

In order to proceed with obtaining your fiancé’s travel health insurance coverage you may simply visit the Travel Health Insurance section of this website to purchase the policy immediately online. Alternatively you may contact one of our expert advisors who will be happy to tell you more about the policy.

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