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Can you offer group coverage in Vietnam?

Can you offer Group Coverage in Vietnam


Hello. I represent HR for an international school in Vietnam. We are looking to change health insurance providers for our teachers and expat admin staff. Can you kindly connect back with me regarding your plans, prices, etc for in-patient care? Thanks.


Pacific Prime can provide international health insurance plans within any area of the world. Vietnam Health Insurance policies, which we recommend will typically offer a range of coverage options to suit the needs of individuals and groups throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

Group Health Insurance Plans offered through Pacific Prime can be customized to your group offering flexibility, a comprehensive range of medical coverage, as well as additional benefits that are typically not offered under Individual Health Insurance Plans. In many cases, due to our extensive relationships with the world's best health insurance companies, we are often able to offer significant discounts.

At Pacific Prime, our Group Health Insurance Plans generally offer a range of coverage benefits such as:

Inpatient Treatment 
Outpatient Treatment
Maternity Health Insurance
Dental Health Insurance
Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation
Personal Accident

At Pacific Prime we can offer Group Health Insurance Plans that provide Worldwide coverage, which will allow you to receive your insurance benefits in any area of the world. Our insurance providers typically offer health insurance coverage that is 'globally portable', allowing the policy holder to take their insurance coverage in any country they live in, whether they relocate to another country, or return to their home country.

While your organization changes and grows, our Group Health Insurance Plans are flexible to accommodate your needs. As your organization expands, new members can be easily added onto the plan. If a member leaves your organization, our insurers can offer Individual Health Insurance Plans to that member, without disrupting the coverage of the group.

Different levels of coverage may also be applied to different members of the Group Health Insurance Plan. Typically, companies may decide to provide a larger range of health insurance coverage to senior levels of staff. Benefits can also be applied to different members of the group, for example a senior level of staff may be offered a zero Deductible. A Deductible is an amount that the policy holder will pay each year in medical costs, before the insurance provider reimburses any medical expenses.

One significant advantage of the Group Medical Insurance Policies we provide is the availability of a 'Medical History Disregarded' benefit on the plan. Typically only available to groups with 20 or more members, an MHD benefit will provide coverage under the policy for all pre-existing conditions present within the group. Usually pre-existing conditions (defined as any medical condition which has displayed symptoms, or which the policyholder has been aware prior to enrolling in the policy) will be excluded from coverage under an expat medical insurance policy. With an MHD benefit it may be possible to cover all pre-existing conditions present in the group (even such conditions such as maternity) under the plan.

At Pacific Prime we have a large group of 55 insurers that can offer a range of health insurance coverage options, meeting the particular needs of groups whether they are a company, sports team or social organization. For more information about the Group Health Insurance Plans that Pacific Prime can offer you, or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.

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