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Can you provide coverage for our two employees in Shanghai

Can you provide coverage for our two employees in Shanghai


I am looking for medical insurance which covers basic medical care for two of our expat employees in Shanghai. Would appreciate if you could have someone call me and meet up to discuss options. Thanks.

Pacific Prime can offer comprehensive International Health Insurance Plans to individuals living in any area of the world including Shanghai, China. Shanghai health insurance plans which we can provide will offer a range of coverage options and benefits, allowing you to tailor the policy to meet your specific needs.

The International Health Insurance plans from Pacific Prime are designed primarily to cover working expats and their families. Our expert advisers understand the unique and diverse needs of every customer and can find an Individual Expat Health Insurance plan that meets the policy holder's needs.

Our insurance providers typically offer Global Health Insurance policies with worldwide coverage benefits and are often guaranteed renewable, ensuring policy holders have access to quality health care services in any area of the world, for the rest of their life. Worldwide coverage allows members to receive medical care in any area of the world, whether they need to go overseas for a business trip, travel holiday or returning to their home country. In addition to this, plans we provide are normally Globally Portable, ensuring that even should you relocate to another country, or return to your home nation, your coverage will travel with you.

We are often able to tailor the Shanghai Health Insurance plans we offer to meet your specific needs. Individual Health Insurance Plans offered by Pacific Prime will typically give you the option of receiving coverage under a range of benefits including:

Inpatient Treatment

Maternity Health Insurance

Dental Health Insurance

Outpatient Treatment

Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation

Geographic Coverage


Another option to consider is a group health insurance plan. A Group Health Insurance plan must consist of atleast three people and can be offered to any type of group including companies, sports teams and social groups. A Group Health Insurance plan will often be able to provide your employees with better coverage than an Individual Plan. Pacific Prime can offer Group Health Insurance plans that provide coverage of pre-existing conditions as well as the option to apply different levels of deductibles among its members. Premium discounts are typically applied to large groups and therefore it would be beneficial to your company to add more members to the plan if possible.

Given the language and cultural barriers that foreigners typically experience in China's public healthcare system, expats in China generally opt for private, international medical facilities. International facilities in China provide health care services that are on par with western international standards. Doctors and healthcare staff are adequately trained with proficient English speaking skills. International facilities usually belong to large healthcare companies such as Parkway Health, Global HealthCare, and International SOS. Like other areas of the world, private health care services in China are very expensive, mainly due to the high cost of recruiting expat medical professionals. Due to this, expats living in China are strongly encouraged to obtain a China International Health Insurance policy to ensure ease of access to health and medical facilities within the country.

For more information about comprehensive International Health Insurance plans we can provide, or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.

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