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Can you provide cover in the UAE and Kazakhstan

Can you provide cover in the UAE and Kazakhstan


Hello, I have a quostion. A person living in Kazakhstan would like to come to Dubai, UAE and do check up with local urologist. If he buys your insurance will he able to use it when he is in Dubai for visiting doctor and doing urogoly tests? thank you in advance for your soonest reply.

Pacific Prime can provide international health insurance plans to expatriates around the globe. Policies we work with will cover you on a worldwide basis, providing you with the protection you need in both Kazakhstan and the UAE, and will give you the freedom to choose where you receive your medical treatment with any doctor or hospital in the world.

We can offer plans which provide coverage for General Practitioners visits and Specialist Consultations. Because you are afforded the freedom to choose where you receive treatment under our international medical insurance plans, you are able to receive treatment in Dubai even if you reside in Kazakhstan. As such, a urologist consultation would be covered under our policies, provided you elected to obtain the appropriate coverage benefit for out-patient treatment.

It is important to note that pre-existing conditions are typically excluded from coverage under an expatriate medical insurance policy. A pre-existing condition is any medical condition which has displayed symptoms, required treatment, or of which the policyholder has been aware of prior to the purchase of a health insurance policy. However, in some cases it may be possible to provide coverage for a pre-existing condition under the policy, although this is not available from all insurance companies, or even for all conditions.

International medical insurance will normally handle a pre-existing condition in one of 4 ways:


With exclusion, the pre-existing condition is not eligible for coverage under the policy. Illnesses and Accidents not related to the condition can still be covered fully by the plan.

For example: An individual obtains a health insurance plan, but they have been diagnosed diabetes before purchasing the policy. Diabetes, in this case, will be excluded from coverage under the plan. Illnesses which are not Diabetes, however, will be covered fully up to normal policy limits.


A “Moratorium” is also commonly known as a “Waiting Period.” If the insurer places a moratorium on the coverage of a certain pre-existing condition they will normally assign a length of time after which the condition can be covered by the plan. Typically lasting 24 months from the start of the policy, if the insured individual does not receive any treatment for the condition, require any medication, or display any recurring symptoms, the condition may be considered for coverage upon completion of the waiting period.

For example: An individual obtains a health insurance plan, but they have been diagnosed with (or displayed symptoms of) a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) prior to the purchase of the policy. In this case the UTI may be placed on a moratorium, during which time it cannot be covered by the plan. If, after having been enrolled on the policy for 2 years, and having received no treatment or medication, or displayed any UTI symptoms, then the condition may be considered for coverage upon the next policy renewal.

Premium Loading

Extremely rare, it may possible to cover the pre-existing condition in return for paying a higher policy premium. Coverage with a premium loading is not available for all pre-existing conditions, or even from all insurers. However, if offered it can be an extremely useful way to have the pre-existing condition covered under the plan.

For example: An individual obtains a health insurance plan, but they have been diagnosed with Asthma prior to the purchase of the policy. Where the insurer would typically exclude this condition from coverage, they may decide to include Asthma coverage under the plan in return for an inflated policy premium. After payment of the higher premium, Asthma is now covered by the policy.

Medical History Disregarded

The simplest way to ensure coverage of a pre-existing condition is through a Medical History Disregarded (MHD) benefit. Available only to groups consisting 20 or more members, an MHD benefit will cover all pre-existing conditions present within the group at the time of the policy’s purchase – even conditions which would normally be attached to a waiting period.

For example: A company, organization, social group, or sports team obtains a group health insurance policy. As there are more than 20 members being covered by the group policy, the insurer elects to offer an MHD benefit. Because of the MHD benefit, all pre-existing conditions present within the group are now covered; including maternity and dental conditions.

Outside of pre-existing conditions, the UAE health insurance and Kazakhstan health insurance plans we can offer will give you the option of an extended range of coverage benefits. In many cases we can actually tailor the policy to meet your individual requirements. Benefits which we offer on our plans can include:

·Out-patient treatment

·In-patient treatment

·Emergency Evacuation Coverage

·Dental treatment

·Alternative Therapies

·Vaccinations and Preventative medicine

·Maternity and Pregnancy insurance coverage

When coupled with the fact that the expatriate medical insurance plans from Pacific Prime are typically guaranteed renewable for life, provide worldwide protection, and are globally portable, these policies will give you the comprehensive protection you deserve.

For more information about the Dubai medical insurance plans we offer, please contact one of our dedicated advisors today. Alternatively, you can complete the short form at the top of this page to receive a free, personalized quote.

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