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Can you offer differing levels of insurance for each member of my family

Can you offer differing levels of insurance for each member of my family


Hi there, I understand you provide family insurance plans. I am wondering if it would still be possible to cover my family if I need to provide some members with more comprehensive care than the other members?

Pacific Prime does indeed offer family health insurance plans. What’s more, we work with over 60 leading health insurance providers so finding a plan to meet your family member’s specific needs, even if they require more comprehensive care, should be no trouble at all.

Typically, a family health insurance plan will offer basic benefits to cover all family members. You and your family will normally have access to a range of coverage such as inpatient treatments, outpatient treatments, medical evacuation and ambulance transport cover.

Furthermore, most providers will usually allow you to select from a list of extra benefits to enhance your plan such as:

Dental health insurance
Maternity health insurance
Emergency evacuation & repatriation
Chronic conditions

Medical emergency evacuation is a particularly useful benefit that you may want to consider, especially if you and your family will be living and working overseas. If a medical emergency should occur to a member of your family, it may be difficult to find a suitable medical facility depending on your location. A medical evacuation benefit can cover the costs of transporting you to receive the aid your family requires and can even help you get back to your home country to receive treatment if deemed medically necessary.

Here at Pacific Prime, we can walk you through the process of customising your plan to suit your family’s exact requirements. Most providers may even allow you to tailor your plan so that you can elect specific members of your family to receive more comprehensive or specialised care while providing other members with more basic care.
This could mean that, for example; if your parents are part of your plan and are experiencing increasing difficulties with their health, you could provide them with more comprehensive care without having to do the same for your other family members in better health.
Alternatively, if your children require more comprehensive care, this could be made possible too. In fact, many providers will even offer benefits specifically aimed at your child’s well being and provide access to treatment for a wide range of paediatric conditions and procedures.

These modifications to the basic family plan will increase your total premium but our expert team at Pacific Prime can help run through everything with you to cut any unnecessary costs so you are left with an affordable total. Your family’s ages and your current location will be factored in to calculate your total premium and as a result, any previous claims history you may have made in the past will not have an impact on your new premium total.

Most benefits can usually be offered to all family members; however you should note that your children will typically only be included in your family plan up until the age of 18. Some insurers may extend this age limit in certain scenarios though, such as whether your child plans to study abroad, and can extend coverage up until 21 years.

Another important issue that should be mentioned here is the fact that most insurance providers will not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. In other words, if you or your family members have suffered from, or received treatment for a health condition prior to the start date of your policy then coverage may be denied for that particular condition. If you think you have reason to be worried about this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team has detailed knowledge of every provider’s varying policies and can help you find the most suitable plan for your family.

If you have anymore questions or queries, our team are always ready and happy to help. Simply contact us here to speak to a member of our team directly, or fill in the short request form found at the top of this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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