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Can you provide family health insurance

Can you provide family health insurance


I need 2 separate quotes for health insurance coverage: Quote #1: For my son who is 18 years old and goes to school in Costa Rica. Quote#2: For my wife and I who may possibly relocate to Honk Kong. Both quotes require coverage for hospitalization, out patient, doctors and specialists visits, diagnostic testing, etc. and coverage for International as well as U.S.. We would prefer plans similar to those that you would find in the U.S.. Thank you.

Pacific Prime can provide comprehensive international health insurance plans for families around the world. If your child is currently a full time student, in many cases it is possible to include them as a dependant on your policy up to the age of 25.

Global health insurance plans which we can offer are typically globally portable in addition to providing worldwide coverage. This means that your plan will travel with you, no matter where you go in the world, as well as allowing you the freedom to use the doctor or hospital of your preference in the country of your choice.

As such, it is possible to obtain a policy which will provide comprehensive cover for yourself and your wife for the duration of your stay in Hong Kong, while at the same time offering the same levels of protection to your son in Costa Rica. Even though your family may be in two different locations a single medical insurance policy will offer you the protection which you require.

In terms of policy benefits, the plans which we work with are often extremely flexible, allowing you to customize the coverage you receive to meet your specific requirements. Coverage benefits which we can provide may include:

  • In-patient treatment
  • Out-patient treatment
  • Dental coverage
  • Chronic condition coverage
  • Acts of war and terrorism
  • Specialist consultations and General Practitioner visits
  • Emergency Evacuation coverage
  • Vaccinations and preventative medicine
  • Flexible deductible options
In some cases we may even be able to provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, however this is only on a case-by-case basis, and the coverage options will vary depending on the insurance company you choose to work with.

It is important to note that unlike domestic USA health insurance policies, the plans which we work with are normally guaranteed renewable for life. Premiums are not calculated based on your nationality or medical history, but rather on your age and the plan’s geographical area of coverage.

For more information about the health insurance plans we offer, or to receive a free quote, please contact one of our dedicated advisors today.

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