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Waiting Period

Waiting periods are often present as a part of health insurance coverage, usually for maternity and pre-existing conditions.

The duration of waiting periods can be found in the policy conditions section of the insurance plan.

Insurance companies enforce these periods in order to prevent policy holders making claims soon after the global health insurance coverage is in place.

The two types of treatment that usually have waiting periods are:


In order to prevent already pregnant women taking out an insurance policy and submitting claims, the waiting period for maternity cover is usually 10 to 12 months. It is therefore advisable to plan well in advance when deciding to start a family, as a policy holder is unable to submit claims for maternity costs until at least 10 months passes from the commencement of the global health insurance coverage policy.


As dental insurance usually covers pre-existing conditions, the majority of insurance companies set a waiting period of 6 to 12 months for dental treatment as part of their global health insurance coverage.





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