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Can you provide company health insurance for our employees in China

Can you provide company health insurance for our employees in China


We are an international company looking for some medical insurance for our employees in China. The coverage in particular will be for a Financial Director based in Shanghai, preferably a median level of cover. Please advise. Thank you

Here at Pacific Prime, we can offer a variety of group health insurance to businesses located in China, as well as numerous other countries worldwide.
Our plans can benefit small or large corporations, can be as basic or as comprehensive as you require and can cover single employees as well as their dependents.

Working with over 60 leading health insurance providers, Pacific Prime can help you find the perfect plan to suit your company.
Our business health insurance plans will typically allow your employees to benefit from inpatient coverage, which refers to any treatment that requires an overnight stay in hospital and will usually cover hospital accommodation, ambulance fees, emergency care treatment and surgical costs.

Other optional benefits can also be selected so you can customise your plan to perfectly suit the needs of your company and its employees. Outpatient benefits are a common addition to a company plan and are particularly beneficial to your employees that may have children as coverage can be provided for care that does not require an overnight stay in hospital such as general practitioner fees, prescription medicines and medical tests and lab screenings.
As well as inpatient and outpatient benefits, you can select from a wide range of additional medical benefits such as maternity care, dental care and emergency medical evacuation.

If your employees will be leaving their home country to come work for you, or if they will be working in more remote parts of China where the medical facilities may not be of a high standard, you may want to consider adding emergency medical evacuation coverage to your business plan.
The costs of transporting an employee to a facility that can provide sufficient care for their needs, or even returning them to their home country if necessary, are often extortionate and hard to fund out of a company’s personal finances. Emergency evacuation coverage can protect your employees and your company, especially if your business requires work in the less developed or rural areas of the country.

In regard to an employee’s dependents, a business health insurance plan will typically offer coverage for an employees spouse and children. Care will normally be provided for a child until they reach 18 years of age but there is the option to extend this limit to 21 years if necessary. The total premium of your plan will not be affected by how many claims are made by each employee and their family so this would be a very attractive proposal to offer your current and future employees.

To obtain a group medical insurance plan, you must have at least 3 employees enrolled in the plan to start receiving benefits. Depending how many employees you have working for your company, you may be able to offer a Medical History Disregard benefit and enable your workers to receive coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. This is one of the greatest aspects about a business health plan as it means employees who have never been able to receive help for their pre-existing condition before (such as diabetes or asthma) can now have their necessary care covered. What’s more, if your employee chooses to leave your company at any point, some insurance providers will allow the individual to take their plan with them and still keep their pre-existing coverage – even if they relocate to another country.

Group health insurance plans also enable you to include deductibles in your plan. A deductible is basically an amount that your company can pay out pocket and will decrease the overall cost of the total premium. Furthermore, most of the providers that Pacific Prime works with can help you find a plan that includes worldwide coverage meaning that your employees could have access to medical care in any region worldwide - a particularly useful benefit for the modern global business professional.
Providers will typically let you select from worldwide or worldwide excluding USA coverage and as the high costs of care in the US can significantly raise your premium; this is another useful premium saving option to consider.

In regard to the financial director you mentioned, most providers will allow you to customize your plan so you are able to offer different employees differing levels of coverage depending on their status within your company. To find out more about this, please feel free to contact us and speak with one of our team members.

Our dedicated team here at Pacific Prime has extensive knowledge when it comes to business health plans and we can help talk you through the often complicated process of finding the most suitable plan for your company. To have anymore of your questions or queries answered, you can complete the simple request form at the top of this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or, to speak directly with one of our experts, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are always happy to help.

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