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Can you offer Dubai group health insurance?

Can you offer Dubai Group Health Insurance


Do you offer corporate health insurance for Dubai and can I get quotations


Pacific Prime can offer health insurance plans to companies located worldwide, including the United Arab Emirates. Pacific Prime specializes in offering international health insurance plans and can provide UAE health insurance policies to companies working in the region.

Selecting a health insurance plan for your employees is highly important. Pacific Prime offers a large range of Dubai health insurance plans which will afford your group with high levels of medical coverage and extensive member benefits - a strong incentive when recruiting sought out employees.

There are various types of company health insurance plans that Pacific Prime can offer. We can assist you in finding the right health insurance plans to suit your company's needs.

Pacific Prime is a corporate insurance company that offers health insurance plans for companies of all sizes, and are perfect for organizations within the following categories:

  • Small businesses with 3 or more employers
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
  • Large corporate clients

It is important to note that additional benefits can be offered to companies that reach a specific number of employees within their plan. These benefits can include the exclusion of pre-existing conditions*, or you may be given the option to tailor a plan to suit your company's specific needs. For example, many company medical insurance plans will provide a Medical History Disregarded (MHD) benefit if there are 20 or more members enrolled in the plan. An MHD benefit will allow for the coverage of all pre-existing conditions present within the group; even conditions which would normally be attached to a waiting period, such as Maternity health insurance and Dental treatment.

* A pre-existing condition is a medical condition or injury which is present prior to the start of your health insurance policy.

We offer health insurance plans for companies within specific industries, such as:

  • International Schools
  • Oil and gas
  • Maritime
  • and company plans for all industries

Many company health insurance plans offer a core level of medical coverage, with the option to add on additional benefits.

Core plans typically offer a range of medical benefits, which can include:

  • Inpatient cover
  • Outpatient cover
  • Cancer treatment
  • Maternity care
  • Emergency ambulance
  • Access to a Medical Helpline – staffed with qualified Doctors offering expert medical advice such as first aid, travel advice, and infectious diseases.

With options to add on additional benefits, which can include:

  • Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Dental treatment
  • Optical
  • USA Coverage

There are a wide range of services that can be added onto your company health insurance plan, providing employees with additional member benefits and incentives such as:

Medical on-site services – qualified health professionals conduct health examinations on-site
Access to employee well being programs – health assessments, phone counseling, legal advice.

The cost of your premium will be influenced by the number of members on your plan and the level of medical coverage and benefits you select. Pacific Prime can assist you with your selection and provide you with a personalized quote to suit your company's needs.

For more information about the Business Health Insurance Plans that Pacific Prime can offer you, or to receive a free quote, please contact us today

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