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Can you cover a British teacher in South Africa

Can you cover a British teacher in South Africa


Hi I am a male school teacher in South Africa. I have a British and South African passport but I am currently working in South Africa, although I have worked in London as well in the previous 8 years. 1) Can I take out medical insurance with you people? 2) How much are the monthly premiums in Rands? 3) I want insurance that covers heart surgery, cancer and accidents, not so much the stay in hospital.

Pacific Prime offers many different international health insurance plans that can suit your needs. As we work with over 60 different insurers, the amount of coverage that we are able to offer is diverse and can be applicable to your situation, including South African medical insurance plans. As a teacher in an international school in South Africa, Pacific Prime can offer discounted plans which are exceptional offers. Our international reach is far and wide – Pacific Prime will work together with you and the providers so that you can achieve the best coverage possible for a British national in South Africa seeking a medical plan.

Pacific Prime is a broker of insurance from worldwide leaders in the insurance industry. As a result of working together with strong and reputable companies, we are able to offer flexible and dynamic plans which can suit your desires in an international health insurance plan in South Africa. Furthermore, these plans are customizable on multiple aspects in order to suit your budgetary requirements.

Expatriates from England working in South Africa can acquire an international health insurance plan. Since working terms can be long and lengthy, but uncertain in duration as well, an international health insurance plan grants you the freedom of being covered around the world.

Furthermore, an international health insurance plan is guaranteed renewable, regardless of any number of claims or conditions that may arise during your time under the plan. For example, if you severely injure yourself in South Africa, you may need to claim multiple medical bills. At the end of the term, you breathe a sigh of relief as you will still be able to renew the same plan without an extra added premium because of your history of claims. This is a result of the way premiums are calculated for international versus local health insurance.

If you were to acquire an international plan, the way the premium would be calculated would be an average risk assessment for all the people in your age group in that area. For example, insurers would take a look at all the 40 – 45 year olds in South Africa and assess a general risk level to set a premium – this is known as Community Rating. In contrast, a local health insurance in South Africa plan will calculate the premiums differently; insurers would calculate premiums based on an individual’s risk profile: how much risk does that one person represent? Local South African insurance plans often start at a lower cost but once you start claiming and become ill or injured, you represent a higher risk profile – your premiums will rise in addition to age. This type of premium calculation is known as Experience Rating.

You mentioned that you wanted insurance that covers heart surgery, cancer and accidents, but you do not require staying in the hospital, or inpatient, options. Pacific Prime has many providers around the world that can cover surgery, cancer, and accidental injury. However, if you require coverage which includes protection for treatments such as heart surgeries, it is important to note that this will normally entail one or more night’s stay in a hospital. As such, we highly recommend that any individual seeking South Africa Health Insurance for the coverage of possible heart issues obtain an inpatient medical insurance plan as a starting point. From here we are often able to provide you with tailored options to obtain the exact coverage benefits you require.

International health insurance plans are designed to be flexible in both coverage and budget. While the monthly premiums in rands for a medical insurance plan in South Africa will vary depending on your plan and situation, a way to save money while acquiring such a health insurance plan can be excluding countries or areas of coverage. Since you know you will be in either England or South Africa, you can exclude other areas such as Asia and North America, bringing down the cost of the South African medical insurance plan significantly. This is because areas like the United States have some of the highest cost of healthcare in the world. In addition, because you are a teacher, you may be eligible for a significant discount under the teacher plans which we offer.

Another way you can reduce the cost of the plan can be by electing to have the deductible option. Many insurers offer the deductible option. The deductible works like this: For example, I have a 300 rand deductible and I need to see a general practitioner because I am feeling unwell. The general practitioner charges me 700 rand! Luckily, I have an international health insurance plan with an affordable deductible and I only need to pay 300 rand. The rest, 400 rand, is covered by my plan. The next time I have to claim something that falls under my plan is covered by the plan because I have paid the deductible already.

In addition to the above mentioned, many plans include a wide range of extensive benefits which may be applicable to your situation. These benefits can cover you adequately in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency and the area that you are staying only has the basic needs to service you, or it is very expensive for you to get the right care. Some of the coverage options include:

·Inpatient Health Insurance

·Outpatient Health Insurance

·Maternity Health Insurance

·Dental Treatment Insurance

·Optical Treatment Insurance

·Vaccination and Preventative Health Coverage

·War and Terrorism Health Insurance

·Alternate Therapy Insurance

·Emergency Evacuation Insurance

Pacific Prime has many years of experience and a full team of expert professionals dedicated to providing the best and most suitable plans. Whether a South African health insurance plan or one to bring you around the world, finding a plan that fits both your budget and your needs is as easy as filling in the Free Quote form or by contacting one of our experts on our Contact page.

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