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Can you offer coverage in the UAE

Can you offer coverage in the UAE


Can you offer an Individual Medical Insurance in Dubai, UAE? Which Agent should we get in contact with?


Our individual medical insurance plans at Pacific Prime cover a large scope of countries across the globe. We can offer comprehensive Dubai health insurance plans to expats residing in the UAE. At Pacific Prime, we have a number of health insurance companies that offer a range of International Individual Health Insurance plans, with various coverage options available to suit your individual needs.

Our International Health Insurance policies generally are 'globally portable'. This means our insurance plans are not specific to one country - you can take out a policy in a country and the coverage will continue to protect you even if you relocate to another country, or if you decide to repatriate to your home nation. Worldwide Cover is generally offered in our health insurance policies, which will allow you to receive medical care in any area of the world. This is particularly useful for individuals that may want to do a bit of traveling while overseas. Our insurance policies can also offer Geographic Coverage, allowing you to exclude coverage in certain countries. This may be applied to the areas such as the USA, where high medical costs can impact your premium.

At Pacific Prime we have International Health Insurance plans that offer a range of different coverage options to suit your individual needs.

Expat medical insurance policy benefits which we can provide may include:

Inpatient health insurance

Geographic Coverage

Maternity Health Insurance Coverage

Dental Coverage

Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation Insurance


Generally, your premium will be calculated on your age and the geographic area you are covered in. Other factors that may impact the premium include any additional coverage options you decide to add and any pre-existing medical conditions. Premiums can be reduced by taking out different deductible options, as well as geographical coverage options. A deductible is an amount that the policy holder will pay each year in medical care, before the insurance provider reimburses any medical expenses.

At Pacific Prime we have 55 insurance companies currently on our panel offering a range of International Health Insurance plans. Whether you are planning a family, going overseas, or want to look at different coverage options available, our dedicated advisers can provide you with a range of different International Health Insurance plans and Coverage Options, specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.

For more information about comprehensive International Health Insurance plans we can provide, or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.

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