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Can I get group health insurance with a pre-existing condition

Can I get group health insurance with a pre-existing condition


can my employer get my group health insurance coverage if i am hcv positive?

Pacific Prime can offer a number of options with regards to group health insurance coverage. One of the major benefits of this type of policy is the availability of a Medical History Disregarded benefit for groups comprised of 20 or more members. A Medical History Disregarded (MHD) Benefit will allow for the coverage of all pre-existing conditions present within the group.

It is important to note that an MHD benefit is typically only applicable on groups with 20 or more members, but this coverage provision will ensure that pre-existing conditions are covered for the group. This may include conditions which would normally be attached to a waiting period, such as Maternity or Dental treatment. However, it is important to be aware that an MHD benefit may not be available from every insurance company or with every group health insurance plan.

Company health insurance is often a vital benefit in the modern world. An attractive company health insurance plan can be a major incentive for new hires, and will help to retain key staff over the long term. Group health insurance policies from Pacific Prime are extremely flexible and will often allow you to tailor the policy coverage to meet the specific needs of your group. In many cases we can actually allow for different coverage levels for employees of differing seniority, ensuring that the plan fits the unique requirements of the organization.

Coverage benefits which can often be included on company health insurance plans may include:

·In-Patient Treatments

·Out-Patient Treatments

·Specialist Consultations

·Dental Treatment

·Maternity Insurance Coverage

·Alternative Therapies, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine

·Emergency Evacuation

·Preventative Medicine and Vaccinations

We can also offer customized options for policy deductibles which can help to keep your overall premium down and assist you with managing the policy. Due to our relationships with the world’s leading international health insurance companies, we are often able to obtain significant discounts on the group health insurance plans we offer. Pacific Prime works with over 60 of the best insurance providers on the planet, and we choose only to work with providers which have displayed an exceptional commitment to customer service, giving you the assurance that your group’s health is in safe hands.

For more information about the company health insurance options available from pacific prime, please contact our expert advisors today. Alternatively, to receive a free group health insurance quote, simply complete the short form at the top of this page.

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